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Here’s why women love rose gold engagement rings

Every woman loves a shiny gold accessory but when it’s a proposal, nothing can beat the surprise! Featuring a vintage and old romance look, rose gold engagement rings are incredibly popular in the modern world. The name itself takes you back in time, to the good old days when timeless designs ushered the streets. 

So what’s rose gold?

It is your classy, sophisticated gold – only mixed. White gold and this gold are combinations of other metals or alloys with real solid gold. It is 75% gold mixed with 25% copper, leaving behind a bright pink hue. There are some jewelers who design a softer hue by adding minute amounts of silver to lighten the tone. It encompasses all shades or red and pink shades resulting in – red, rose and pink gold hues. If you find gold metal appealing, you should start searching for one that best suits your tastes. 

Origin of rose gold rings

The soft pink hue of these rings is both romantic and charming. Couples come across multiple designs from 1 carat rose gold engagement rings to oval cut rings. The moment you start looking for one, you’ll be entranced – it’s the blend that makes the difference. Rose gold originated from Russia in the 19th century but today it has surpassed its heritage and has become a modern element that is trending in the media. If you’ve noticed the changing trends, this gold is not exclusive to jewelry – it’s a classy shade that’s unique entirely.

Rose Gold Flower Engagement Rings

Is rose gold 100% gold?

It is not all pure gold but a blend. It isn’t 100% gold. It is an intricate blend of yellow gold with different metals. When you measure the karat (purity of real gold) it indicates the amount of gold mixed into the blend. So a higher karat ring like 18 karat means it contains more gold compared to a 14 karat ring. The latter has 58% gold while the former contains 75% gold. 

Why do we add metals or alloys to gold?

It’s not just about the finished look. Jewelry made from gold is soft and delicate because of the metal’s composition. You’d certainly not want a piece of jewelry that bends or breaks easily. Adding another metal or alloy into the combination improves quality and durability. This add-on feature is absolutely necessary. 

This gold design is versatile so can be mixed with different outfits, or patterns to finish your look. You’ll find a range of mens engagement rings in gold shade. Since rose pink gold isn’t 100% gold, it is an economical alternative to pure gold wedding bands. The karat designations are significant but you can save plenty with a gold ring. This type of ring blends all skin types and tones – perfect for modern couples. It can be mixed with casual outfits and adds a graceful element to your traditional look. 

Reasons Why You Should Get Rose Gold Ring

Make a Bold Statement

Go bold with beautiful gold round halo engagement rings especially if you love a little shine on your fingers. Halo diamonds blend wonderfully with the metal offering vibrance, color and elegance. Modern brides who want a ‘wow’ factor in their rings love a fresh combination of gold metal with a double halo diamond setting. 

Think Romance 

While white and yellow gold signify fidelity, a softer rose colored tone brings a sentimental touch to the ring. Such gold rings have a romantic appeal that works perfectly for an engagement ring. Add a little blush to your engagement ring with pink gold and seal this precious bond with your significant other.

pink sapphire rose gold engagement rings

Feminine & Sophisticated

Rose pink gold is a fresh alternative to traditional heirlooms and white gold settings. This feminine tone is a sophisticated addition to women’s engagement rings. It has a warm glow that highlights your beauty in a subtle manner. Just because the metal has a delicate and charming appeal, it is also popular for its durability.  

Rose pink gold engagement rings have an attention grabbing look! While there are brides who love a dainty rose band, many others love the brilliance of a pave setting and a sleek solitaire. You can experiment with gorgeous curves and cuts right from vintage styles to royal assents. Even a traditional solitaire gets its sparkle from the rosy hues of a gold ring. Since the gold has a durable surface, it also remains scratch resistant. The only drawback of this gold blend is that it may cause skin irritation because of the copper. 

Looks Good On Anyone

Here’s the best thing about rose gold – it suits any and every kind of skin tone. Whether you’re flaunting a top facing diamond or making artful statements with accent stones – this golden blend compliments everything! It features pale pink tones and rosy shades suiting women of different ethnicities. We would recommend classic styles like a star halo diamond or a princess cut diamond modeled into a gold band. As a general rule, the more copper you mix, the deeper the red shade becomes. 

Blends With Diamonds, or Pearls

While white diamonds are the popular stone, rose pink gold also compliments raw diamonds offering some gorgeous and striking looks. Thinking of going vintage? Here’s a less expensive metal that combines the lustre of gold and blends easily with dazzling diamonds. For a timeless design, rose pink gold accentuates old diamond cuts like a stunning emerald cut layered with micro diamonds on either side. 

Compliments Gemstones

This is where you add an element of color and radiance to your engagement ring styles. Gemstones like rubies, sapphire, pearls, amethyst and morganite are just a few unique combinations. They work perfectly well together – imagine contemporary additions like the east-west setting, trillion cut or a princess cut diamond for e.g. gemstone embellishments on a rose pink gold baguette band. 

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to do something that’s out of the ordinary – here’s everything you need to know. 

What are two toned gold engagement rings?

Just as the name suggests, two toned gold engagement rings have a subtle and elegant brilliance. It just feels right! Classic two toned wedding bands blend rose gold and white gold into a traditional style, perhaps add a line of halo diamonds or craft a gemstone as a centrepiece.  

Two Toned Rose Gold Engagement Rings

I’m looking for rose gold cushion cut halo engagement rings.

If you’re looking for engagement rings, this gold blend is a fantastic choice that compliments cushion cut diamonds pulled into a halo setting. A cushion pave halo setting brightens the radiance of your cushion cut centre stone enhancing the sparkle of the smaller diamonds. You can choose between 14K or 18K gold for your cushion cut diamond. 

What are oval cut rose pink gold engagement rings?

This combination is made to order – you’re looking for an oval cut diamond layered into a gold setting. The design works perfectly for petite fingers and calls for expert craftsmanship. You can even add a hidden halo around the edges for an oval cut diamond but it is the undertone of the rose pink gold that accentuates the ring. Such rings are ideal for both men and women – the pink toned metal is gender neutral and a lifestyle choice, affordable to many. 

Can I use gemstones with rose gold?

Always and forever. Gemstones that pair beautifully with rose gold are pink sapphires, deep red rubies and pale green morganite. The whimsical shades of this gold pairs beautifully with the gentle blues of an aquamarine stone. Even a dark red garnet set into a pink gold ring offers a captivating look. In the Victorian era, this gold blend was incredibly popular with royal families for its romantic significance and clarity. 

Are you looking for vintage rose gold engagement rings?

Vintage engagement rings set into gold are modernized with floral motifs and european cuts. You can design a classic emerald cut in Edwardian style featuring white diamond dewdrops and a brilliant center stone. Couples also experiment with vibrant gemstones like topaz embedded in  a rose pink gold vintage band. This design has attained a fair amount of attention in the last few years owing to its versatility and durability. 

In conclusion

Rose gold rings are the trendiest styles for an engagement ring – the metal is popular not just in jewelry design but also with mobile phones. Despite platinum and white gold being standard choices, this gold blend is becoming a favorite amongst brides because of its elegant and timeless appeal. If you’re interested, find one that suits your bride to be completely!


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