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Your jewelry fatigues too. Did you know about it?

Millennials simply love experimenting with jewelry, everything from the chain necklace to personalized pendants and for that matter, anything that jewelry stores have to offer. Whenever there’s the slightest occasion to get dressed up for a party or an important meeting, we always know which jewelry to go for. 

But there’s one small problem with real gold jewelry. Yes, you read that right! However eager you might want your quality gold jewelry to stay as shiny and sparkling as it is, there comes a time when the metal starts to erode. 

In other words, your jewelry fatigues. It loses its color, shine, and sparkle over time. Did we just ruin your day by saying that? Do you think it’s all over, your favorite rose gold pendant won’t be the same after 5 years? 

Don’t worry, that’s why you have real gold jewelry repair. Your local jewelry store can bring that shine back, you just have to hand it over to them. 

Are you ready to dwell more on this subject? Let’s do it. We need to know why quality gold jewelry fatigues and how we can prolong its lifetime. 

Why exactly does jewelry become fatigued?  

Great question, but the answer is very simple. It all lies in the core substance with which the particular piece of quality gold jewelry is made. Even as it may appear that real gold jewelry is exquisitely glamorous from the outside, they belong to the category of metals. In simple words, you can relate to the process of jewelry fatigue with metal erosion. 

Yes! Metals erode over time and so is it with precious metals. Why do they erode? They don’t naturally erode, it happens when these precious metals rub against hard surfaces. The collision of precious metals with hard surfaces leads to the loss in color, shine, and sparkle of the metal. It doesn’t happen just like that. It happens over time.

Precious metals will erode only when they are in constant contact with hard substances. It’s the constant collision and contact with hard objects such as a doorknob or a rough pillar that wears your quality gold jewelry. In the process, the joints, hinges, prongs, and clasps of the real gold jewelry you wear get weakened and eventually come out of place. So, do remember not to wear delicate pieces of jewelry for your everyday office routines as it can lead to jewelry fatigue. 

Can you prolong the lifetime of your jewelry? 

You will be surprised to know how you can prolong the lifetime of your quality gold jewelry with just a few safety measures taken in time. That is when your engagement ring’s prongs are slightly coming off the hook or when your earrings just begin to wear and you see a light change of color. When you take note of these early fatigue developments in your real gold jewelry you can prolong the lifetime of your jewelry. 

So be ready to visit your local jewelry store, when you see the prongs in your engagement ring starting to become loose. This will save you from any unnecessary trouble like replacing the center stone of your engagement ring. If you are owning a wide variety of necklaces, make sure that you get them checked after a course of time to check if they have eroded. This will prevent any breakage that might occur in your chain which might also lead to the loss of the pendant. 

The point here is to take timely actions. When you do that, you can prolong the lifetime of your quality gold jewelry. 

What are the common jewelry repair services available? 

1. Ring sizing

When we say ring sizing, it’s because this is one of the most common problems you might experience. This has got nothing to with jewelry fatigue but we want you to know that you can also have your ring sized if you want to. Since metals bend over time due to moisture and climate changes, your ring might get stuck in your finger. In that case, you can approach your local jewelry store to get it off your finger and to resize it. By cutting a small opening at the bottom of the shank, they can further determine what’s needed to reshape the ring. 

2. Prong repair

The center stone of your engagement ring looks dazzlingly bright but was it not for the prongs that were holding it, it would have never been there in the first place. The prongs eventually wear off and become thin. So if you notice a flattening of the prongs be quick to approach your local jewelry store and get it fixed as there’s a high chance the gem will fall off. Jewelry repair providers call the process of prong repair as prong re-tipping.  

3.  Chain and clasp repair 

In this case, you can approach the jewelry stores that provide chain breakage repair or chain erosion repair. If your chain unlikely gets caught up in your dining chair or sofa and breaks off, you don’t have to panic. Your local jewelry store will just need some time to solder the chain back together. The same process applies to clasp breakage too. 

Jewelry maintenance

If you have a doubt regarding your jewelry fatigue, you can go for a likely inspection to your local jewelry store. In the process, the prongs, stores, chains will all be checked and further cleaned to ensure your jewelry is safe to wear. You can ensure your jewelry remains of high quality always by periodically going for jewelry maintenance checks.

Connect with Jewel Hero for your jewelry repairs

In most cases, it’s hard to find a local jewelry store in your area, that might provide the required real gold jewelry repair for your piece of jewelry. By using Jewel Hero, you can connect with jewelry stores that offer repair services. All you have to do is fill a form, where you have to mention what kind of repair you need for your piece of real gold jewelry. 

The information will be sent to local jewelry stores in your area, who will get back to you if they are offering the service. This will save you a great deal of time and effort and get the repair done by the most trusted jewelry stores.

You can thank Jewel Hero later. And by the way, we don’t charge you anything. 


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