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Make Your Promise Of Togetherness Perfect With The Ideal Engagement Ring!

You’ve found the right person! But to solidify the start of your journey together, you need to find yourself the perfect engagement ring too.

Just like a life partner, one ring isn’t made for everyone. Make your engagement special by getting the perfect ring, suited to your special someone’s personality, aesthetics, and style. Remember, these facets form a large part of why you love and cherish this special person, so why not celebrate it by finding the perfect ring for the perfect person!

Go Classic With a Solitaire

go classic with a solitaire

Solitaire engagement rings have been in vogue and will continue to be so. These elegant pieces are minimalist, yet striking. In a solitaire setting, the center stone is the focus of attention. If you want the center stone to truly stand out, you can go for the four-prong setting, where the stone is secured with four, instead of six prongs, thereby making it more striking.

Got more of a classic personality? Let the six-prong solitaire setting do its job, by being truly timeless and striking. With six prongs holding the center stone close to the metal, this gorgeously vintage design is always in high demand.

If your single striking diamond is to be the center of attention, there are details to consider. Apart from the prong setting, one can opt for the cathedral setting, which provides slopes on either side of the stone, and give the stone the effect of standing out, similar to its namesake.

If you’re always on the go and have an adventure on your mind, but you also want a classic solitaire, the perfect ring to opt for is in the bezel setting, where the metal surrounds the stone completely. This off-beat choice is not only favored for its strikingly uncommon design but is also perfect for securing the stone firmly in place so that your adventures don’t hinder your love for bling.

A tension setting is also a great choice since it merges practicality with flawless design. The stone is secured by the tension of the metal, instead of a base, and support along the sides. This floating design also helps make cleaning the stone a breeze! Select the perfect metal to go with your solitaire diamond, and you’re ready to gift your one special person, that one special stone.

Bring the Bling With a Halo Engagement Ring!

halo engagement ring

Do you want your engagement ring to reflect your excitement about the adventures of married life? Do you want the sparkle of that one ring to reflect how your eyes light up for your special someone? Get yourself the perfect halo ring to woo your partner the right way!

Halo is a style of the diamond ring where the center stone is surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds, therefore enhancing the shine of the diamond at the center, and making it look larger than life. There are, of course, different kinds of Halo rings, for different styles, and you’re sure to find one pertaining to your specific aesthetic sense.

A timeless design for that perfect diamond engagement ring in the halo setting would be a single loop of diamonds around the stone at the very center. While round cut diamonds are highly popular in this setting, it also works very well for a cushion cut, a princess cut, and radiant as well as Emerald cut diamond rings.

In case you want o do away with the diamond at the center, a gemstone halo ring might be a good fit for you. With a colored stone at the center, and diamonds surrounding it, the diamonds help enhance the color and shine of the stone in the center. People often opt for double loops of diamonds around the central gemstone.

If you want to jazz up your halo diamond engagement ring, you could always opt for the double halo to add additional bling to your perfect ring. And in case you want to step away from the crowds, choose a lovely floral halo, which is a spin-off on the classic loop. The loop here often resembles the petals of a flower along with the central stone. For the hopeless romantics, this might be a good way to profess forever and after, while still choosing a unique, modern style.

There is a huge range of diamond rings to be found in the style of a halo design, with a variety of metals, diamond shapes, and a combination of designs. This versatile ring can be clubbed with other classic styles to add more textures to it. The halo rings are special because the sparkle doesn’t just depend on the carat weight of the central stone. The smaller diamonds all over, help enhance the shine of the ring.

Revel in the Elegance of a Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

pave diamond engagement ring

You want to get your partner the most striking, special ring to profess your love and devotion. Pave engagement rings are special because apart from the center stone, the ring boasts of small pave diamonds or smaller diamonds mounted all along the shank of the ring.

If you want to opt for a classic ring, then the timeless pave style should be perfect for you. With a diamond in the center, the ring has a single line of pave diamonds adorning the shank. This style boasts of a minimalist appearance, without compromising on the indulgence and shine of a pave set diamond ring.

If you’re craving some variation, but you also want to stick to the classics, a split-shank might just be the style for you. Apart from the central stone, half the shank is split into two and is adorned with small pave diamonds in order to truly stand out. The shine on this kind of ring is spectacular, without compromising on elegance, and tastefulness.

Amongst these styles, there are quite a few variations to watch out for. While these variations may feel like small technicalities in the setting, each of them has its own unique appearance and also functional value.

While the French-style pave setting is the classic setting for an engagement ring, the grooves made into the shank of the ring for the setting of the pave diamonds enhance the overall shine of the ring. The engraving adds a textured appearance to the ring, which is sure to make your special occasion shine.

Meld durability and shine with the bright cut pave ring. The small pave diamonds, in this setting, are places between two walls of metal on the shank, making it very sturdy. If understated elegance is what you’re opting for, this style is perfect for you. 

Make Your Engagement Ring Stand Out With a Side Set Diamond Ring

side set diamond ring

The side set diamond engagement ring is a style that features smaller diamonds set along both sides of the central diamond. This style is a crowd favorite because of the versatility it affords. Whether you’re setting it in platinum, rose gold, gold, or white gold, this style stands out because of the range of designs it offers.

The bezel variation of the side set diamond ring is sturdy as well as beautiful. It comprises a central stone, with smaller diamonds set along the sides of the ring, in a bezel formation, where the stones are encased in the metal instead of being held in position with prongs.

A three-stone diamond setting is also something you might want to consider for a striking engagement ring. This diamond ring comprises a central stone, with two, slightly smaller diamonds on either side. Bling it up with a pave band combined with a side setting, and you’ve got yourself a stunner!

If you want something a little more understated, a petite side-set diamond engagement ring might be perfect for you. In this design, the smaller diamonds are set along both sides, but instead of flanking the central stone directly, it is set directly on the shank. Mix up the styles with other precious gemstones along with the central diamond, for an uncommon beauty for your special day.

Go for That Modern Touch With a Tension Setting

modern touch with a tension setting

As mentioned before, in a tension setting, the central stone is held in place with the tension of the metal, instead of prongs, or a channel setting. The beauty of the ring lies in its delicate nature, and the diamond shines better because of the lack of a base. Apart from the lovely solitaire variation of this ring, there are other styles that can be incorporated into this contemporary setting to make it pop.

A bezel around the classic style of this ring can lend added charm to the setting. This style not only holds the diamond in place with the tension of the metal, but the shank also features a bezel around the diamond to lend added definition to the ring. You can also mix it up by engraving the shank.

Geometric shapes for the shank, etchings along the sides, and engravings on the inside of a tension setting can add a lovely touch of personalization to this minimalist style. This contemporary beauty, however, works best when it is left alone to do its magic. Seamless, elegant, and delicate, this right might just be the cherry on the cake for the perfect proposal.

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best place to buy diamond engagement rings

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