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22 sassy proposal ideas that will get you a “Yes”!

We have some serious business to talk about. Make sure you’re all alone. We don’t want to spill the beans and let the whole world know, alright. This is private.

Your lady, the one meant for you, she’s going to fall for the craziest and weirdest of all proposal ideas. All because one insane romantic genius captured her heart, with one fine proposal. 

Well, you’re probably thinking of how Ryan Gosling in the movie ‘Notebook’ got his lady screaming for him when he held on with one hand to the pole of the merry-go-round and asked her for a date. 

We don’t want to discourage you from taking those bold strides, but in one condition, you got to hold on with two hands to the pole of the merry go round. Otherwise, you will be flying home instead. I think you get our point. 

Now, are you ready? These 15 sassy proposal ideas that we are going to give you will make sure you are in fact ready. Now get that nose poked in. 


Before you even scroll down through the lines, let’s make this clear.  There is no fixed way of proposing to your girl. You can come up with any idea, just make sure you don’t freak her out so much she gets a heart attack. Be the craziest, most insane, romantic version of yourself and try coming up with a proposal idea that will make her jump for you. Yeah, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. So make sure you’re doing your best. 

Let’s get started. 

1. The website proposal     

We live in a world where there is so much technological craze. So why not, make your proposal through a website? And when we say website, a custom designed website that will pop out the life-altering question in style. Wouldn’t that be a genius ring proposal idea? Yeah, this is where you can get as crazy as you want and if you have a pro website designer, you can ask him to design an extremely classy log banner popping out the question.You can also create a series of steps before your girlfriend will actually come across the question. The series of steps can be like  

1.Who is the lucky person today to win a special gift? 

           (Tell her to type her name)   

2. Who is that one, crazy romantic partner in your life? 

           (Just pray she types your name)      

3. “ Congratulations (your girlfriend’s name), that crazy romantic partner of yours has a proposal ring which he would like to slide through your finger. Turn sidewards to get that ring from (your name).”

There you will be, gushing and smiling when you reckon what’s happening and present her with the ring for the marriage proposal. 

Now, this is what you might call technological advancement and we bet you’ve nailed it by now.  Sometimes it just takes the best wedding proposal idea to bring that romantic genius inside you.    

2. The photo booth proposal

Caught in the action – what a surprise it would be for her. 

The photo booth proposal is one of the all time classic, best wedding proposal ideas that can pull off a stunner candid click of you and your girlfriend and also set the tone for your engagement. You already might know what to do. Take your girl to a photo booth, and when it’s time for the click, present her with the ring for the marriage proposal. You should see the look on her face, and the photo clicked. This will pass down as the most celebrated picture of your lifetime as it’s spot on and realistic. Tell your friends and family to be waiting outside with decorated outfits, balloons and party items. In a nice, warm manner slide the ring into her hands, once more and seal a place in her heart once and forever. 

3. Singer style

There’s no better way to do it if you know how to sing. It’s an all-time best of the best wedding proposal ideas. Yes, you heard that right. And even if you can’t sing, don’t worry just be happy. Make sure to prepare a few romantic lines beforehand, if you’re not a natural poet and then spill it out. 

The lines could be like 

                      “ Before I met you, my name was old Johnny,

                        All I knew was math and macaroni,

                        But then you came and all of a sudden

                        Got me all crazy and forever bed-ridden

                        Now pardon me, let me put this ring on your finger

                        For heaven’s sake, before the song is all over.”

What a finish that would be. She would be so immersed in your song, that before you sing the last word, the ring for the marriage proposal is already where it should be.  

 4. The deck of cards

Whenever has playing cards been easy with your girlfriend? She always has a way to make you lose. Not this time, because the best wedding proposal idea will take her by surprise. All you have to do is, engrave the four words  “Will you marry me” in four cards, each card engraved with one of the words. Then, shuffle it and put them all together with the other cards. You can choose to play any card game with her. Now as you distribute the cards between yourself and your girlfriend, make sure she gets the first two cards, ie “Will’ and ‘you’. The other two cards saying ‘marry’ and ‘me’ should belong in your deck of cards. Now the show begins. When she gets to see the cards, she will be surprised to see the two cards with the words engraved, ‘Will’ and ‘you’. Now, you’ve done the trick. So with a smile on your face, turn over the other two cards, with the words engraved ‘marry’ and ‘me’. That would be the best card game she’s ever played in her lifetime, and she would just burst with laughter, thinking of how you delivered the plot. You can then present her the ring for the marriage proposal. 

5. The surprise surprise

What about a surprise, surprise way of executing your ring proposal idea? Take your girlfriend for a walk down the street, and when you reach a particular point, tell her that you dropped your case which had an important gadget. Now, when you both start searching for the case, signal your friend who already knows the plot to come and present the case to you. Don’t make it too much of a search, just spend a few minutes before you signal your friend to come into the picture. When he arrives, tell him to click a snapshot when you open the case, and you present the ring for the marriage proposal to her. This is one of the best wedding proposal ideas that will get you a yes if your girlfriend loves these kinds of intense situations. 

She might just shriek with joy when she sees the ring, but be prepared to take some punches before she does. 

6. The balloon smack

You probably will never use the balloon smack after this one. Your girlfriend will go all crazy even before she realizes what happened. This is one of the all-time best wedding proposal ideas.

Take a balloon, make sure it’s red in color. Before you blow it, place the note inside the balloon which reads ‘Will you marry me’. You can also put the ring for the marriage proposal along with the note if you think your girl will be up for it. Now, when you see your girlfriend coming, take a tape, scissors and act as though you’re doing something serious, like a project. Then, insist her to hold the balloon for you while you keep working on the project. Now be ready, and when she’s not not paying attention, take a pin and burst the balloon. While you do it, keep your hands open and catch the ring as it falls. And before she finishes screaming, propose to her. 

She is sure to say a ‘yes’ to the balloon smack. Just make sure you catch the proposal gift for her as it slithers from the balloon. 

7. Lights, camera action. 

This one is the best wedding proposal idea if you want to make a great remembrance of it. Well, here’s the plot. You will have to tell your friends to act out a play or a drama, where they have some lines sequenced. Then you tell your girlfriend that you want to take her to one of the plays that will be featuring your friend. So you fix the date, and you take her to the play. Now when the play is about to end, your friend on the stage will call out your name, and tell you to come to the stage. He hands out a gift, which has the ring for the marriage proposal, telling him that it’s time you get married. And remember all of this is happening as a part of the play. So your girlfriend just thinks that this is a part of the play. Now, you call out her name and tell her that you want to marry her. This is when the stage is lit up and big bold letters appear saying “ Will you marry me.” She just can’t believe it, but yes, it’s happening. You go and pick her up by her seat, take her to the stage and propose to her once again.

The play ends. 

8. The pizza delivery man 

If you’re a person who knows a lot of pizza delivery men, then you can put this idea to the fold. This is an all-time classic ring proposal idea that will do the magic. You will have to tell the delivery man to put the ring for the marriage proposal inside the pizza delivery box. Now make the order, and have some fun with your girlfriend while the delivery man comes and delivers the pizza. Quickly go inside your room and wear a custom dress, printed with the words, “Your pizza man”. When she opens the pizza box, she will see the ring with a note inside it 

“Delivered by the pizza man, to her very own (your girlfriend’s name).” 

Your girlfriend is just confused about what had happened. That’s when you come and she reads the wording in your dress. She finally gets the hang of it. Wow, what a start this would be. Ever wonder, this could be one of the best wedding proposal ideas of all time. 

9. The Pepsi flying ring

If your girlfriend likes some animosity in the air, then this one is the call. The Pepsi flying ring is a killer, one of the best wedding proposal ideas, ever. So this scenario has to be a cool vibe.

Make sure you’re at a party with your friends and of course your girlfriend. Tell the plot to one of your friends before you do this. Tell him to take a Pepsi can, add some baking soda and a handful of mentos and place the ring for the marriage proposal inside it. Then, tell everyone to be ready for the act and some magic is about to happen, while your friend comes and places the Pepsi can in the ground. While he opens it, the ring will pop up. Get hold of it and tell her, the magic words. She is certain to fall for this ring proposal idea when she sees the ring popping out of the Pepsi can. Oh my, she would just love it. 

10. The powercut

Well, this is one of the craziest and weirdest ways of putting the life-altering question forward. It lies at the top of the best wedding proposal ideas list. The scene is intense. You have to plan for a romantic movie with your girlfriend, and it should be in the middle of the night. You will have to invite her to your home and need someone for backup to execute this plan. Now, the movie starts, and halfway into the movie, when the love birds kiss, you have to signal your backup friend to turn off the electricity mains. Oof, now your girl is in the mood for a romantic kiss, and the light goes off, the movie goes off. Now be ready with the ring for the marriage proposal and signal your friend to turn on the electricity mains. When the light goes on, propose to her. Mark our words, she will jump for you when she finally understands what’s happening and squish you so tightly, that you might feel your heart pulse so alive than never before. You know what comes next, it’s that once in a lifetime evergreen romantic kiss that will set the tone for years to come. 

This will be the best ring proposal idea even though it demanded a power cut.

11. Pet play

What’s the best thing you could have possibly done with your pet? Is it teaching him some cool exciting tricks or maybe even training him to greet you when you come back from office. But, why not use your pet dog to put forward the life-altering question to your girl. Wouldn’t that be exciting? Yes, and if your girlfriend is a pet lover, this is sure to be the best wedding proposal idea to get you that ‘Yes’. All you have to do is place the ring on the nose of your pet dog and train him to balance the ring on its nose and bring it to you when you ask for it. 

Invite your girlfriend for a homemade pizza and make sure you dig some jokes in mind to set a joyful mood. Once you’ve got her cracking with laughter, tell her that you want to show her something. That’s when you signal your pet dog to come, with the ring sitting in its nose. Your girlfriend will be like, “Oh, so your pet dog has learned some new tricks and you want me to see it.” But you’re smiling behind your back. You know the ring proposal idea is just going to be a hit. Your pet dog comes and you tell it to perform the cool tricks you taught it.

When your girlfriend has just loved what she saw, you tell her to be ready for the last and coolest trick. That’s when you tell your dog to get that ring on its nose and bring it to her. When she finally tries to make sense of what the ring and the trick is all about, she will make a jump for it and give you a nice sweet hug. Then you officially present her the ring for the marriage proposal and celebrate the occasion. 

12. The runner’s paradise

You can certainly bet on the runner’s paradise to inspire your girlfriend to say a ‘yes’ to you once and forever. This is the best wedding proposal idea if your girl loves a good run or a 5k marathon and she’s very competent about giving it a good shot. So fix a date, tell her to be ready for the run and start practising it yourself, for you don’t want to be too behind her in the race. Now, get a banner designed that reads the words, ‘Will you marry me’ and tell your friends to hold that banner for you at the finish line where the race ends. After everything is said and done, just wait for the magic to happen. The race begins and you jollu out with her. Make sure to crack a few jokes or maybe even annoy her a bit during the course of the run. It will only inspire her and increase her love for you, twice as much. When the finish line approaches and your girlfriend sees the banner with the “Will you marry me” wording on it, she might just think that this is some kind of a prank by the event holders. But, that’s when you take her hand and present her with the ring for the marriage proposal. She is astounded and turns back to see the banner and your friends besides it and understands the plot. What a ring proposal idea? You’ve just won her heart and that ‘Yes’ you always wanted. 

13. Fish the ring 

If your girlfriend likes fishing or she uses the word ‘fishy’ just too much in her conversations, then you got to fish the ring for her. This is the best wedding proposal idea that will get you a ‘yes’ from your girlfriend in the middle of the quietness of a lake. Yes, and what we mean is take your fishing boat, your fishing rod, a candle, the ring for the marriage proposal, and your girlfriend and set out for a catch.  

Along with the ring, attach a note saying, “ From (your name), the one and only never-let-go fisherman who wants to have fishy (your girlfriend’s name) as his life partner for the years to come, and eternity.”

This will work well, if it’s late in the evening, when the light is just getting dimmer. Now please manage to catch a few fish before you fish the ring. Pray for some good luck that day. Then when the light goes out, take the candle and light it up in the boat. Your girlfriend might just ask you, why you did that. Tell her that you can sense a good catch and it won’t be long before you take her back home. Now, the stage is set for you. Manage to distract her while you quickly slide in the ring for the marriage proposal into the hook of the fishing rod. Then cast the rod on water and burst with joy, when you see the precious ring you caught. Your girlfriend will also be starstruck to see the ring. But then, she sees the note and reads it and finally understands what you were up to. She’s just feeling magical, elevated, and in the calm and serene of the lake. Then in the silent night, with the candle lit, enjoy that row back home with her. 

You will probably recollect this ring proposal idea for the years to come, especially when your grandchildren come curiously asking you how you managed to win the heart of your pretty wife.

14. The gem proposal

Now, better have an empty stomach, cause you will have to do some eating now, to give the best shot with one of the best wedding proposal ideas. You just need a packet of gems and you are all good. You give each one of your friends a gem, with each gem having a letter that belongs to the “Will you marry me” wording. Tell them to stand in line and come and place each gem alphabetically in a heart shape, until the words complete the heart. Your girlfriend reads the proposal and before she gushes, take the gems in your hand and eat it. Tell her that the heart of gems is now in his heart, and you should be there for him forever. 

This will be the best wedding proposal idea if your girlfriend appreciates humor and loves a twist in the tale. When you eat the gems, she will burst out with laughter and agree to be your loving partner for the years to come. 

15. Romance in the skies

Now, this is if you love some adventure and spice to add in to your ring proposal idea. You got to arrange for a skydiving adventure with your girlfriend. So fix a date, and get prepared for the event. Now, when the day has come, and you’re in the helicopter with your girlfriend, tell her that you have a surprise for her. Tell her that you will be giving it to her after the skydive. But when you are about to skydive from the helicopter, take a moment, slide the ring for the marriage proposal into her finger. Before she gushes forth and shrieks with joy, doze off to the skies and let her sink in the whole ring proposal. When she meets you down, she is sure to chase you and give you a nice romantic beating for one of the best wedding proposal ideas that she could ever possibly think you would be up to. 

16. The perfect candlelight proposal

Is your girlfriend a raving fan of candlelight dinners? Then the candlelight dinner plot is the best wedding proposal idea you can put forward. So what you have to do is, arrange the candles in a way such that each candle has a letter of the “Will you marry me” wording. The plot can be arranged in a semi-circular shape, with the lights all off and the candles lit. In the center, there will be a candle that has the ring for the marriage proposal besides it. When the clock strikes 9 pm, take her to that room, where she doesn’t expect anything. When she sees the candles and all the letters engraved on it, she will fall for you instantly. Then go forward, take the ring and ask her with the cutest voice “Will you marry me.”

You can then have your candlelight dinner with her.

17. The gamer’s proposal

Well, you might just get the point here. If you can nail a ring proposal idea through a custom designed website, then you can do it through a custom designed game too. You can plan the events of the game with your game designer and make it very lively and entertaining so that your girlfriend enjoys the game all throughout. You don’t want to extend the game so that she plays it all day long, and you miss the point you were trying to make. So just create 3 levels for the game. In each level, make sure she’s getting the pulse to keep playing further. And when she gets to the third level, she should be hungry to finish the game in style. That’s when in the last level of the game, you design the game such that on achieving her goal, she is rewarded with an exquisite ring. Then a banner pops out, putting forward the question, with your name in it. Your girlfriend who just loved every piece of the game will now turn to you and see the gush in your face. That’s when you show her the ring for the marriage proposal, the same ring that was gifted to her in the game. 

Don’t just wait there for the best wedding proposal idea, the best ones come as you keep thinking creatively. 

18. The GPS 

Your GPS system is often the best companion when it comes to finding the perfect and shortest route to a destination. You can also bank on it for the execution of the best wedding proposal idea. With the help of a GPS geek or any tech related engineer to program the GPS for you in such a way, that when your girlfriend reaches the destination, it pops up a message saying that “Your destination has arrived, wishing you all the success for a happy married life with (your name).” Well, now all you need to do is tell your girlfriend to drive to a remote place, where you will be waiting and she will have to pick her up. Now, she will turn on the GPS to drive to that location. When she reaches the destination, she will hear the message and be awestruck. Then she gets out of the car to see you and your family and friends, the whole place decorated and the banner with the “Will you marry me” wording. Now, gently come by her side and kneeling down, present her with the ring for the marriage proposal. 

When everything is said and done, she will recollect how the GPS greeted her with the message and how great the whole ring proposal idea turned out. 

19. Underwater proposals

The best wedding proposal idea will surely be the best if you arrange for an underwater proposal. Well, you could work out this ring proposal idea in two ways. One way would be to go for an underwater swim with your girlfriend and propose to her with the ring for the marriage proposal when you feel the time and mood is spot on. Your girlfriend will love the underwater ring proposal, if she loves the water and everything about swimming in the deep. 

The second option is to take her to an aquarium, where you can ask the divers to hold the proposal banner for you as you take your girlfriend across the fish tanks and come across a special fish tank. It will be such a majestic sight with the divers waving their hands and the fish besides them, all looking at the wonderful pair who are going to become lovebirds for life. In this divine moment, take that ring and slide it through her fingers. If it’s a dolphin aquarium, you can generate a more emotional and appealing response from your girlfriend. 

20. The radio proposal

A nice highway ride becomes even more nice when your girlfriend is the highlight of the occasion. 

If your girlfriend is an outgoing person and loves her name to be on the front lines, she will love her name being called on the radio when the radio jockey surprises her with your ring proposal idea. That’s exactly one of the sassiest ways to ask her for a ‘Yes that you’ve been waiting to ask her for a long time. You need to make it a surprise for her. So turn on the radio channel when she’s having a fun time with you in the car, when suddenly the radio jockey asks if someone by the name(your girlfriend’s name) is travelling in a car with somebody named(your name). 

Now, your girlfriend should be asked to take the phone if the name they mentioned is the same. Then, the radio jockey can take it forward and ask her a series of questions before spilling out the beans and calling on your ring proposal idea. Once she finds out what you were up to, and the radio jockey has turned off the mike, she will be gushing and smiling, a whole series of emotions running down her face. Now you can park the car aside, and slide that ring on her. Finally, you’ve got the ring for the marriage proposal in its right and genuine place. 

21. The drone proposal

In the modern era, it’s good if you can do things the modern way. And if there’s anything more modern for a ring proposal idea, it’s using a drone to do it. Yes, tell your friend to control the drone from a distance so that he can activate it as and when you take the next step. Set off for an evening walk with your girlfriend to the park or the riverside. You can make this plot better by setting a romantic mood. Just when you feel it’s the right occasion, signal your friend to bring the drone into the picture. When your girlfriend sees the drone, she will probably wonder where it came from. Then you ask her if she wants to see the drone come and land beside her. Your girlfriend thinks you’re being cheeky and she readily agrees. That’s when you start waving the drone in your direction just like Jim Carrey in the movie ‘Bruce Almighty’ pulls the moon closer to him. Your girlfriend who is awestruck at what’s happening will be trying to understand what this is all about. That’s when the drone lands besides her shoulder and pops out the ring for the marriage proposal to her. You don’t have to convince her how much you love her now. You’ve already put forward the best wedding proposal idea that will win her heart for you once and forever. 

22. The caricature

The classic way of doing it will never fail you, that’s why it’s called classic. This is why we would like you to know that a caricature can do it for you. Not just a caricature of you and your girlfriend, but you also need to put the message across. So let’s talk about it. 

The plot will be great if you can go on a holiday trip with your girlfriend. Make the most of it during this trip so that she’s in every mood to be your life partner forever. Now, on the last day of the trip, approach a caricaturist to make a caricature of you and your girlfriend. But you should tell him to include the “Will you marry me” wording on the caricature, in bubbles that pop out from your mouth. So make sure to tell your girlfriend to wait for a couple of moments while you go and talk to the caricaturist. Now after all is said and done, you just have to wait for the caricaturist to finish. 

“Oh my gosh,” she is sure to go all crazy when she sees the caricature and the wording. Now, it’s time you get on your knees and present the ring for the marriage proposal and ask her to be your loving wife once and for all. 

Wishing you all the best!

If you’ve made it all the way down here, then hats off to you. Now you can choose any one of the best wedding proposal ideas you feel will work best for you. Don’t be afraid to go all out creative and create a whole new plot for your ring proposal idea. If we have inspired you to take action, then our job is done. 

We wish you all the success and happiness on your engagement and marriage and all the endeavors to come. When she says the ultimate ‘Yes,’ don’t forget to inspire your friend who is also planning the same. 


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