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Which Square Shaped Diamond Should You Choose For Your Engagement Ring?

The shape of your diamond is reflective of your personality. In general, the diamond shape does not affect the quality of your diamond and is not related to its cut quality in any way whatsoever. Square diamonds have a certain amount of elegance and class about them. Whether it is Princess cut diamonds, Asscher diamonds, or an Emerald cut diamonds a square diamond has the potential of becoming the perfect piece for the ideal engagement ring. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of square diamonds. 

What Are The Different Kinds of Square Diamonds?

different kinds of square diamonds

The Princess cut is undoubtedly the most popular cut when it comes to this category, it is also the second highest-selling diamond in the world. It comes in a close second to the Round brilliant diamond. The Asscher cut and the Emerald cut is also other popular diamonds that have a square shape. 

There is something to be pointed out that, the square shape of a diamond is dependent on the length to width ratio of the diamond. While finding perfect squares is a possibility, the spectrum of square shapes when it comes to these diamond shapes range from square to rectangular, depending on the length to width ratio of the diamond. 

Princess Cut Diamonds

The Princess cut is the most popular square-shaped diamond you will come across. It is responsible for almost 30% of all engagement rings that are produced in the world today. 

This particular diamond has a massive yield from the diamond rough. When it comes to diamonds, 40% is generally the standard yield from the diamond rough. With regard to the Princess diamond, the general yield is about 80% to 90%. For this reason, Princess cuts are relatively more affordable than Round diamonds, although they have almost the same amount of brilliance. The Princess diamond was created by Arpad Nagy in 1961 but experienced fame in the 1980s due to the conjoined  efforts of Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz.

Princess diamonds have sharp corners having 56-58 facets. It is important to protect these corners using a four-prong setting to prevent them from chipping. Princess diamonds either have Bezel or French corners and have diamond-shaped facets extending from the corners of the table to the stone corners. 

Sticking to a length-to-width ratio of 1-1.05 is ideal for Princess cuts. It is best to choose a table percentage between 65% to 75%  and a depth percentage of the same value to get a proportional and excellently cut piece. 

Princess diamonds offer excellent brilliance and fire.  When it comes to your diamond clarity, it is best to choose an eye-clean princess cut diamond. A GIA or AGS VS2 grade s ideal. Color is only visible when the stone is viewed from the side. The right setting can help mask the color of your diamond. Depending on it, you can choose a G, H or I color grade. With a rose gold setting, you can also go for a J color grade. 

The best part about Princess diamonds is the fact that they appear bigger than other diamonds of the same carat weight. This owing to their massive yield from the diamond rough. 

Princess diamonds are relatively less expensive than round brilliants but more expensive than other square-shaped diamonds. For example, a 1 carat VS1 diamond having an I color grade will cost you roughly $4000. A round diamond with the same specifications will cost you $5000. 

 Asscher Cut Diamond

Asscher diamonds are square diamonds with layered facets flattened edges. A clear view of the stone allows you to see right through the centre of the diamond. The 58 facets inside the diamond create a hall of mirrors effect. Certain modern renditions of the Asscher diamond have 78 facets. Made by the Asscher family in Holland in 1902, the Asscher cut found fame in the 1920s. 

Owing ot the fact that the GIA does not grade the cut quality of fancy diamond cuts, it is best to choose an Asscher with a depth percentage between 60% to 65% and a table percentage between 65% to 75% percentage. The length to width ratio will determine the shape of your Asscher diamond. Choosing a length to width ratio between 1 to 1.04. Inorder to enure a clear viewing of the facets, you should choose an Asscher diamond with an Excellent to Good Polish and Symmetry.

Asscher cuts are not very good at hiding inclusions. It is always recommended to choose eye clean diamonds. A clarity of VS1 should be good for an eye clean Asscher diamond. The step cuts allow you to see color very easily. Anything above an I color grade is good for these diamonds. This cut appears smaller than other diamonds of the same carat weight. For example, a 1 carat round diamond is roughly between 6.4-6.6mm, whereas an Asscher cut diamond is between 5.5-5.7mm.

Asscher diamonds do not sparkle as much as other square shaped diamonds. The parallel facets do allow bright and colorful patches of light but do not sparkle to that extent. Compared to Princess cut diamonds, Asscher cuts are priced fairly lower. These diamonds have a unique look and people choose an Asscher cut for their parallel facets and the fact that it is emblematic of an art deco piece. Asscher diamonds are also rare and this aspect accounts for their popularity. 

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Similar to a Asscher cut, an Emerald cut diamond features linear step cuts with parallel facets. They are generally elongated and have a rectangular shape. The edges of these diamonds are cropped. This diamond features a large surface table and deep clarity and can also be found in a square shape depending on the length to width ratio of the diamond. 

When it comes to the depth and table percentage of these diamonds, it is always safe to choose between 61% to 67%. Choosing a length and width ratio between 1.4 and 1.5 is ideal. Emerald diamonds have the tendency to showcase blemishes more than princess diamonds or cushion cut diamonds. Choosing a clarity grade of VS1 is ideal for these diamonds, considering that the diamond is eye-clean. 

Like Asscher diamonds, color is another very noticeable factor in Emerald diamonds. Anything above a J color grade will have a very noticeable yellow tint. We recommend choosing I color or lesser. Although premium color grades will have a considerable effect on the price of your stone. It is best to check for yourself and get recommendations from a jeweler. 

Not having the signature sparkle of a Princess diamond, Emerald cuts are meant for those who are looking for subtlety in their diamond. They have a very classy and timeless feel to them and are also very budget friendly when compared to Princess or Round diamonds. 

Cushion Cut Diamonds

This is a unique diamond cut which is a combination of a modern and round brilliant diamond with a classic facet pattern. These diamonds have curved edges and come in both square and rectangular shapes. 

Choosing a table and depth percentage of 70 is apt for Cushion cuts. There is no strict parameter when choosing the length to width ratio for this diamond cut. Choosing a ‘very good’ symmetry and polish is recommended for Cushion diamonds. 

Cushion cuts are one of the worst diamonds when it comes to hiding color. Owing to this fact it is always recommended to choose a color grade of H or higher. Again, owing to their large and elongated table, it is difficult to find Cushion diamonds in the S1 or S2 clarity grade. It is always better to choose eye-clean diamonds. 

There are two kinds of cushion diamonds, ‘chunky cushions’ and ‘crushed-ice cushions’. Chunky cushions are ones with clear facet patterns, owing to their look and parallel facet patterns, they are also referred to as ‘antque cuts’.As the name suggests, ‘Crushed-ice Cushions’ have a broken glass or crushed ice look to them with no discernable facet pattern visible within the diamond. 

Cushion cuts have almost the same amount of brilliance as Princess cut diamonds and they are not very far when it comes to their price per carat. The Princess cut is however much more popular than the cushion cut diamond. 

Choosing The Right Square Shaped Diamond

A diamond should resonate with someones personality. If you want a classy and subtle diamond then going for an Emerald or Asscher cut diamond is recommended. Similarly, if you want more brilliance and sparkle, going for a Princess diamond or Cushion cut diamond is always recommended. It is important to focus on the 4Cs and go through the main pointers that are given above before making your choice. 

If you are going for a Princess cut diamond, you are making a safe choice as it is the second most popular diamond in the world. However, Princess cuts are prone to chipping and having a prong setting that safeguards the four corners is mandatory for Princess cut diamond engagement rings. Also you will be bumping up your budget fairly with Princess diamonds. It can however be argued that Princess cuts and Asscher cuts do not differ in price to that extent. Between these two particular diamonds we would recommend a Princess because of its larger size. 

If you are looking for a subtle engagement ring, having an Asscher cut diamond is perfect. What it lacks in sparkle, it makes up in elegance. You can always use accent diamonds to embellish the sparkle and the right diamond setting, like a solitaire setting or a Three stone setting can help accentuate your Asscher diamond excellently. If you are tight on a budget but still want those beautiful facets in your square diamond, going for an Emerald diamond is a very good choice. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to what you are looking for. You should always consult a good jeweler.  The right jeweler can help you find the right square shaped diamond at the best price. 

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