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Everything You Need To Know About Diamond Necklaces

Diamonds need not explain how radiant they are, they just keep shining. Whoever shall admire their brilliance shall find their way to them…

A diamond also referred to as the “emperor of gems” is alluring in every form. The reason why one is attracted to diamonds may differ from person to person. Some are intrigued by their lustrous shine and inimitable beauty, some consider them as a sign of status and power, others feel it’s a symbol of lasting love and gives the person a sense of confidence while others perceive diamonds as a good investment option. Irrespective of the reasons, these coveted gemstones never go out of style and remain the most desirable jewel on this planet, transcending history, times, and culture. In this series, we will discuss diamond necklaces.

Types of Diamond Necklaces: 

The variety of styles on diamond necklaces on offer is endless. You can choose a style that suits your taste or that of your loved one. What’s more, there are styles so spectacular and striking that you can even choose an outfit to suit your diamond necklace, rather than the other way round! Here’s a look at the different types of diamond necklaces available.

Diamond cross necklace 

If faith is what inspires you to be your best, then how about getting yourself or your loved one a diamond cross necklace! You could get it for your child to mark his/her important life moment. Besides, the faith diamond necklace makes a perfect gifting option for birthdays, weddings, and christenings. From glistening silver to radiant gold, you choose from a range of diamond cross necklaces for women and men alike.

You may also go for a sideways cross necklace that is getting popular like wildfire. For someone who likes to keep all things subtle, a silver cross diamond necklace can be the best way out. Moreover, this necklace blends seamlessly with just any attire. A dangling cross pendant dotted with diamond accents that sits on a rope chain would make a sparkling statement of faith! Those with a flair for heavily decorated pieces can opt for a cross necklace that is heavily accented with interwoven lines of diamonds.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, then consider lab-grown diamonds as they offer excellent value. A beautiful rose gold necklace creates a look of timeless classic and makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Diamond crosses match beautifully with sterling silver, stainless steel, and white gold. For a more dramatic statement, yellow gold and rose gold make the choice.

Diamond Tennis Necklace

If there’s a one truly classic piece of jewelry that never goes out of style, it’s the diamond tennis necklace. Though it doesn’t feature elaborate styling and intricate designs, this necklace appends a style of elegant simplicity and sophistication to the wearer. In this type of necklace, the focus is on the quality of the stones and the perfection in which they are mounted and secured along with the neckpiece. 

This luxurious jewelry complements any outfit and makes the wearer look show-stealing. Diamond tennis necklaces are available in varying styles such as single row, double or triple row necklace and usually come at a significant cost. However, if you can afford to pay the price for the astonishing necklace, what’s the big deal?

You can make your tennis necklace standout by layering it with one or two necklaces. This sort of layering can be done with necklaces studded with jewels of varying sizes so they co-ordinate nicely without looking flashy.

Diamond Choker Necklace

A diamond choker necklace is a piece populated with diamonds in a design that close-fits around your neck. It is considered as a perfect bridal ornament owing to the sheer radiance that it eludes. Choker necklaces can be designed in lightweight or heavy style. A lightweight choker is encrusted with diamonds in varying layers whereas a heavy-style choker can be layered with diamonds along with other precious jewels such as pearls, rubies, emeralds, etc.

Simple Diamond Necklace

A simple diamond necklace is a standalone diamond necklace that is populated using diamonds. These necklaces come in various beautiful designs – simple motif, stars, flowy and lucid designs. This type of necklace looks stunning when paired with matching diamond earrings.

Gold Diamond Necklace

Gold Diamond Necklace predominantly features a gold design with limited studding of diamonds. It is predominantly populated with gold design with diamonds studded within. Since the gold diamond necklace is designed more in gold, they are quite affordable. However, the price will also depend on the  carats of the diamond used in the necklace.

Diamond Pendant Necklace

A diamond pendant necklace is one of the most affordable diamond necklaces that come in varying shapes and designs. It features a thick chain of gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, or platinum in which a diamond pendant or the locket is suspended. This is also one of the most versatile pieces to own as you can replace the chain with pearls string or other precious stones string to match the attire and occasion.

White Gold Diamond Necklace:

If you are looking for a diamond necklace that you can wear on and off very often, then a White gold diamond necklace is the perfect fit. These necklaces feature a minimalist design, mostly elemental patterns that gel well with all attires. Being lightweight and subtle, these necklaces are widely admired by women of all age groups! Consider gifting it to your mom, wife, sis, or girlfriend, we bet your loved ones will admire your thoughtfulness.

Dancing Diamond Necklace

True to its name, the dancing diamond necklace seems as if all the diamonds on it are moving or dancing in different directions. This dazzling jewelry can easily turn the wearer into a showstopper. The dancing effect is achieved by using diamonds of specific cuts that reflect light off the stones creating a shimmery, dancing effect. It takes a skilled craftsman to create perfect dancing diamond jewelry.

Consider bestowing it upon yourself for making it this far in life or gift it to your beloved for being supportive of you and standing with you through all the times with this necklace.

Floating Diamond Necklace

Floating necklaces usually have a single stone suspended from a dainty chain but they can have more diamonds as well. What sets this diamond necklace apart is that the stone is set such that it gains maximum exposure. This necklace sits high on the neckline and lends an elegant look to the wearer. You may opt for a halo-style setting for optimum brilliance and sparkle.

Diamond Hamsa Necklace: 

Diamond Hamsa necklace has long been used as a protective symbol that is believed to bring in good luck and ward off the evil eye. The Word “Hamsa”, in The Jewish mean “The Hand of Miriam” whereas in Islam is called as the “The Hand of Fatima”. Hamsa is also associated with positive energy, peace, riches, and good health. 

Hamsa pendant encrusted with diamonds looks beautiful when worn suspended in gold, silver, or a rose gold chain. A wide range of scintillating Hamsa necklaces for men and women are available online or at local jewelry stores. If you feel protective of your near and dear ones, then a Hamsa diamond necklace is the best gift you can give them.

Diamond butterfly necklace 

Butterfly necklaces are always in style. But do you know these necklaces have a profound meaning too! Butterflies represent the transformation of life and a butterfly-inspired accessory is believed to bestow the wearer with happiness. It also represents hope and freedom! Diamond butterfly necklaces have been appealing to people since the Victorian age. The exquisite design of the necklace coupled with the fluttering winds and intricate centerpiece lends a dash of chic sophistication and a sense of liberation to the one who’s wearing it.

Diamond butterfly necklaces personify elegance. You can find butterfly designs in various shapes and styles for women and children. The butterfly necklace can comprise an 18kt white gold chain with a lobster clasp and feature a butterfly pendant encrusted with diamonds. You may also add grandeur to the pendant by rounding it off with white pearls.

Colored Diamonds – Enchanting and Glamourous 

Most of us think of diamonds as stones that dazzle brilliantly and are sparkling white in nature but diamonds come in all spectrums of colors. If you like a particular hue and are intrigued by the thought of having a diamond necklace in that color, you can opt for so. Here’s a look at various delightful hues of diamonds.

Canary Diamond necklaces 

The canary diamond is a yellow-tinted stone available in various hues from light tint to intense color. A Canary Diamond necklace looks stunning and can make an individual stand out. Remember the gorgeous canary necklace that Kate Winslet wore during the 2010 Oscars. She matched the necklace with yellow diamond earrings and a bracelet.

Pink Diamond Necklace 

A pink diamond necklace adds an element of class and style to the one who adorns it. The pink diamond is the rarest colored diamond in the world and only a few locations around the world have been successful in mining natural pink diamonds. Over 95% of the global pink diamond produce comes from the Argyle mine in Australia. A small deposit of these diamonds is also found in Brazil, Canada, Russia, Tanzania, South Africa, and Siberia. Pink diamonds can be found in varying hues from candy floss to rich cherry jam.

If you are looking for a diamond necklace that presents subtle brilliance, chic sophistication, and luxury, pink diamond necklaces would the perfect choice. Pink diamonds set in platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold look alluring.

Blue Diamond Necklace 

One of the rarest of diamond colors, blue diamonds are stunning. That’s the reason they are pricey and used typically in high-end, sophisticated pieces of fine jewelry. Blue diamonds originate from Argyle Mine, Australia, and Cullinan Mine, Pretoria, South Africa. Small amounts of these diamonds are also mined from Golconda, India. The characteristic blue color of the diamond is due to the presence of boron impurities in the stone.

Blue Diamond necklaces gained widespread popularity after the “Heart of the Ocean” necklace featured in the movie Titanic. Blue Diamonds represent faith and trust and presenting it to someone would mean you value this relationship more than anything else. If you are getting hitched to the love of your life or want to depict your love to your beloved, present her a blue diamond necklace and let the deep sparkles of the diamonds convey your feelings the best!

Red Diamond Necklace 

Another diamond tone that is rarely found in nature is the red stone. It is luxurious and extravagantly priced. Cape Town Museum elucidated, “Red diamonds are so rare that only around twenty to thirty true red diamonds are known to exist and most are less than half a carat in size.” However, you can still have a red diamond necklace that suits your pocket. Just opt for a red diamond necklace that features lab-made red diamonds. These diamonds look exquisite, have no impurities, and can be cut in any desired shape.

Orange Diamond Necklace 

Orange diamond necklaces are again dramatically expensive. The price increases with an increase in carat weight. An orange stone compliments every skin tone but sparkles magnificently on darker skin. Orange diamond necklaces look perfect in a yellow gold setting.

Green Diamond Necklace 

A green diamond necklace is exotic and intricately attractive. It is said that the green diamonds are found near radioactive rocks and radiation replaces the normal carbon composition of the stone during its formation. If you prefer a minimalistic look, you can choose to have a pendant with a green stone in the center surrounded by a crust of plain diamonds and wear it in a gold or silver chain.

Brown Diamond Necklaces 

Brown diamonds are the most affordable diamonds and create a stunning piece of jewelry. They come in an assortment of colors such as rich brown or cognac. Brown diamond necklaces look intriguing as standalone necklaces or when accented with white diamonds. What separates brown diamonds from the rest is these stones look bold, unique, and lend a sense of sophistication and glamour to any design.

Black Diamond Necklace 

Though black diamonds and colorless diamonds share an equal simple structure, the black color is the result of the precipitated graphite inclusion which occurs during the diamond’s formation below the Earth’s surface.

Black diamonds look daring, classy, and elegant. These deeply colored stones can be used as the main stone or accent stones in a necklace. Black diamond necklaces go well with white, off-white, or black outfits and lend an air of mystique charisma to the wearer. However, when choosing a necklace, consider the cut of the diamonds.

Black diamond necklaces are extraordinarily versatile. They have uncommon and enigmatic splendor that makes them suitable as a centerpiece in the necklace for both men and women. Since black color doesn’t reflect light well, these necklaces may not sparkle as their other counterparts. In this regard, the cut of the diamond will have a major role to play and make your neck piece dazzle.

Though black diamond necklaces have fewer admirers they are unique, which is why black diamond jewelry will make an exemplary choice if you are looking to add a new necklace to your collection.

Diamond solitaire necklace

Timeless jewelry, a diamond solitaire necklace has been a choice of women since generations and will continue to remain so. The enthralling splendor of glistening diamonds is difficult to ignore. A diamond solitaire necklace can be worn with any attire, on any occasion and harmonizes gracefully with any surrounding. However, do you know what is a solitaire? Solitaire is a diamond that is set in jewelry by itself, meaning a necklace will have just one stone in it, often referred to as a classic basket setting.

A Diamond solitaire necklace set in white gold or silver can easily uplift your persona. You may opt for a large carat weight pendant for a more dramatic look or can go for a halo style solitaire necklace that features a plethora of smaller glistening stones. Irrespective of the style you choose, you can’t go wrong with either!

Diamond initial necklace 

Diamond Initial necklaces come in incredible versatility. They feature alphabets made in solid gold or silver metal with a diamond at the center. They give a stylish and personalized look to the wearer. These necklaces have been trending all through 2020 and 2021 so you might have seen it all over on runways, celebrities sporting it, magazines, and social media influencers raving about it.

This timeless necklace makes a perfect gifting option during birthdays, christening, or engagements. Diamond initials look impressive in a dainty gold, rose gold, or silver chain, which can be kept adjustable, your choice!

Rose gold diamond necklaces 

Rose gold diamond necklaces are truly flattering that complement all skin tones and attires. They have a distinct fashionable vibe that makes a wearer look elegant and graceful. However, don’t mistake rose gold for just a feminine color as many men’s diamond necklace come in this hue. The stereotype was broken by many brands such as Apple. Its iPhone 6S was widely appreciated and successful releases with 40% of all pre-orders asking for a rose gold edition.

Rose gold necklaces comprise a base metal that’s in rose gold which is embellished with rose gold diamonds. You can choose to have a custom-made rose gold necklace with different shades of diamonds and gemstones. Rose gold necklaces are here to stay, hence would make a great (safe!) gifting option for your loved ones.

Chocolate diamond necklace 

Chocolate diamond necklaces are perhaps the most interesting necklaces because these accessories are studded with brown diamonds. The term “chocolate diamond” was coined by the Le-Vian Group that wanted to popularize and commercialize the use of cognac-colored stones in jewelry. These diamonds are found naturally as well as can be made in labs. These diamonds are white; however, when treated with heat their color changes to brown. Lab-made chocolate diamonds, though inexpensive, are also in great demand mostly by those looking for affordable solutions for real chocolate diamond necklaces.  

Diamond bridal necklace 

A diamond bridal necklace speaks for itself. It is made to be adorned by brides and hence they are unique in design and details. You can choose from a variety of styles to suit your taste and wedding theme – from classic diamond bridal necklaces to statement necklaces. You can also stack it with a beaded necklace or chain to create a more dramatic or royal look. Whatever style of necklace you choose, it should serve as a lasting reminder of the big day of your life.

Men’s diamond necklace 

Well, if you think diamond necklaces are for women, think again. There are varieties of diamond necklaces for men available in an online jewelry store or even at your local jeweler’s store albeit in different styles! 

Men’s diamond necklaces are available in various base metals such as platinum, gold, and silver. Performing artists opt for massive chains or men’s diamond choker necklaces while conservative men choose a thin chain, which they can tuck under their shirts. Many men also wear pendants, adorned with diamonds preferably in the shape of a cross or initials.

What Are The Considerations to Take Into Account When Buying Diamond Necklaces? 

The first and foremost thing to consider when buying a diamond necklace for someone is the style and fashion of the recipients. You can then choose to buy the necklace online or from a local jewelry store. Local jewelry stores can also create a customized necklace based on your requirement. If you want to buy a diamond necklace for someone whose style is difficult to understand, the safe bet would be to look at the social profiles and get an idea about their personality type. It will give you an idea of what necklace would best suit them.

The second-most important factor is the age of the wearer. What appeals to your mother may not necessarily meet your wife’s liking. Older women prefer diamond necklaces that are elegant and sophisticated while middle-aged women would like to go for modernistic designs such as asymmetrical patterns and motifs. Younger recipients prefer quirky styles that are fun and trendy. So, make sure to study your recipients carefully before gifting them a diamond necklace.

Diamond Necklace Settings

With so many styles available, one more crucial thing about diamond necklaces is their settings. The setting makes all the difference in the appearance of the necklace. Let us have a look at different types of settings used in diamond necklaces.

Prong setting 

The prong setting also called the “Claw Setting” is a popular setting used to mount diamonds or gemstones in jewelry. In this setting, the culet of the diamond is set in a metal cast that has two or more prongs. Prongs are thin metal claws that rest on the crown of the diamond and hold it securely. The shape of the prong can be rounded, pointed, or elongated. Prongs should never be too tight or loose as that can cause the diamond to fall off. Prongs, if too long cover the top surface of the diamonds, making them appear small and if too short, they may clasp diamonds at the girdle causing them to fall.

The prong setting imparts a distinctive look to the diamond necklace as it allows for maximum reflection and refraction of light, enhancing the luster of diamonds.

For a simple solitaire diamond necklace that features a single stone, a prong setting is generally used. This setting allows the light to pass through the diamond enhancing its sparkle. The prong setting is basically a basket-like setting that holds the diamond securely. Another type of prong setting is the scallop setting wherein the basket is set close to the stone.

V-Prong and Common Prongs are the widely used prongs style of setting. These settings give additional protection to princess, marquise, and pear diamonds which have sharp and pointed edges. Since these diamonds are delicate and fragile, they can get damaged easily if proper they aren’t set properly. 

What’s more, V-shaped prongs (shaped in V) accentuate the beauty of the diamonds effectively. In a common prong setting, a single prong holds two diamonds by their girdle. Here, diamonds are placed closely side by side such that there is no space between two diamonds. The prong setting employs an easy technique hence diamonds can be quickly mounted and saves labor and time as compared to other settings. Diamond necklaces made using this setting are easy to clean.

Bezel Setting

The bezel setting enhances the beauty of the diamond necklace. In this type of setting, the metal rim extends slightly above the girdle of the diamonds. The rim fully encapsulates the diamond or stretches around only a portion of it. This type of setting keeps your diamonds more secure and durable. A bezel holds a diamond securely and protects the diamonds from chips, inclusions, or blemishes.

The bezel design can be a simple plain design or may be intricate. Either way, the bezel can dramatically enhance the beauty of a ring. Though this setting blends with various diamond shapes, it looks beautiful when used with round diamonds. However, since metal covers most of the diamond, it restricts the light passing through the stone, affecting its brilliance.

Channel Setting

A diamond necklace that features a channel setting has diamonds of the same dimensions fitted side by side into a metal channel. This type of setting accentuates diamonds such that the base metal doesn’t obstruct their beauty. This type of setting has been in existence since the 1980s and is suitable for small diamonds. Channel setting also imparts protection to the necklace as diamonds are confined in between two metal walls. This prevents the edges of the diamonds from getting chipped and from any hard impacts.

Though channel setting blends beautifully with almost all diamond shapes, they go well, particularly with square-shaped diamonds. When square-shaped diamonds are set in a channel, the space between the two diamonds is almost negligible, giving the diamond necklace a brilliant sparkle.

When round-shaped diamonds are set in a channel, it gives a floating effect to the necklace. Here, there is a space between two diamonds due which creates the illusion as if diamonds on the necklace are flowing in harmony.

Besides necklaces, you will also find this sort of setting used in anniversary rings, tennis bracelets, and wedding bands. You can also use colored diamonds in a channel setting to create a stunning two-toned necklace.

Another type of setting that exists within the channel setting is the Bar channel setting. In this type, metal bars are used in between two diamonds and extend towards the top level of the diamonds. Here, the girdle of the diamond is secured in the channel of the bars and its culet fits into individual grooves created for each diamond.

Cluster setting 

In a cluster setting, bunches of diamonds are clustered together on the mount. Cluster setting necklace typically features a group of small diamonds set together such that they create an illusion of a big solitaire! So instead of opting for a solitaire pendant (which can is also expensive), you can choose to have a diamond necklace with a cluster setting.

However, since this setting requires a lot of expertise, only a skilled craftsman can do justice to a cluster-set diamond necklace. The interesting fact about this setting is that a craftsman can use different shapes of diamonds such as round, oval, horizontal, etc to create a stunning neckpiece.

You may choose a diamond necklace with a cluster setting if you want your design to stand apart from the rest. This setting works well with traditional motif designs, contemporary style, antique and vintage designs. Since cluster setting involves the use of small stones of less carats, necklaces made using it costs much less.

Pave Setting 

Pave Setting is usually done when mounting small round-shaped diamonds in a necklace or other jewelry This type of setting is also referred to as the Mille Grain Setting. However, the word Pave is derived from the French word – Pa Vay, meaning pavement! So just as how stones are paved on roads, diamonds are paved tightly on the surface of the necklace. Since there is little to no space between each diamond, this setting creates a stunning sparkle of diamonds on the surface of the jewelry.

In Pave setting, the commonly used base material is white gold or platinum because these metals blend with diamonds. The tiny gaps between the two diamonds are filled by pushing over tiny beads of metals into the metal shank. It also secures the stones firmly in their place. Again, pave setting requires great skills and perfection and only a skilled craftsman can create a wonderful pave-set diamond necklace.

Since the technique used in this type of setting is demanding, the skill of the labor, time invested, and experience in making jewelry set with pave method adds to the total cost of the necklace, making it expensive. 

However, conventional pave set diamond necklaces are nowadays made using CAD-CAM technology. CAD-CAM technology is used to create a perfect pave setting prototype. In this version, tiny holes are created in the wax model or the prototype in perfect symmetry and with precision. Here craftsmen just need to set diamonds in the metal and beads in the holes. The intricate tasks such as drilling holes are made by the machine. This in turn reduces the labor cost and value of the diamond necklace. However, if the design of the necklace is intricate and delicate, then it would call for hand-setting by a skilled diamond setter.

Invisible Setting

This type of setting of diamonds originated in France 200 years ago and is believed to have set the pace of jewelry design in a new direction. What makes this setting stand out is that here the diamonds on the necklaces are held aloft without metal being visible around them. The invisible setting enhances the overall sparkle of stones and makes them look as if they are floating above the jewelry.

An invisible setting is the most difficult and elaborate and hence it makes the diamond necklace set rarer and expensive. This setting gels well with various diamond shapes such as Princess, Emerald, Trilliant, and Baguette cut. It allows for straight edges of the diamonds to be placed close to each other, imparting astounding brilliance to the diamonds. Curved shapes such as round, oval, and marquise-shaped diamonds can also be used. However, since the curved won’ meet there would be small spaces between the diamonds.

Invisible setting in a diamond necklace is very much in trend. If you like to keep up with the trend, then a diamond necklace set in an invisible setting would be the perfect fit. Consider square-shaped diamonds in the setting as they will add a wow factor to your style!

This setting makes diamonds appear larger than their actual carat weight. However, a major drawback of it is that dirt can easily get accumulated in this setting which can diminish the brilliance of the diamonds. Regularly cleaning your diamond necklace will help maintain its sparkle and quality. Also, you need to be careful with the way you handle this jewelry as any direct hit to the diamond necklace can dislodge the diamonds. It can become difficult to set the diamonds back if they break.

Are There Any Affordable Alternative To The More Expensive Real Diamond Necklace

If you would love to get a diamond necklace but are wary of the price range, then consider lab-created diamond necklaces. You can choose to keep the base metal of these necklaces in gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, or platinum depending on your budget and requirement. You can check online jewel stores for the collection. Some online stores free trials at home, so you make the most of the offer and try out the necklace before buying it.

Additional factors to Consider When Buying A Diamond Necklace

Besides all the factors listed above, the length and the material of the necklace need to be considered before buying it. You will find necklaces available in 14k gold, 18k gold, sterling silver, platinum, or even stainless steel. 14k and 18 k gold necklaces are affordable and more durable than platinum, which is an expensive material as well.

When it comes to the length of the diamond necklaces, you can get a few different options. However, the most common lengths are 16 and 18 inches respectively. Certain styles may require longer lengths such as 30 to 36 inches. In most cases, you could well go for a 16 to 18 inches length. However, the style and type of necklace should be taken into account before making a buying decision.

Consider buying from a credible and reputable jeweler 

Diamonds are expensive pieces and natural diamonds are even more pricey. Hence, ensure you shop from a reputable jeweler who offers you a great deal without compromising the diamonds’ quality. The jeweler you choose to buy your diamond necklace should be a member of the Jewelers Association of America. They should be committed to the Code of Professional Practices. Also, make sure the diamonds have been evaluated by reputable labs such as GIA and AGS.

Also, best jewelers are always passionate about their subject and love to share their knowledge with customers. While showing you the necklaces, they will explain to you the differences in value and grade of the diamonds used. You won’t get this experience when buying a necklace online. Moreover, your local jeweler will always guide you when you consider purchasing in the future or can even help you with any repair and custom design needs.

Jeweler Warranties and Guarantees

Most diamond jewelers offer warranties and/or guarantees on every purchase. Ensure that there’s no fine print between the return and trade-in guarantees. Some others offer warranties/guarantees that may be of less value. Hence when reviewing a jeweler’s policies, check the following:

Ask them to furnish the warranty or guarantee in writing before purchasing a diamond necklace.  Confirm from them what exactly does a warranty covers – such as free cleanings, inspections, etc. Most jewelers do not even meet the stated warranties and do not cover the cost of work incurred during the free repair or inspection. Also, most jewelers deem the warranty/guarantee as void if you get your jewelry altered, repaired, or cleaned from other jewelers. 

Jewelers keep the warranty in force by providing cleanings and inspections free. This is done to maintain customer loyalty. However, check for the fine print if you are required to do something to maintain the warranty

Factors that Reduce a Diamonds Worth

Diamonds are very precious stones but some diamonds are more valuable than others. So what are the factors that reduce the diamonds’ worth? Diamonds come in varying shapes, sizes, and colors and each one of them has internal characteristics.

Rarity is one factor that makes the diamond more appealing than other stones. However, there’s a methodical way to evaluate the specific factors of diamonds. Diamond professionals use the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) system to determine a diamond’s value. It includes checking the diamond for 4Cs or four characteristics that include – Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat Weight. Let us now understand each of these characteristics in detail:


The color of the diamond has a huge impact on the value of a diamond. The more tinted a diamond is, the lower the value of the diamond will be. For instance, if a diamond is colorless, its value will be higher, and if it’s light yellow or brownish, its value will be lower. Thus even a subtle difference in the color can change the price of a diamond.  


Clarity refers to the number of inclusions a diamond has. Natural diamonds have inclusions such as blemishes, spots, and scratches, which can affect clarity. Blemishes and scratches are present on the surface of the diamond while inclusions such as spots are found on the inside of the diamonds.

Diamonds with fewer inclusions have higher clarity and hence their price will be higher. Such types of diamonds are very rare and it’s very improbable that you will ever find a flawless diamond. Lab-created diamonds are usually flawless. Thus, clarity is a determinant factor that separates a high-valued diamond from a lower-valued one.


The cut of a diamond generally refers to the proportions in which a particular diamond is cut so that when light enters the diamond, the piece shines with utter brilliance. Also, there has to be enough contrast between the dark and bright spots within the diamond to give it an edgy and clean look. A general rule of thumb is the higher cut grade a diamond has, the sparkier it would be.

Carat weight

You might be aware of the fact that the higher the carat weight of the diamond, the more valuable it will be. It is difficult to find larger diamonds with higher carat weight, which makes them rare and highly-priced than smaller diamonds.

Want to re-sell a diamond and not sure of how much sum you will get for it? Here are some things that can affect the cost of your diamond.

  • If your diamond has scratches over it, it will affect its price. This also applies to diamonds, which have scratches that aren’t noticeable to the human eye. 
  • Any blemish, unclear color on the surface of the diamond, and/or presence of noticeable inclusions can significantly lower the value of the diamond 
  • Smaller diamonds with very low carat weight fetch low prices 
  • A diamond necklace featuring diamonds that have no significant characteristics aren’t considered rare, which ultimately lowers its cost  

How to keep the worth of your diamonds? 

It can be easier to own a diamond necklace but to maintain its worth and keep it sparkling year after year; you will have to follow a regime. It will help keep your diamonds sparkling year after year and prevent issues that could lower their worth.

How to care for your diamond necklace

Diamonds are the hardest substance on the earth but they can get damaged. If not cared for properly, they might get chipped or damaged, losing all the charm. Here we discuss some best tips you can follow to keep your solitaire and diamond necklaces sparkling forever.

  • Don’t keep your diamond jewelry along with other accessories as they can run against each other and cause chipping and scratches 
  • Always keep your diamond necklace in a fabric-lined jewel box
  • Keep diamond jewelry away from harsh chemicals, sunscreens, perfumes, or hairspray. The chemicals present in these solutions can erode the diamond surface and dull out the metal surface 
  • While removing the necklace, never pick it by the stones as it will loosen the diamonds’ setting. Always remove the necklace by picking it up by its band 
  • Clean your diamond jewelry regularly. It will help maintain its luster and brilliance. Consider cleaning your diamonds with a commercial jewelry cleaner, which contains a mixture of ammonia and water or a mild detergent. To clean the jewelry, dip it in the solution and dislodge the dirt using a soft-bristle brush. After cleaning, rub the jewelry with a soft cloth and pat dry 
  • Never wear diamond necklaces in swimming pools or hot tubs as the chlorine in the water can discolor the diamonds 
  • Check for loose prongs and other settings and get it repaired from your jeweler. Don’t wear a necklace without getting it repaired as the loose setting can dislodge the diamonds and you may lose your precious diamonds 
  • To keep your diamond necklace safe, consider getting it insured 

Considering buying a diamond necklace online? Here are some quick tips to follow 

In today’s time where everyone is busy performing their responsibilities at the office or home, online shopping is the respite, allowing us to buy everything with a click of a button – be it clothes, groceries, smartphones, air tickets, books, etc. But when it comes to shopping for something as precious and expensive as a diamond necklace, people tend to hesitate and consider buying it from a physical store.

However, shopping for diamond jewelry online can be much cheaper than buying from a local jeweler. You just need to be aware of few things before you lay your hands on the perfect diamond necklace you always wished to own. Here are some tips to follow when considering buying a diamond necklace online:

Buy from Reputable Online Jewelers

This goes without saying that you should consider buying a diamond necklace or any other diamond jewelry from a reputable buyer. Start with performing an online search for credible jewelers online. Check if their website is legitimate, read the online reviews as much as possible, and check the ratings given by the users. You should also request a copy of documentation of a diamond necklace online before purchasing it.

A reputable online jeweler will provide you with a certificate of the diamonds from a credible gemological laboratory. It ensures the buyers that the diamond is genuine. These jewelers will also safeguard your shipment with insurance so that if the stone gets damaged during the shipment or stolen, you won’t have to bear the loss.

A reputable jeweler will offer a hassle-free return policy. You can return the diamond necklace if you think it is different from the one you saw online or if it doesn’t fit you or you don’t like it. You will get a full refund of your payment. Buying from a credible and reputable online jeweler will ensure the complete safety of your necklace and money

Set an Affordable Budget 

It would always be worthwhile to study your finances well and set aside a budget to buy a diamond necklace. Start searching for necklaces online keeping a budget in your mind. The price of the necklaces may vary depending on their style, design, and base metal as well. Also, check the final price of the order before purchasing it because a jeweler may add shipment costs or taxes to it. 

Decide on the necklace style 

Whether you are buying a necklace for your husband, wife, mom, or daughter, you should know what style they would cherish. Diamond necklaces come in so many styles – diamond choker necklace, classic diamond necklace, choker necklace or diamond cross-chain, etc. Moreover, the base metal should also be considered as some adore rose gold while some may prefer sterling silver, platinum, or gold. Understand the taste of your recipient when buying a perfect necklace. It is also important to consider the size of the diamonds studded in the necklace. You can opt for smaller stones with high quality of 4Cs or buy a bigger stone with an average quality of 4Cs. Decide what’s appropriate for you and choose a diamond necklace that suits your pocket.

A crucial thing about diamonds that has been emphasized over and over again is – Diamonds are forever. Whether you are looking to buy a diamond necklace to express your lifelong commitment to your beloved or just for self-indulgence, shopping for a perfect necklace calls for research. Follow these tips and you are sure to find a perfect diamond necklace that fits your requirements.

Some Do’s and Don’ts when buying a diamond necklace 

While buying diamond necklaces is all about one’s priorities. Amidst all the excitement of showing off a sparkly new diamond necklace, remember that it still requires a significant financial undertaking. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts you should consider when contemplating buying diamond jewelry.


  • Research well, compare styles and pricing offered by different jewelers
  • Ask your jeweler for a recommendation
  • Set aside a budget
  • You may consider financing your purchase
  • Insure your diamond necklace
  • Maintain a balance of 4Cs for better value


  • Feel pressured into buying a diamond necklace
  • Stake your hard-earned money into buying pieces thinking it will offer value during a rainy day
  • Exceed your budget
  • Finalize a piece without seeking any help from the jeweler
  • Few important facts 
  • Get your diamond necklace insured 

You have purchased an expensive diamond necklace but have you thought of insuring it? Most people trash this idea but insuring your diamond jewelry is the best thing you can do to protect your necklace and get peace of mind. Try to insure your jewelry from an insurer that provides complete coverage. You will also need an appraisal before buying insurance. In that case, consider getting an appraisal report from a certified appraiser. In short, consider insuring your diamond necklace as soon as you buy it.

Should I buy from an online store or offline? 

When you purchase any diamond necklace from your local jeweler, you typically have to pay a greater price. That’s because the jeweler has his margins on diamonds, almost 20 % to 50% depending on the 4Cs of the diamond. Offline jewelers also have inventory holding costs, store rent, and other overheads.

What’s more, they also offer you their share of knowledge and counsel you about the type of diamond necklace you can choose. These things add up to the cost factor. When you buy from an online store, you may have to pay a lesser premium. But in the end, it all depends on you. If you want to physically see the diamond necklace and need an expert opinion before making the purchase, go with a local jeweler.

When it comes to diamonds, one can really never have enough diamond jewelry and hence you cannot go wrong when considering it as a gifting choice. Diamond necklaces are the best gifts you can ever give to some or even yourself! They never lose the charm and can be worn for decades. Unlike other jewelry, diamond-studded necklaces appreciate over time. What’s more, with a variety of choices available for both men and women, you are sure to find one that suits your taste or that of your loved ones.


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