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What Are Colored Diamonds? Red Diamonds vs Yellow Diamonds

Aren’t diamonds the most beautiful thing to have? The sparkle, the elegance, and class add to their beauty. A fancy colored diamond is quite an exquisite jewel. These diamonds do not usually lie in the normal color range. Then how do you distinguish these diamonds, and what sets them apart?

Colored diamonds lie within the D-Z scale. This scale comprises colorless diamonds and diamonds with noticeable color. Color in white diamonds is considered a flaw. The ability of a diamond to hide color bumps it up on the GIA color grade. Colored diamonds comprise a category of diamonds that are beyond this color grade. The very noticeable color is no longer considered a flaw in these diamonds but on the contrary, the color becomes the USP. The darker the shade, the higher the price range. 

There is a completely different scale for these diamonds, that grades the intensity of their color. These diamonds are rare and expensive, infact, a red diamond can be worth up to 1 million dollars per carat. Also, the difference between close color grades is extremely slim, however, the price difference is huge. We are here to give a brief idea about colored diamonds so you don’t end up paying more than what is necessary for them. Let’s find out more. 

What Are The Different Colors That Diamonds Come In? 

When we think of diamonds, we only consider white diamonds, and for good reason. They are popular and abundantly available.  However, colored diamonds fall in a completely different category. A category that is not very accessible to everyone. The exclusivity of these diamonds is due to their rarity and cost. Colored diamonds have their own grading scale which can be listed as follows

  • -Faint
  • -Very Light
  • -Light
  • -Fancy Light
  • -Fancy
  • -Fancy Intense
  • -Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep, or Fancy Dark

The difference between close color grades are extremely small, however, the difference in price is huge. A pure Fancy Vivid Red Color diamond can cost a 1 Million dollars per carat. While pure colored diamonds cost a bomb, Colored diamonds with a mix of colors cost slightly lesser. For instance, a pure red diamond will cost you more than a diamond mix of two colors. Yellow, Brown, Red, Pink are certain varieties of colored diamonds. Of these colors, we are going to give you a sneak peek at certain colored diamonds.  

Which Colored Diamond Is The Rarest?

According to experts and gemologists, the red-colored diamond is the rarest of all. Hence, it is not difficult to guess which is the most expensive. Well, it is so costly because of its demand and rarity. A fun fact is that there are only a few red diamonds in this entire world. It might be a handful if you want to quantify the value. Not more than that!

 A comparative study of Yellow diamonds and red diamonds will give us ample information about colored diamonds. Lets begin

Yellow Diamonds

  • What are the yellow-colored diamonds?

Yellow diamonds are one of the types of Fancy Colored Diamonds. These rocks are a result of both natural and artificial systems. Usually, diamonds are most frequently clear and colorless. But extravagant tones, like yellow, give customers an intriguing and charming alternative option. They get their delightful yellow shading because of a bit of the presence of nitrogen contained in their design.

Ordinary “colorless” diamonds can have a yellowish tint. This is by and large viewed as a negative quality. Diamonds that are clear and colorless are more valuable and expensive. However, after a certain extent the presence of the yellow color becomes predominant and the worth of the diamond is then shaped by its color itself. 

Extravagant Yellow Diamonds can have shades of different tones present in them, like orange and brown. The best and essential yellow diamonds are those with an unadulterated, extraordinary yellow coloring. These unadulterated yellow rocks are regularly alluded to as Canary Diamonds. And sometimes called Canary Yellow Diamonds.

Canary Diamonds are named on grounds of their shade. The reason for them to be referred to as Canary diamonds is because they resemble the coloring of a canary bird. 

  • The intensity level of yellow diamond

The GIA color grading scale marks the yellow diamonds from faint to fancy vivid or fancy dark. The grading system of white diamonds in accordance with the GIA is from D to Z. Diamonds in general have a faint yellow tint, as mentioned earlier. The yellow tint gets more pronounced as we move up the scale. Diamonds with colors beyond the scale are categorized as colored diamonds. For these diamonds, the color is a USP and not a flaw. The intensity of color is however different. The price point of colored diamonds is based on the intensity of color and whether there is a mix of colors. In certain cases, the color is unadulterated. These diamonds are obviously more expensive than diamonds that have a mix of colors in them or modifiers as they are called, like yellow and brown or red and brown.  

  • Price evaluation of yellow diamonds

Extravagant Yellow Diamonds can cost from around $2,500 per Carat to $20,000 or more per Carat, contingent upon certain elements. You can anticipate that the price should be basically $3,000 – $3,500 per Carat on an excellent quality yellow rock.

Factors that impact the cost of yellow jewels include:

As a rule, Fancy Yellow Diamonds are moderately common. Because of their shared characteristic—comparative with other Fancy tones—yellow diamonds can be less expensive.

Considering relatively good color grades, a 1-carat yellow diamond will probably cost between $3,000 – $5,000. For example, a 1.08 carat diamond with an oval cut with VVS1 Clarity and Faint Color will cost you about $4500.  

At their most vigorous color intensity, Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds can turn out to be somewhat costly. A 1-carat Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond will cost in the scope of $8,000 to $16,000+. A 1.03 Carat, SI1 Clarity pad shape jewel comes for around $8,950. 

  • Yellow Diamond and their Engagement Ring Settings

Consider the points emphasized earlier while picking your diamond setting. A yellow gold setting will embellish the yellow color of your diamond further.. While a white gold setting might cause it to appear lighter. To save money and stick to your budget, you might wish to search for a yellow rock of one intensity grade lower. And also, have it set in yellow gold to amplify its color.

Red Diamonds

  • What are the red-colored diamonds?

Red-colored diamonds are the most extraordinary and most exceptional kind of diamonds. Red rock is an unadulterated carbon gemstone. It does not highlight any of the chemical impurities. Those which make different sorts of colored diamonds. 

Not many mines produce precious red stones. Africa, Australia, Brazil, and India are the regions known for having delivered red precious stones. Of these spaces, the Argyle mine in Western Australia is liable for red diamonds for a long time. Just a modest bunch of unadulterated red rocks are tracked down every year. 

Most red diamonds mined are under 1 carat. From time to time, certain bg diamonds do appear. The biggest known red jewel, the Moussaieff Red Diamond, weighs 5.11 carats and has an expected worth of $20 million. Indeed, even a lot more modest red jewels convey a considerable sticker price, regularly as much as $1 million per carat.

  • The intensity level of Red Diamonds

With red diamonds, there are no changes in color intensities. Many of the Fancy Color Diamonds are reviewed by terms like Fancy, Intense and Vivid. However, red jewels are not assessed on that scale. The red shading itself could even be considered as a supersaturated level of the pink diamond range.

Various modifiers, or suggestions, might be available alongside the red tone. The most well-known, and likely the most stylishly satisfying, is Purplish Red. Other normal modifiers are Brownish and Orangey. Stones with Orangey and Brownish hints are worth fundamentally not exactly unadulterated Red or Purplish Red jewels. 

  • Price evaluation of Red diamonds

Unadulterated red rocks regularly cost an overabundance of $1 million for each Carat. This makes red diamonds the most costly of all colored diamonds.

For instance, a 0.71 Carat Fancy Red Diamond Radiant shape with a clarity grade of SI2 is valued at $603,600.

A 0.90 Carat Fancy Red Princess shape is evaluated at more than $1.5 million. This jewel conveys an enormous price due to little recognizable defects.

  • Red Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

If you get lucky and get your hands on a red-colored diamond, the rock must be set in an equally beautiful ring! Here’s some inspiration for red diamond engagement rings.

This article was an attempt to give a brief overview of the differences between red and yellow-colored diamonds. Such colored diamonds have different prices, settings, and origins. Now, it is up to you to decide while purchasing a diamond. Evaluate your budget, color preference, clarity, and cut to conclude. 

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