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With the pandemic forcing people to stay indoors for nearly seven months, even taking a walk down the block feels super taxing. Not to forget, binge-watching Netflix, endlessly scrolling through social media and adding products to your cart all day is what helped many around the globe cope up with this worldwide shutdown.

It’s quite evident that the lockdown has made people more attached to their smartphones than ever before influencing their interest to crave a seamless online experience.

In fact, this shift in behavior is at a point where now physically visiting a store can feel like a tedious task. Especially if you are going with a purpose and walk out frustrated.     

Now it’s quite tolerable when you set out to buy a Starbucks latte and you find the coffee house closed. However, it is a completely different experience if you are thinking about popping the question. You know, that life-altering question. You research online about diamonds and engagement ring styles, steal her phone to see if she has any saved pictures from Pinterest, check-in with her best friend or sister and finally set off to visit the jewelry store around the corner. You know the one you have driven by at least a thousand times, but never had a reason to visit.  You finally go and the store has nothing remotely close to what you had envisioned.  

This is exactly where Jewel Hero comes into the picture and makes your life easy. We will connect you with local jewelry stores in your area and provide the stores with the information you are requesting. Everything is seamless and ultimately the stores you visit will have a curated experience waiting for you. So what you envision will be available for you to see, either virtually or in person.

Yes, you can thank us later!

So what exactly is different when you try virtual jewelry buying? 

Well, here’s the thing. 

What if you thought about a jewelry design, you communicate what you want with us, and BOOM, just like magic, you get to know which local jewelry store near can help you get what you want. Wouldn’t that be awesome? It certainly will be. 

Now, scenario two…

Let’s say you are planning to buy a piece of jewelry for your spouse. You have done some research and you locked your eyes on which ring you want to gift her, and you start to visit jewelry stores near you.

You visit the first one, spend a considerable amount of time, and you can’t find the jewelry you are looking for. Then goes second, third, and finally, you return home disappointed, doubting if you’ll ever be able to get what you wanted. Relatable, right?

Do you ever wonder why that happens? We’ll tell you!

It happens because the stores you visited weren’t informed about the jewelry you wanted. Even if they had a fair idea of what you are looking for, then they would be in a better position to show you designs that would have surpassed your expectations.

But, the fact that they were in a position of zero knowledge about your needs is what makes jewelry buying a complicated process. And, we are here to help you overcome that misery with our virtual jewelry buying process.

We will connect you with local jewelry stores in your area, all in a quick time. In the process, the jewelry stores in your area that have the specific piece of jewelry you are looking for will reach out to you. So half the job is done. 

Now you just have to drive straight to any of the local jewelry stores to buy your specific piece of jewelry. You can always bank on Jewel Hero to meet your jewelry needs. 

That’s a brief overview of the virtual process we bring to the game. When you start using Jewel Hero, you will experience countless other benefits that will just transform your entire perception around jewelry buying. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into how Jewel Hero benefits you with its virtual jewelry store recommendations. 

5 Benefits of getting jewelry store recommendations virtually!

1. Convenience

First things first, you save a lot of time and effort when you’re using Jewel Hero to meet your jewelry needs. When you directly approach a local jewelry store to buy your specific piece of jewelry, you’re betting on some time, energy, and gas for your car. If your local jewelry store doesn’t have that piece of jewelry, then it’s doubling the odds of connecting with a jewelry store that meets your jewelry needs. 

By using Jewel Hero, all you have to do is upload a pic or mention the jewelry piece you want, on our website, and local jewelry stores in your area will get back to you even before you know it. That’s how you play it in style. You don’t do the searching and connecting, local jewelry stores will connect with you. 

2. Connect with local jewelry stores in your area 

Choosing which piece of jewelry you want to buy is one thing, but connecting with local jewelry stores in your area that have the specific jewelry piece, is a completely different aspect. Yes! You can’t be so sure that your local jewelry store has the jewelry piece you are looking for. This is because every jewelry store has its unique jewelry designs and brands which they are keen on marketing. So you might not just find the specific jewelry you are looking for in your local jewelry store. 

By using Jewel Hero, you can connect with local jewelry stores in your area that have the specific piece of jewelry you are looking for. 

What a relief, right? Yes! Let’s take a look at what happens next!

3. Avoids frustration and confusion  

When you are on the search for a particular piece of jewelry, one thing that you are likely to experience is a lot of frustration and confusion. If you’re a newbie in this jewelry buying aspect, then take our word, you can become highly frustrated when you go from store to store, looking for that particular piece of jewelry. Yes! It also amounts to a lot of confusion. When you approach a few local jewelry stores in your area, and you don’t find the specific piece, you can get confused about what you need to do next. You might just feel like you are losing the plot and not getting anywhere in terms of connecting with the right jewelry store. 

Jewel Hero is the absolute best as it saves you all the 101 reasons for frustration or confusion. You are connected with local jewelry stores in your area that meets your specific jewelry needs. 

4. 100% Trusted and reliable jewelry stores

Now that you’re all covered with the convenience aspect of jewelry buying and connecting with local jewelry stores in your area, the question to ask next is: Are they trusted and reliable? 

You can be 100% confident about that. All the jewelry stores registered on our website are trusted jewelry stores, in and around America, that have been in the jewelry industry for a long time. They are full of intent in giving their customers the ultimate jewelry buying experience. 


Yes! Jewel Hero does all of this for its customers for free. No FEES included. We just want you to get that specific piece of jewelry you are looking for, all in a quick time. That’s what we do best. We keep you happy so that you can buy that perfect engagement ring, or for that matter any piece of jewelry through Jewel Hero. 

Always, your jewelry partner in crime!

Ready for the ultimate jewelry buying experience?

So, what do you say? Aren’t you excited? Let’s get to some serious jewelry buying. Oh no! Not serious jewelry buying but relaxed and cool jewelry buying! 

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