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Get Your Diamond Engagement Ring Repaired Today: A Beginner’s Guide

There is always a lot of skepticism about getting diamonds repaired. People are generally very careful with their diamonds, considering the kind of investment they require. However, like everything else, your diamond requires mending and repairs as well.  We do understand that there are a lot of questions like, is it worth repairing your diamond? Will repairing do more bad than good? How much will it cost? Considering the fact that we are dealing with diamonds, there will be some amount of investment necessary. It is also essential to know exactly what repairs your diamond requires. Through this article, we intend to educate you about repairing your diamond. 

Different Parts Of a Diamond

Before knowing what to fix, it is important to understand and know the different parts of your diamond. 

Prongs – These are the metal strips that hold your diamond in place. They are used to protect the edges of your diamond, especially diamonds with sharp edges like a Princess cut. These prongs can wear down over time and even break

Setting – This is the part of the ring that holds your stone and helps attach it to the rest of the ring. 

Shank – This is the band of your ring. Whether thin or thick it is susceptible to damage over time.

Shoulder – This is a part that is right next to the head of your ring. This part might require timely repairs. 

Basic Diamond Ring Repairs

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We are going to take all of these parts of a diamond individually and look into the kind of repairs that they require. 

Prong Repairs

This is the most common type of repair that a diamond needs. Prongs are metal strips that hold your stone in place. However, they lose their structural integrity over time and are prone to breaking and damage. 

Prong Retipping

You don’t want your prongs worn down. These are the pieces of metal that hold your diamond in place. You would not want to be missing a diamond because you did not get your prongs checked. It is advised to get your prong checked at least once a year. Based on the condition of the prong, the jeweler adds a bit of metal to the tip of the prong by soldering it on. The solder is done using a mixture of soft metal which acts as a kind of glue. 

Prong Rebuilding 

 In this case, your prong is missing and needs to be built from scratch. a long wire mimicking the original prong as best as possible is used for the rebuild. The stone is secured using the prong and the entire setting is tightened to ensure that the stone is not loose.  

The difference between prong rebuilding and re-tipping lies in the amount of material that is used. Based on the kind of material used, the amount used, and the kind of metal used for replacement or repair the Base price begins at about $22. 

Setting Repairs

Prongs are only one kind of setting when it comes to diamond rings. Other settings like Channel settings and Invisible settings are also prone to repairs. 

Invisible Setting – These are the most difficult settings to repair.  The reason behind this is that diamonds in this setting are cut with a groove on the sides. The groove fits into a rail and locks the diamond in place. This offers a seamless look with regard to the other stones in the ring. This setting requires a lot of care owing to how fragile it is. 

The fear of losing your diamond is high with this setting. This is due to the fact that in most cases it is usually the rail that is broken. If you are in possession of the stone all the jeweler needs to do is rebuild the rail according to the size of the groove on the diamond. The diamond should slide back easily once he is done. 

Bezel Setting – This setting offers a minimalist look with a fair amount of security. However, bezel settings can wear down over time. Repairing a bezel setting requires the jeweler to rebuild the walls in order for the ring to function properly. 

Channel Settings– This setting requires diamonds to be held in between two walls. While this setting does offer protection and a clean look. Any damage to the walls can cause the diamonds to pop out. In this situation, repairing the walls is the only option to hold the diamonds in place. 

The cost of repairing settings depends on the kind of metal, the number of stones, and the size of the stones. With regard to melee diamonds, the cost of repairs usually starts from $20. Centre stones start from about $40 and increase further depending on the kind of stones and the number of stones. 

Head Repair

This is the most complex repair when it comes to rings. The head is prone to be damaged especially if it sits too high on the finger. It can get damaged through any sort of impact, which weakens the prongs and makes your stone susceptible to damages and the fear of getting misplaced. 

As mentioned earlier, repairs on the head can be tricky especially if it is baked in. This means that the head cannot be separated from the ring. Doing any kind of repairs in this situation might inflict permanent damage on the ring. These situations call for head replacements. The jeweler saws off the head and solders a new head on to the body of the ring based on your choice. The gemstone is then fitted onto the new soldered head. The ring has to be cleaned and polished to make the replacement appear seamless. Head repairs are expensive. The cost for head repairs can run from $130 to over $300 depending on the kind of repair that is being done. It is important to get your ring looked at once every year in order to avoid any inconvenience and situations where you end up losing your diamond. 

Shank Replacement and Repairs

Shank repairs are very common and frequent with regard to rings. The shank is susceptible to damages on an everyday basis. It has the tendency to get thinner overtime. Also, any kind of injury where the ring cannot come would mean that the ring has to be cut open. This leaves you with a broken ring. 

As far as repairs are concerned, if there is enough material left over then it is a quick fix and polish. In case the ring is too thin or there isn’t enough material left over, then the jeweler has to replace the shank. A piece of thick metal will have to  be sourced which matches the damaged shank and the new shank has to be attached to the rest of the design. The ring is then polished so as to hide any solder work that might show. 

Cost of shank replacements and repairs depend on their thickness. For example and 14k 2mm shank will obviously be cheaper than a 14k 6mm shank. The minimum price for shank repairs can cost about $150. 

Diamond Replacement and Setting 

A diamond falling out of the ring means that it has to be replaced. The reason for your diamond falling out might be because the prongs have been damaged. This is generally a very simple procedure and also a cheap repair. This might cost upto $30. For invisible settings it gets a bit tricky. The groove of the diamond has to match the rail on the ring setting. Damages to the rail would mean the construction of a new rail. This is a simple repair as well. The cost for invisible setting repairs generally starts from $25. Depending on the complexity of the repair the price is hiked. The price for replacing the stone depends on its price and quality. 

Finding the Right Jeweler for Repairs

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