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No need to visit a jewelry store – Sign up for a virtual consultation!

We live in a world where everything is becoming automated and technologically advanced every second. Gone are those days, when you had to physically go to a store or a shopping mall if you wanted to buy something. Yes, we still love going to the shopping mall and having a crazy time with our friends. 

There are also times when you would just like to surf on your sofa, take your smartphone and add some fancy stuff to your cart. Yes, there are so many options these days, you just have to choose what you want to do. 

With Jewel Hero, you can also do the same for buying any kind of jewelry.  Think about it. A real-time, live virtual consultation with a jewelry store in your area from your couch with your smartphone, tablet or computer, just like all those Zoom/Teams/Google Meet calls you are used to doing.  

How cool is that? That’s what we’ll be covering today. The bonus of having a virtual consultation with your local jewelry store. Let’s get busy. 

Why exactly virtual consultation? 

Imagine what happens when you go physically to a jewelry store and buy a piece of jewelry. We don’t have to explain the process to you, right? The whole jewelry buying experience can be quite intriguing, especially if you don’t really have an idea about what you want. The jeweler is also having a hard time trying to understand your tastes. This can lead to unnecessary wastage of time, effort and even your money. 

Now, let’s talk about virtual consultation. 

You want to buy a piece of jewelry, you have an idea, maybe you do not.  Simply go to, enter your zip code and complete the jewelry request form.  Toward the end of the form, any jeweler with the capability to schedule a virtual appointment will have the option for scheduling.  Pick a day and time based on availability and you are all set.  It’s that easy!

Once you have decided which jewelry store to go for, you just have to drive to the jewelry store and get that piece of jewelry you want. No exchanged conversations with the jeweler, no price bargains. Just pay for the jewelry and you can go your way. 

Oof, is that possible? Well, yes it is. With Jewel Hero, anything is possible. Not everything, but anything related to jewelry. Yes, you want to buy jewelry, just tell us. You want to sell jewelry, just tell us. 

And you want a virtual consultation, that’s what we do. Now you’re thinking about how many dollars you will have to cash in to get these services. Alright, let’s be frank, it’s absolutely free. Yes, no charge involved. 

Excited? Not until you read what comes next. This virtual consultation methodology will blow your mind. Let’s see how?

Convey what you want 

Seriously, 70% of unproductive conversations happen because your local jewelry store sales staff doesn’t know what you want. They have no idea of the kind of person you are or the jewelry designs you prefer. Every piece of jewelry they bring to you is absolutely based on their intuition and from the limited knowledge of your tastes. So, that’s where things become complicated. It’s that difference between Jupiter and Mars.

Now, when you are using Jewel Hero, you can convey what piece of jewelry you specifically want. This helps the jewelry store to be prepared even before you physically enter their store. In the process, only the jewelry stores that have the specific piece of jewelry will get back to you. So you’re avoiding going to a store that doesn’t have the specific jewelry you are looking for. Plus, they are prepared and well informed to know what to expect from you.

Budget preferences

By using Jewel Hero, you are strategically approaching the whole jewelry buying experience. Yes, when we say strategy, it’s about managing your budget. Firstly, you fix a budget and you’re telling your local jewelry stores that you are only ready to buy what’s under this budget. Secondly, you get the added advantage to choose from local jewelry stores that offer a lower budget for the same piece of jewelry. How good is that? You can compare budgets, something that is impossible to do otherwise. You can then make a suitable decision. 

The ultimate seamless experience

When you are physically going from store to store, searching for the right store and the right piece of jewelry, think of the time, effort, and money that’s involved. Yes! By the end of the day, you are fatigued. Now that Jewel Hero does all the headhunting and connects you with local jewelry stores in your area that have the specific piece of jewelry you are looking for, you just have to take a coffee or a stroll in the park. The jewelry stores will find you in turn. That’s the ultimate of ultimate seamless experiences. They find you instead of you trying your luck to find the right jewelry store. 

That’s how easy Jewel Hero makes life for you. 

Productive and efficient

You get an idea of how much time you are literally saving by using Jewel Hero to meet your jewelry needs. Not only are you saving time, but you are also using your time productively. You are using the time to make a well-informed decision on the kind of jewelry you want, the budget you must stick to and the time you need to spend in a jewelry store. You are also getting the option of choosing from multiple jewelry stores, all from the convenience of your smartphone. In every sense, you are being very productive in the whole jewelry buying experience. 

And to spill the beans, you have found the ultimate, perfect piece of jewelry you are looking for.

Play it smart!

We don’t have to tell you why you need a virtual consultation, right? You know how effective the whole process is. So be smart and use Jewel Hero to meet all your jewelry needs.

Let’s do it.


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