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Trouble Deciding Which Piece Of Jewelry To Buy For Your Loved One? The Ultimate Guide To Get You Started!

You are not alone! 

Every person who gets married at some point or the other has felt the same thing; completely petrified, emotional, excited, impatient and even irrational on the thought of buying an engagement ring for their loved one! It’s one mixed bag of emotions.  

Picking an engagement ring or for that matter, any piece of jewelry is an adventure, but only when you get to know more about it. The truth is, the money you spend or the size of the diamond may have a superficial response (this is the unfortunate society we live in today), but the response you will get from your loved one will ignite an emotion, one that will be remembered forever and shared with family, friends and generations to come.  

If you can accomplish that, you have won the battle!

So here we are, about to guide you and give you an idea of what might work best, depending on the personality of your loved one, the occasion and even for different stages of your relationship. 

You’ve got to be kidding – women are not all the same! 

Every person living in this world is unique and so are their tastes. If there is anything more precious or valuable to women, it’s jewelry. Women look to be valued and jewelry helps them to express themselves, feel worthy and be confident.  It is all part of the package.  It is important to understand a few concepts before buying jewelry for your loved one. When you truly understand what your soulmate desires and which piece of jewelry will connect best with them, you are ready and Jewel Hero can help you through the process, all for free. 

Let’s understand a few things before we move forward! 

  • It’s not the size of the diamond or the price you paid that matters, it’s the personal touch.
  • Every stage of the relationship deserves a unique piece of jewelry. 
  • Read this blog, know the options you have and you are all set.

Follow these three factors and you will be all set to buy a piece of jewelry that will evoke an emotional response from your partner.

Before you start searching for the right piece – know the metal!

It’s very easy to get distracted by the numerous jewelry designs that are available today. You can get all the more confused when you hear about jewelry like the three stone engagement ring and terms like solitaire settings.  There are at least 20 different solitaire settings.  So it’s important to have a foundation for what you must be looking for and all the variables involved.  

1. Gold – The most common choice 

For all good reasons, gold is one metal that has never been out of the race when it comes to people admiring it. All gold jewelry, whether it be a ring, necklace, or bracelet is fascinating to the eye. The purchase value of gold, a universal currency, is all the more increasing, given that it is a long-term investment. But that aside, gold is one of the essential metals used today in modern jewelry. 

With Prince Harry gifting his fiance and now duchess, Megan Markle with a three-stone engagement ring crafted with yellow gold, a trend has been set.  Yellow gold is becoming increasingly popular with men and women.

Karat and purity of Gold 

The karat of gold is determined by the pureness. 24 karat gold is the purest form of gold, but also the softest and cannot be used in most modern-day jewelry.  The gold purchased today is a mixture with other metals such as copper, silver and nickel to increase its durability and strength.  

14k Gold is the most common which is 58% of pure gold and typically found in the majority of stores across America. 18k Gold sounds more luxurious and allows jewelry stores to demand a strong premium(even though it is not that much more) and can be found in branded stores like Tiffany, Cartier, Graff, etc.     

Three prominent colors of gold   

White, yellow and rose (often referred to as pink) gold are the three most desired and popular choices. It is a personal preference and sometimes a piece of jewelry may look better in one color of gold versus another.  The popularity of gold has even garnered many high-end timepieces, such as Rolex, to be offered in the same variety of gold colors.

White gold

This sensational piece of gold is attained when you mix other alloys in certain proportions. The final result is then finished with rhodium to give the white-silver shiny color that you get to see on display. White gold can be a perfect choice and has even become more popular over Platinum and is less expensive.  

Your loved one will truly appreciate white gold for earrings, pendants and even rings if she loves purity, grace and splendor. Even though they don’t offer a strong color contrast when used with a diamond stone, they are a beauty in itself and set a pure, stylish remark. 

Yellow gold 

The purest and eccentric shade of gold, yellow gold is the classy traditional gold color that does well in any setting. 

Yellow gold will be the perfect match for your bride or fiance if they are a vintage loving person. They match extraordinarily well with darker skin tones and complement well with a diamond as the center stone in an engagement ring. It is also important to understand that yellow gold is the most hypoallergenic metal of the three types of gold. 

Rose gold

Your lovely bride or fiance will love a rose gold blend to her ring if they love pink, rose and other romantic-mood colors. If you’ve seen her spending her purse on roses or pink tops, you can probably guess that she would love a rose gold blend for her engagement ring. 

Rose gold gets its color from the alloys used to manufacture it. Copper and silver are the two alloys that give the rose color when blended with pure gold. These alloys are also used to strengthen the gold and give the right amount of durability and color to obtain an exemplary piece. 

2. Platinum

Celebrities are just whirling around the red carpet with platinum jewelry and the reason behind it is its strength and purity. It strikes a strong resemblance with White Gold, Platinumand eludes a “richness” factor.  Yes, it is strong, but it is also more difficult to work with and commands a premium. Unlike White gold which is made white with the concentration of other alloys, platinum is naturally white. Diamonds and platinum greatly complement each other, with the white color of platinum resonating with the sparkle of a diamond. As of today, Gold is more than two times the cost of Platinum, but platinum weighs significantly more than gold.  

3. Diamonds – irreplaceable and exquisite

The best contender in jewelry, diamonds have immense value, which cannot be compared with any other gemstone. It comes with tradition and background; diamonds being worn early-on by wealthy and powerful people who expressed their strength, courage and love through diamonds. The diamond is often used as the center stone for an engagement ring as it brings the right sparkle and contrast.   

Unlike other gemstones, the diamond is the hardest substance on earth and can mean more than just its design and quality. It is a symbol of love. A diamond can convey a lot of hidden aspects about a person depending on the shape and color they behold. 

Natural diamonds, referred to as earth mined diamonds

Diamonds that are formed deep under the earth, in its mantle, 100 miles below the surface are called mined or natural diamonds. They are the truest and original forms of diamond that are created as a result of extreme heat and pressure. As they are being mined deep under the earth, they pollute the water sources when the minerals from the mined rocks enter the water supply. This has led to an alternative way of yielding diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds 

You wouldn’t believe it but a lab-grown diamond is what it is. These diamonds are manufactured inside a laboratory with scientific equipment.  Lab-grown diamonds are 100% alike physically and chemically to natural diamonds and no one can spot the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a mined diamond with a naked eye. They are optically adjusted to give you the same quality, sparkle and elegance the mined diamond gives at a fraction of the price, not to mention environmentally friendly as well.

How are diamonds graded?

Before purchasing a diamond, you must be familiar with the 4 C’s of the diamond that tells you about the exquisiteness and value of it. The 4 C’s are coined by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to assess and undermine the quality of a diamond. GIA is the most reputable and trusted certificate in the market.  Anything else is just a piece of paper.  


The cut of a diamond is usually linked to its shape. But in reality, a diamond’s cut is graded by its ability to interact with light. Depending on the cut and way it’s shaped, a diamond gives more or less sparkle. The symmetry has to be well maintained for the diamond to exhibit a great shine. According to the different aspects of the cut, the diamond will exhibit unique properties. 


The color scale of diamonds starts at D color and goes to Z.  Most commercial quality diamonds will land in the H I J range.  D E and F color diamonds account for 1% of mined diamonds.  While that may sound rare, they are abundantly available but do command a premium.  Once a diamond is set into its final setting, it will look even better and at that point, you have nothing to compare it to.  If Tiffany sells I-color diamonds, why spend more for a higher color?


A diamond can have blemishes and inclusions as a result of crystallization. The GIA certifies the clarity of a diamond to mark the quality of it. Since diamonds are a symbol of purity and strength, the diamonds that have the most perfect internal structures and outlines are valued the most. The clarity ranges from Flawless to I3.  The value comes with the “eye clean” diamond.  This is the diamond that looks good to the naked eye and when compared to a diamond of superior clarity, the only difference can be seen with 10x magnification.  


The carat signifies the weight of the diamond and helps us differentiate between various sizes of diamonds. It is important to note that the round diamond will look the largest by size when compared to any other shape of the same carat weight.  For example, a 2.00 carat round diamond will look considerably larger than a 2.00-carat princess cut diamond.  

Colored diamonds

There is also the opportunity to play with colorful diamonds. They come out in so many colors depending on the type of foreign particulates that were trapped in the diamond during the crystallization process. 

Red diamonds that form inside the earth’s mantle as a consequence of intense heat and pressure are elegant diamonds that can be used as a center stone for the engagement ring. The stone in its purest form comes in a shade of pink which is of great value and demand. Other colors such as green, brown, blue and orange are also great alternatives that go well with different pieces.

Now colors are also chemically obtained to enhance poor/yellow color diamonds and give them a fancy outlook. Color diamonds are in great demand because of their elegance, beauty and style. 

4. Gemstones – if you love some extra color

Besides gold, diamonds and platinum which are the prime contenders for jewelry designs, various other gemstones can bring in some color and contrast to the setting. Modern jewelry is all about gemstones as they allow you to express yourselves naturally and vividly. Given the right gemstone to go with a diamond, chances are you’ll be enjoying them with all delight. 

The gemstones that are being widely used are:

1. Emerald

Your lovely wife deserves a fine piece of emerald jewelry for her birthday or wedding anniversary. Why? The emerald significantly transcends the depths of your relationship, given the audacity and the breathtaking sight of it. It has been used in modern jewelry since the time of Cleopatra who loved these green sparkling gemstones. The astounding green color of the emerald resembles rebirth and fertility. The bluish-green color is fancied by women who have a liking towards this gemstone because of its vivid saturation. 

2. Ruby

The king of the gems, the ruby is a great selection if your fiance loves deep red colors. Given their extreme durability and sharp color contrasts, the ruby is the perfect choice of gemstone for any occasion. The red color of the ruby is a result of Chromium oxides. The value of a ruby depends on the color of it. The redder the ruby is the more it costs. 

3. Sapphire

On a scale of 10, sapphires score 9 for their inbuilt durability. The blue color of the sapphire is truly a game-changer and can be used as the center stone for your engagement ring setting. They are known to bring prosperity and charm. Since they are highly durable, sapphires can be worn over with everyday costumes especially those contrasting the blue color. The sapphire that was gifted to Princess Diana by Prince Charles on the occasion of their wedding is still a reminder of this timeless beauty. 

Many other gemstones can be used to enlighten the overall appearance of your beloved, but these are the prime ones. 

Engagement rings -Why you are here in the first place!

engagement rings

The engagement ring is the beginning of everything. It sets the path forward for love birds who want to flourish and set a great start to their relationship.  

In the modern world, there are plenty of options and designs that you can choose from for the ideal engagement ring. But first, you must know the basics of the engagement ring so that you can make a good choice. 

An engagement ring typically consists of center stone and at times, some accents stones.  As we have already discussed, the ring itself would be in precious metal such as gold or platinum.  The center stone is usually a diamond available in many different shapes.  The round brilliant cut is the most popular, will sparkle the most and look the largest compared to any other shape of the same carat weight.  You can also select a colored diamond or a gemstone of your choice. After deciding the center stone and metal, make sure you know the ring size.  After all, you want it to fit when you go through all the effort of the proposal.  If this is a total surprise, try to “steal” a ring and if that is not possible, ask some family or friends.  The next step is choosing an ideal setting that will go with your center stone. Once you’ve understood the different kinds of engagement ring settings, it will be easier to make a choice. 

5 Engagement ring settings you need to know

1. Cathedral setting

In the Cathedral setting, the center stone is placed on a high arch mount that resembles the shape of a cathedral. Even though old fashioned, this setting has stood the test of time and is widely known as the most balanced setting for an engagement ring. The center stone offers a raised appearance that dignifies the profile that a cathedral setting ensures. If your loved one would love to showcase her ring and focus on the center stone, the cathedral setting is a good option. 

2. Prong setting

If your fiance is into diamonds and classics then the prong setting is what you must ideally choose. The prong setting allows for maximum light to enter the diamond, thus obtaining maximum sparkle out of it.  It is a result of the diamond being placed in a metal basket, having prongs attached to it. The prongs embrace the diamond, rendering a very intricate and emotional design to it. It creates a fancied illusion of the stone floating above your finger. The claw setting which is becoming the hot trend is the extension of the round prong setting to render the effect of a claw. 

3. Bezel setting

The modern lady would prefer to go for this kind of setting. There are no prongs or claws that hang on to the center stone. Instead, you’ll get a smooth and definite layered metal rim that will carry the center stone. The diamond is purposefully settled with the metal rims solidifying their place. Thus you’d like to look for this setting if your partner doesn’t want the center stone to have a raised feature like that in the prong setting. These do great for women who love to have a flat appearance of the center stone and a durable, elegant ring.  

4. Channel setting

With this setting, you can use smaller diamonds and other gemstones to outline the shank of your ring, ultimately highlighting the center stone. They create a channel for these gemstones to sit in the band and thus enhance the overall beauty of the ring. The ring is all about sparkle and elegance and your fiance would love it if she’s interested in supreme design patterns. 

5. Three-stone setting

The three-stone engagement ring is something you might have probably heard of.

The news channels are always showcasing celebrities and royal princes who give their loved ones this piece. This setting is a sensational, artistic piece of perfection and style and stands second to none. The center stone used in this piece is normally a princess-cut or round diamond which can be modified according to your preference of the gemstone. If you’re betting on the odds for your fiance to like your engagement ring, then you can rely on this piece. 

10 timeless engagement rings to watch out for in 2020

1. Six-prong solitaire engagement ring 

The six-prong solitaire is a timeless classic that generates grace and splendor with its intricate design. This solitaire setting purposefully elevates the centerstone with the six prongs holding onto it. The round diamond maximized the stone’s brilliance and stands out across this setting. The prongs hold the stone properly in place and offer protection to the diamond’s girdle more effectively than a four-prong solitaire. You have the option of choosing an 18k yellow/ rose gold or platinum for the band of your ring. 

2. French pave diamond engagement ring

The french pave ring is a piece of artistic excellence that has fine intricate marking along the ring. This diamond ring showcases french pave set diamonds along the width of the shank, adding a layer of beauty to the setting. This setting goes with a 14k white gold shank which is nothing short of exemplary. Your partner will love this engagement ring if she is a person who loves extra shine and glimmer. The pave diamonds are just the thing for it.

3. Classic four-prong diamond engagement ring

This ring is a step down from the six-prong engagement ring, as it has only four prongs holding on to the centerstone. It is a statement setting piece that highlights the centerstone that goes with it. You can choose any diamond for your centerstone. The best choices are the princess cut and cushion cut diamonds as they fit along well with the four-prong setting. The four-prong setting in a way makes the diamond look square-shaped, owing to the number of prongs. The 14k gold or platinum band that is used for this piece sets the tone for it. 

4. Petite diamond engagement ring in 14k yellow gold

The reason why this ring is included in the list is that the 14k yellow gold setting has become more relevant than ever. This piece is an absolute stunner, the yellow gold and sparkling white combination elevating its look to the next level. The pave diamonds that are accented along with the shank complement very well with the yellow gold setting. You can always rely on this piece to evoke an emotion from your loved one. It is a fairly acclaimed piece that is gaining widespread fame in recent years.

5. Petite twist diamond engagement ring

This piece reflects artistic excellence and creativity. The petite twist ring is designed in a shape that reflects a twist or a turn. Pave set diamonds are set along with the twist of this ring, thus enhancing the artistic beauty of this piece. If your lover is fascinated by modern designs that reflect a spirit of artistic glory, she is sure to love this piece. The shank is made up of 14k white gold to elevate the beauty of the twist diamond ring. The diamond you choose will particularly enhance the beauty of the ring as it complements the shape of the twist. 

6. Riviera pave diamond engagement ring in platinum

If you want to show off platinum in an engagement ring, this is a perfect choice. The platinum shank makes the piece durable and sturdy while setting the tonality to it. The centerstone can be ideally a princess cut diamond as it allows the piece to come to life. Unlike most pieces, there is a genuineness about this engagement ring type, as it communicates inner meanings through its design.  The ring is sleek and slender and gives the onlookers a good feeling. The pave diamonds that are set along the shank deliver a great sense of sparkle to it. 

7. Graduated milgrain diamond engagement ring

Milgrain diamonds along the shank of this piece is what makes this ring stand apart. The accented diamonds that support the milgrain detailing add a lot of complexion to the ring and highlight the centerstone. You can choose this ring if your loved one is crazy about intricate designs and meaningful patterns. The ring represents nothing short of the finest artistic excellence.  The centerstone diamond, mostly a round cut diamond can be played over with other shapes as well as rubies, sapphires and amethysts. The base of the ring is set with 14k white gold to add the right contrast. 

8. Halo diamond engagement ring

The halo setting is the right choice if you want to bring the centerstone to life and add some tonality to it. The french pave set diamond halo that is carved along the centerstone magnifies its appearance and adds inner dimensions to the piece. The centerstone is also elevated with a 14k rose gold setting that is used for the shank. You can also go for contemporary designs such as the Lura halo ring which reflects heavy detailing and design.

9. Tapered baguette diamond engagement ring

The centerstone of this ring setting is highlighted with the two tapered baguette-cut diamonds set in bar channels alongside it. These rectangular step cut diamonds that surround the centerstone are feasted over by celebrities and fashionista’s all over the world for their beauty and elegance. The centerstone is set in a 14k white gold shank, reflecting a bold and commanding look. 

10. Timeless pear-cut engagement ring

This trendy piece has the power to evoke your loved one’s emotions and get her startled. The heavily designed pear cut diamonds which are arranged in such a way to complement each other is a piece to marvel at. The prongs that are used to support the diamonds look great, seemingly enhancing the visual outlook. The 14k rose gold shank is the perfect combination for this art piece. 

Jewelry for the occasion – meet the purpose!

An Engagement ring is just the start! 

What about wedding anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s day and other important occasions. 

You should be fully prepared to chart out those dates and work on something beforehand to gift your loved one with jewelry for the occasion. You don’t have to spend your life as savings on a vintage diamond ring for your first wedding anniversary and stay bankrupt for the rest of the year. The idea is to communicate a story, one that will transcend depths, with each milestone anniversary that you climb, with every passing birthday and other important occasions. 

If you’re able to master the art of gifting the perfect piece of jewelry for every occasion, you’re in for a ride. 

Let’s look at some creative ways of gifting jewelry to your loved ones on important occasions.  

Wedding anniversaries

You might forget your name but you don’t want to forget the date of your wedding anniversary. Women hold this event very close to their hearts and expect the same from their partner. So you would want to double the odds and get her beaming in every passing anniversary.

1st wedding anniversary

The first wedding anniversary is to be celebrated in style since you’ve made it through a prosperous and merry-filled year. You also want to remind her of the enthusiasm she had when she married you.  You should be gifting her gold jewelry on this occasion, as it sets the path for the coming anniversaries. The delicate rose gold backdrop necklace is a good choice. This charming, romantic-mood necklace is just the thing to remind her that it’s been a year since the special day. 

5th wedding anniversary

The 5th wedding anniversary brings forth the great delight of having cruised through the first landmark. So you would like to remember that date since it sets the tone for the remaining landmark anniversaries. A personalized anniversary-date embedded bracelet will be a great choice. This will tell your loved one how much you value her and remember the wedding date. The 14k yellow gold Bar name bracelet is also an excellent choice.

10th wedding anniversary

It’s been a glorious 10 years and it’s time to release the big guns. Now you’ve made a significant landmark in your relationship and you want to establish a strong and mature relationship henceforth. Diamonds are the source of endurance, sustainability and inspiration. So the double row princess channel eternity ring will be the blighter for the occasion. You can also go for a diamond solitaire ring with a band made up of 14k yellow gold.

25th wedding anniversary

The next big haul is the 25th wedding anniversary. Life has moved on and you can see some freckles and wrinkles popping out here and there in your loved one face. There’s also some white hair that she manages to hide away from you. That’s when you should remind her of how beautiful and precious she still is and how long you’ve made it through. 

Popularly known as the silver jubilee anniversary, silver jewelry is the answer to the 25th anniversary. It commemorates a quarter-century that has passed on with great commitment and enduring love. It’s time you gift her a classic ring that will adorn her fingers for the years to come. The Rivera petite diamond eternity ring is a good option.

Platinum is also a seeming favorite that suits this occasion because of the pure, strong and bold statement it makes. You can give her a pair of platinum earrings with diamonds engraved on its petals to enlighten her cheeks. You can also pair it up with a classic platinum love band that will tie you both as love birds forever. 

50th wedding anniversary

If you’ve made it through till this point, nothing is stopping you. You know how much she has been there for you all this time and it’s a great landmark to be celebrated. 

It’s time for the Golden Jubilee. 

Any piece of jewelry that has gold featuring in it is a great choice. It can be white, yellow, or rose gold. The diamond solitaire pendant which features a round diamond pendant set in a 14k yellow gold chain is a great choice. Most people also use this occasion for gifting their loved ones with the french pave diamond eternity band. 


Most women love a personal touch for their birthday gifts and hence it would be best to go for personalized jewelry. You might also want to buy her that sapphire necklace which she mentioned last month on your visit to your friend’s engagement. 

The Aquamarine necklace which has the option of engraving your initial name is a great start. You can also do some research to find birthstones that are linked to your loved one’s birthdate. Ruby is the birthstone that signifies prosperity and happiness. It comes in July. For a more modern and artistic feel, you can gift her with a double fair vintage square green crystal pendant necklace which she will surely live to remember. If she is complaining about wanting a new pair of earrings, then the butterfly heart long hook earrings can just be the thing. 

The idea is to get personal and customized with your jewelry selections. As you’ve known her for all your lifetime, make note of those instances where she comments on other people’s jewelry and make sure to get her that for her birthday. 

Valentine’s day

The romantic mood drops in as the sun sets by!

Why not arouse your loved one with a heart-shaped diamond necklace this Valentine’s day? Even better, get a heart name necklace made from 18k gold that will send shivers down her spine. Anything romantic and which will enlighten her mood! You can also look for a white gold ring such as the moissanite ring which will tremendously light up the occasion. 

You know what to do!

Funny, but we’ve come to the end of the blog. Now it’s all up to you to determine the right piece of jewelry for your loved one. If you’re getting engaged pretty lately, then you’d like to look into the different engagement ring settings. And if you’re already married and looking for that perfect 10th wedding anniversary jewelry, you know what to do. 

As of now, the job’s done.


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