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What are promise rings and why should you buy one?

With social media buzzing about promise rings, you must be wondering if it’s the right time to get one too. The idea’s been floating around since the 70s’ and it is the perfect gesture to show just how much you care. It’s not the same as an engagement ring but it’s often presented with the intention of sanctifying your love while you’re in a romantic relationship. This is exclusivity at its best so here’s everything you need to know about these rings. 

What’s so special about promise rings?

At its core, the ring conceptualizes your devotion towards your partner. It symbolizes a promise kept between two people in love. Most couples wear these rings to denote a future engagement, while others do so to signify their loyal commitments. Many couples associate the ring with their high school sweethearts, right after graduation and before setting off to college. Though the concept was a mid-century craze, its actual history dates back several hundred years ago. 

Commonly referred to as a ‘posy ring’ , this ring held great cultural significance in 16th century England. There’s even evidence that brides would wear pre-engagement rings, with poetic verses engraved on the backside. During the middle ages, men would present a the ring to their beloved as romantic tokens. Gemstone embedded rings were commonly presented as pre engagement rings during the Victorian & Georgian era. In the modern world, such rings can be exchanged between lovers and family members. #TheJonasBrothers

Is my engagement ring a promise ring?

Though a common reason to want to present this ring is romance and love, it shouldn’t be confused for an engagement ring. A ring when given, isn’t a promise for marriage but it does signify commitment. A ceremony isn’t required as evidence to that commitment making it incredibly a personal event. It’s also an economical way for couples to realize their commitments towards one another. Some couples treat the ring as a pre-engagement ring however you don’t precede the act with a ceremony or a wedding. 

Are promise rings only for couples?

No – these rings are not exclusively for couples. While many couples practice wearing such rings, there are also many who aren’t couples but just friends. Family vows are revisited, memories are made and sentiments are shared. The rings are in fact a wonderful means of expressing one’s life plans or goals to oneself. It has everything to do with making a promise to either oneself or people you love.  

The interesting fact is that people may also buy such rings for their children, family members or even friends. There’s no rule that says the rings are only for couples. You shouldn’t also confuse this ring for a purity ring. 

They define different kinds of promises thereby being a very versatile and goal oriented accessory. It shouldn’t be mistaken for a purity ring that signifies abstinence until marriage but it depends on the individuals involved. While some couples wear simple rings, there are others who wear it as a pendant in a necklace, worn around their necks. The significance of the promise is more important than set bylaws. 

There are many popular designs for a promise ring. It is generally smaller in size than an engagement ring. Unlike an engagement ring or a wedding band, these rings are subtle, colorful and creative. The emphasis is lesser on a diamond as compared to gemstones and birthstones. Couples may also choose to go for sterling silver bands versus platinum rings that are popular engagement rings.

Promise rings are popular everywhere!

There’s a lot of time and money you’d spend while proposing, and planning an engagement ceremony. The cause is different and the traditions even more! It also takes a serious commitment to result in an engagement. But a ring is a free flowing concept that works for any kind of bond. Once someone wears your ring, it means the recipient has accepted your promise and may/may not make a similar promise towards you. 

Since the rings make amazing tokens of everlasting friendship there are so many modern consumers who truly celebrate the significance of a promise. The event is personalized, usually a late night dinner with your significant other or a party at home with friends. Many people choose to wear their rings on a daily basis while few wear their rings on special occasions. This is an individual choice between you and the recipient/s but the event is definitely a bonding experience. 

Why do people wear these rings?

Promise rings have become a mainstream trend, with many celebrities indulging in the tradition (think Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth). Thanks to the publicity that now surrounds the concept, these are the perfect rings for couples who don’t want to put a label on their relationship. 

In the 21st century, these rings are exchanged mostly – though not exclusively – between romantic partners. Since every ring is unique, the message is too. Don’t confuse these with purity rings or a wedding band. For most modern couples, a ring preserves individualistic thinking. And it’s not only for couples! So under what circumstances would you consider getting one.


The most wonderful thing about the ring is that it means exactly what you want it to mean. It can be exchanged between friends – I call it the fellowship ring in such cases. To quote LOTR, this is ‘one ring that binds them all’. The meaningful elegance of this ring when it comes to your best mates is eternal friendship. It is commonly worn on the right hand, and stays similar for everyone. If you want to make a grand statement, a simple band is enough to pledge your loyalty towards your friends.

2. Lifetime Commitment

Don’t confuse this with a wedding band (again!). It’s a token of love from one person to the other and this in itself is considered a lifetime commitment. For couples who aren’t willing to tie the knot yet however still want to portray their devotion, this is your chance. It serves as a special reminder of your commitment towards each other. Some couples even try fingerprint rings to celebrate their connection. A matching pair of simple bands with a diamond centrepiece makes for a great style and to personalize this further – get it engraved!

promise rings for couples

3. Family Vows

Family members also exchange promise rings to solidify their bond which is just another way of keeping promises. This kind of ring is also ideal to right a wrong in the past when you’re thinking of making amends. For siblings who want to celebrate cherished promises, this kind of ring is the perfect means to express gratitude, loyalty and appreciation. Though there’s no fixed rule, people often wear these rings on the left hand, around the middle finger. The versatility of these rings makes them a favorite amongst millennials. 

4. Future Engagement

Before the engagement, comes a ring that is also known as the pre-engagement ring. In most cases, these rings promise the covenant of a future union. If you’re looking for a romantic gesture as a precursor to your engagement, better look for promise rings for her. This is a pledge towards your partner about how serious you are about them. Pre-engagement rings should be subtle, without the extra bling. Most couples love rose gold for the metal, and blend this with birthstones to make it all the more special. 

promise rings for her

What promise rings are trending in 2021?

  • Shine like a Diamond

If your girl’s crazy about diamonds, you need to get her a ring that has one. Even if it’s something as simple or basic like a cushion cut. Present this little box of joy to your intended when they least expect it. Try precious metals like white gold or sterling silver (if you’re on a budget). Right from micro diamonds to halo stones, this is the best time to express your true feelings.  

  • Those Sweet Words

Are you kinda romantic and old school? Well, if your partner loves poetry then there’s nothing better than a ring that’s engraved with heartfelt words. It’s the perfect way to express your love with prose while keeping it classy. We’re thinking date night, and a quiet walk under the moonlight before you surprise your beloved. There’s nothing more enchanting than a ring that bears the sweetest of all promises. 

  • Heart to Heart it

Another trending ring style are heart shaped charmers that really are an evident symbol of your love. If you desire an ‘always and forever’ with your beloved, this ring is a passion filled gesture that is unique to the core. You can experiment with two tone metals, or engrave intertwined hearts on a plain band. Whatever sends across the message that you’re madly, deeply in love. 

  • Color Me, Color You

When you’re looking for gemstone inspired ringss for her, think birthstones or a meaningful gem that symbolizes your intent with a blush of color. Sapphires, opals and amethyst work blend perfectly together on a sterling silver or white gold band. For dynamic couples who are energetic, think fiery red stones and those who are incredibly emotional think deep blues.

blue promise rings for her

These rings are trending because millennial couples want something that denotes an emotional bond, without having to worry about social boundaries, or marital pressure. There are many interpretations one can derive from this ring but one thing remains the same – it’s all about keeping one’s promises. 


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