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Should You Buy a 3 Stone Diamond Ring For Your Beloved?

Are you wondering what will take your relationship to the next level?

The right answer is not 1, or 2 but a 3 stone diamond ring.

Young couples go gaga about 3 stone rings. They are gorgeous, affordable, customizable, and have that brilliance about them. Before it’s too late, you better put a ring on it!

Why Do Couples Love 3 Stone Diamond Rings?

Besides having thrice the bling, you can customize them as per your liking. Couples today seek unique experiences with regard to every aspect of their lives. A 3 stone ring gives them the opportunity to personalize without breaking the bank.

The Right Kind of Romance

Certain couples believe that 3 stones stand for their past, present, and future. To others, it signifies forever, now, and always. 

These sparkling trilogies have the right kind of romance to them, don’t you think?

Would you not want to go down on your knees and say, “Will you be mine, forever, now, and always?” 

Hard to say no to that! Right?

3 stone rings are ideal for couples who are on a budget. A single solitaire diamond ring with a premium cut would demand an arm and a leg. But, a three stone ring offers 3 diamonds well under your budget.

A Bling of Your Choice

A 3 stone diamond ring looks well balanced. The center stone is highlighted by two flank stones. This creates an eye-catching piece that’s worth every penny.

Three-stone diamond rings can be promise rings, anniversary rings, or engagement rings. In fact, you have the complete luxury to be innovative and settle on a design that’s right for just any occasion. 

If you are looking to find your perfect story with a three stone beauty, here’s everything you need. 

Finding Your Perfect 3 Stone Engagement Ring

With regard to diamonds, you cannot ignore the 4 Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. When choosing your trilogy ring, here is all that you need to keep in mind.

You don’t need to cut it fine with your three-stone diamond ring. Round in the center with two Princesses on the sides? Your ring is only limited by your imagination and your budget.

The centerpiece might focus on a diamond having a premium cut quality. Your flank stones can have simpler cuts. Generally, you would want to highlight your center stone with pave diamonds. 

Color and Clarity

Having colored stones is a common occurrence in 3-stone settings. In fact, having colored flank stones, highlights your centerpiece further. An H-color diamond is ideal with colored stones on each side.

You would want to focus on the clarity of your center stone in a 3-stone affair. Generally, an eye-clean SI1 or SI2 clarity grade diamond would work fine.

The Carat Weight Hack

Looking for a 2 carat diamond but don’t have the budget for it? Listen closely. 

The price of a 2 carat diamond is double the trouble compared to a 1-carat.

But when you want that big bold piece for the love of your life, what must you do?

Here’s our 3 stone solution: Get the cut, grab some stones and weigh it all up. 

Buying a 3 stone diamond ring is cheaper versus buying a 2 or 2.5-carat solitaire diamond ring. Your total carat weight of 3 diamonds can be 2 carats or even more. But, your individual stones are less than 1 carat. 

So you can get a 2 carat diamond ring without paying for one! It’s pure genius. 

Gem of an Idea

You can even replace 3 diamonds with one large centrepiece and 2 beautiful gemstones. This will cut down your price and also allow you to get a premium grade diamond. 

Gemstones are a common addition to 3 stone engagement rings. Adding radiant gems as flank stones is a stroke of genius for all your fancy needs. 

Hang on, there’s more. 

Diamonds or gemstones, your three stone ring can be the belle of the ball only if it has the right setting.

Lock in the right setting 

Here’s to sticking to tradition. 

Symmetrical settings are the authentic way to go for 3 stone rings. Here’s what you do: 

  • Choose diamonds of the same shape
  • Experiment with three princess cuts
  • They should have the same carat weight
  • Try an asscher centerpiece for an ‘oomph’ of madness

Making the centerpiece the main focus is always the best way to go. You can have a beautiful round-cut diamond with two oval or pear-cut diamonds on the side. Having diamonds of the same shape is the focus of these settings.

Choosing colored diamonds as flank stones is also a great solution. You can experiment with rose gold or yellow gold ring settings in such a case. White gold or platinum settings work best with D to H color diamonds.

Choosing gems as flank stones can also open up a wide range of unique designs. You can have a 3 stone diamond ring with two sapphires, emeralds, or rubies. If you dare, you can mix them up as well. Using a gold ring for this unique trio will definitely bring some magic. 

A unique way of getting a solitaire look in a 3 stone setting is by using baguette-cut diamonds. The unique tapered look of a baguette-cut diamond highlights the center stone. If you want that extra bit of sparkle on your 3-stone ring, using melee diamonds is a good idea.

Signature Touch

Moving away from the traditional, asymmetrical settings are a new thing in the world of 3 stone rings. You can mix up colors, shapes, and setting styles to get a 3 stone signature ring.

three stone diamond ring

And before you start your search, look here. 

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