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Jewelry And Outfits That Blend Beautifully! The Secret Is Out, Finally!

“I have a wardrobe full of mesmerizing styles and on top of it a dozen gemstones. But nothing seems to complement each other.”

Have you ever felt this way? 

Coordinating gold and diamond jewelry with your outfit requires a great deal of skill and experience. At the onset, you must always be prepared beforehand, when you are getting dressed up for an occasion. 

Take a break! Have an appetizer. For if you’re reading this blog, ladies you’ve got it. Every time you’re in for a dazzling look, just follow these quick rules.

The fashion world today – blazing with tailored outfits!

The fashion world is running crazy and there are all kinds of outfits worn by fashion celebrities these days. The red carpet is glowing all red with dazzling fashion exhibits by beauties like Rihanna and Lady Gaga who seem to spring with remarkable diamond jewelry every time. How is it possible that they find the right outfits and the right gold and diamond jewelry to complement them? 

Yes, that’s fair when they have personal fashionistas by their side to guide every aspect of their dressing and jewelry wear. But you won’t need a fashionista to guide you when you understand the principles of fashion and the best gold jewelry blends. 

Why is matching jewelry with your outfit important?

All this matching and tailoring is very important because your dressing sense and jewelry style put across the kind of person you are. The message you send across with your fashion style will let people understand who you are, your style, and your personality. 

All this aside, the best gold jewelry complimented with likely outfits is a winner for any cerebral occasion, evening parties, or office arrangements. You are in complete command of the situation when you feel you’re looking good and all set. 

Outfits and jewelry – that put the statement across!
The kind of statement you would like to put across in a given setting will depend on the occasion. So once you’ve nailed the kind of statement you’d want to put across you can select based on these suggestions. 

1. Casual but enticing

A maxi dress is the best outfit for a casual setting especially when you’ve got a day off and decide to spend the time on a beach. The dress fits the classic suburb style and is pleasant for the weather side on a beach. Long hanging necklaces with diamond jewelry are a fine match for the maxi which represents your style in a classy way. The A-line dress is also a great choice for women who have pear-shaped bodies and want to feel tight at their hips.  A good piece of drop earrings and a small pendant necklace made of gold and diamond jewelry will certainly uplift the tonality of the day. 

2. Partywear and fashion get-togethers

It’s party time and your friends will be eyeing you for your fashion wear. 


An off-the-shoulder gown will expose your shoulders and give you an airy sense of confidence for a party or night out. The black off-the-shoulder worn by Rihanna is a classic piece that can draw hand fold attention. A plain white is also a stunner that will catch all eyes when blended with the right gold and diamond jewelry. Since your shoulders are exposed, the bright spot will be elevated when you garner your neckline with a beautiful, sleek pendant made of diamond jewelry or even an eye-catching ruby.  

Once you’ve fixated the necklace you will need to complement it with the best gold jewelry earrings which will balance the off-white color beautifully. Another way to approach this dressing style is to layer your neckline with pearl necklaces that will cover your exposed region and give a chic look. 


If you are someone who has a nice hourglass curve to your body, it will be great to go for a bodycon dress. It will show the curves in your body and turn the gas when you spice it out with your friends. You can wear a long necklace either of gold or diamond jewelry to go well with the outfit so that it meets well at the focal point. The tight framy look can also be used to put out a bold statement with a pair of bracelets that will surround the wrist. 

The V-shaped neckline

The ever famous V-shaped neckline is a good outfit that you can match with layered necklace patterns made of the best gold jewelry. Pearls as well as other gemstones can be layered to create the perfect length you’d want to exhibit with the dress. You would like to consider a solitaire pendant made of diamond jewelry or a heart-shaped necklace to go with a shiny and sparkling outfit. Chandelier earrings that enhance the magnanimity of your jawline is a good choice if you have a heart-shaped or oval face. 

3. Professional and classy

A professional style can be created by incorporating only lightweight gold and diamond jewelry pieces. It’s best referred to as the minimalistic approach. You can use simple stud earrings more likely gold and a diamond necklace with an ash grey color. 

The goal is to look as professional as one can seem. So wearing a knee-length skirt or a formal pant that has a navy blue or black shade will be the perfect fit. This will go very well with a classy watch. 

Your skin tone decides it all!

For women with dark hair and a warmer skin tone,  real gold jewlery will look great, the contrast saying it all. Just see to it that they match for the occasion. If you’re getting dressed for a cerebral occasion then you have all the options of layering your neckline and also other body parts with gold. Silver is good for women who have cool skin tones and wearing a pendant necklace of diamond jewelry with literally any outfit will look stunning. 

Be the fashionista yourself!

Now that you know which outfits complement well with your jewelry, you’re all set for a fresh and enticing look. Just look at the wardrobe, pick the right outfit for the day and match it with the right jewelry. 


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