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Why Are Fancy Yellow Diamonds The Best Choice For Engagement Rings?

Fancy Yellow diamonds are of extremely high value. When the yellow tint in a diamond piece reaches beyond a point where the entire diamond appears to be yellow, then the value of the diamond increases. 

It is extremely important to take recommendations from a trusted jeweler, before purchasing Yellow diamonds. Color can differ greatly even with GIA-certified diamonds. It is always important to be consulting an expert about the matter.

Having an idea about your purchase is also mandatory, especially when it comes to diamonds. Through this article, we intend to give you a thorough understanding of fancy yellow diamonds and what you should be looking for when buying them.

Let’s get to it!

What Are Yellow Diamonds?

what are yellow diamonds

It is always great to start with the absolute basics. Yellow diamonds are diamonds that have a distinct yellow color to them. There is a yellow hue present in all diamonds. People generally tend to avoid this yellow hue and try to go for eye-clean diamonds which look colorless to the naked eye. In the case of white diamonds or colorless diamonds, this yellow hue is considered a flaw. When the yellow hue reaches a point where it becomes a dominant color and the entire diamond appears to be yellow, the value of the diamond considerably increases. 

Fancy diamonds can have a range of colors within them apart from yellow, like brown, orange, etc. The most valuable colored diamonds are those that have a distinct and dominant yellow color to them. These diamonds are often referred to as Canary Diamonds or Canary Yellow Diamonds. These diamonds resemble the color of a canary bird. 

Diamond Color vs Colored Diamonds. 

It should be duly noted that diamond color is different from colored diamonds. The GIA rates diamond color from a D to Z. These color grades are all about colorless diamonds. The value of the diamond is dependent on the lack of a yellow hue. D color grade is obviously of the highest quality with no visible color. 

Colored diamonds are a separate category of diamonds that highlight the color. In these cases, the color is the reason for the value of the diamond and the GIA has a separate grading system for grading colored diamonds. The most valued diamonds are the ones that are completely saturated with the yellow color. We will be discussing yellow diamonds in detail. 

What Is The Reason Behind The Yellow Color?

The reason behind the stunning yellow color is nitrogen. The nitrogen molecules absorb blue light and make the diamonds appear yellow. The amount of nitrogen determines the shade of yellow the diamonds will be. 

Other chemicals present in the diamond are responsible for any other color that might appear in the diamonds. These colors can be orange or brown. Owing to the natural process, finding yellow-colored diamonds are very rare. This accounts for their value. 

Yellow Diamond Grading 

As white diamonds are graded from D to Z, with D being completely colorless and Z exhibiting the signature yellow hue. If we were to continue grading diamonds on account of the amount of yellow saturation in them, we would find the grading list given below. 

  • -Faint
  • -Very Light
  • -Light
  • -Fancy Light
  • -Fancy
  • -Fancy Intense
  • -Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep, or Fancy Dark

This list does not quite follow the way diamond color is judged. The highest on the table of the colored diamond is the Fancy Vivid or Fancy deep category as this category exhibits the highest saturation of color. 

Assessing a fancy yellow can be a difficult task. This is because every fancy color grade is not just a point along the line. It might just be that a fancy yellow just has crossed over to the fancy light territory. There might be a piece that has just missed the Fancy Vivid category. As there is no definitive demarcation, it is important to be relying on an expert. 

A trusted jeweler will be able to distinguish between the categories and offer you the best piece possible.

What Are Canary Diamonds?

what are canary diamonds

Canary diamonds are the most popular and valuable of the yellow diamonds. They have the highest saturation of yellow color and fall between the fancy intense to fancy vivid category. Canary yellow is a popular but casual name that is given to immaculate yellow diamonds.

The rarity of these diamonds also accounts for their high value and price. This category of fancy yellow diamonds also has a relatively higher resale value. 

An estimate of the value of canary yellows is given below. 

-1.01 Carat Round Diamond (SI1 Clarity)- $ 22,750/-

-0.50 Carat Pear Shaped Diamond (VS1 Clarity) – $ 5,185/-

– 1.01 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond ( VVS2 Clarity) – $ 17,000/-

-1.03 Carat Round Diamond (VS2 Clarity) – $ 31, 875/- 

As mentioned earlier, canary diamonds have an extremely high valuation. There are similar diamonds like the Zimmi or Zimmy Diamonds. These diamonds get their name from an area in Sierra Leone and are more expensive than Canary Diamonds owing to their color saturation and beauty. 

The Price of Yellow Diamonds 

the price of yellow diamonds

Fancy Yellows can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $20,000 per carat or even more. There are several factors affecting the price of fancy yellows, which are as follows.

The factors that influence the price of Fancy Yellows

The color grades Faint and Light are much cheaper than Fancy Vivid or Fancy Intense. 

The highest-priced yellows are those that do not exhibit the presence of any other color. There are fancy yellows that have the presence of orange or brown color. These particular kinds of diamonds are not worth as much as canary yellows, which exhibit no other color but yellow. 

The diamond 4Cs play a crucial role in determining the price and quality of yellows just like white diamonds. 

Fancy yellow diamonds are extremely rare, especially the ones that appear free of any other color but yellow. Finding canary yellows of high carat weights are very rare. 

In general, if you are not going for premium grades, fancy yellows are pretty common, owing to this they are also very affordable. The price point becomes an issue when you are looking for premium fancy yellow diamonds. 

A Faint or Light grade yellow is likely to cost you somewhere between $3000 to $5000. In case you are looking for a more pronounced yellow on your diamond, you can choose to downgrade on the clarity to get a much more affordable price. At their prime color saturation, a fancy vivid ranges from $8000 to $16000 per carat. This is roughly the price of a premium quality diamond of a D color grade. 

The chart below will give you an idea of the price point of Fancy Yellows. 

Color Intensity 0.50ct 1.00ct 2.00ct
Fancy Vivid  $3000 – $5000 $8000 – $16000 $35000-$45000
Fancy Intense $2000 – $3500 $4500 – $8500 $15000-$20000
Fancy  $1000 – $1500 $3500 – $5000 $8000-$12000
Fancy Light $900 – $1200 $3000 – $5000 $5000-$10000

The price of fancy yellows differs on account of the smallest of details. It is very important to be consulting an expert when dealing with the quality and grade of fancy yellows.

The Ideal Setting For Your Yellow Diamond

When putting a canary diamond on a ring, it is important to always consider your ring setting. The right ring setting can embellish your diamond ring and make it stunning. 

Ring settings come in a variety of colors and metals. In general, the preferred metals are platinum, white gold, yellow gold, etc. Matching your canary diamond with a white gold ring setting or a platinum ring setting will create a gorgeous contrast. 

Similarly, when looking at a 3 Stone Engagement Ring, using colorless diamond side stones will highlight the centerpiece to the fullest. You don’t have to go all out, choosing eye-clean colorless diamonds will work beautifully with a yellow centerpiece. Using Melee diamonds in a Halo or a Pave setting can also highlight your fancy yellow centerpiece. 

Going for a deeper color like a rose gold setting or a yellow gold setting can give a deeper look to your diamond. In this case, you have the option of purchasing a faint yellow or light yellow diamond and embellish it with a deeper color to give it an enhanced yellow color.

Lab-Created Yellow Diamonds 

Your fancy yellow need not be natural all the time. Lab-created diamonds emulate the same characteristics as natural yellows. They neither lack the properties nor the beauty of fancy yellows. 

These are a very good option for those on a tight budget. They are physically no different from their natural counterparts, however, they are significantly cheaper and not as rare as natural yellows. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative for a canary diamond, a lab-made alternative is always a good option. 

Important Things to Know About Fancy Yellow Diamonds.

  • These particular types of diamonds are 100% authentic and created by the same process as colorless diamonds. Their signature yellow color is due to the presence of certain chemicals, specifically nitrogen. 
  • Any diamond that moves beyond the Z color grade, enters the category of yellow diamonds. Their grading is dependent on the saturation of the yellow color within the diamond.
  • The rarity of fancy yellows is dependent on the color saturation. Canary diamonds without the presence of any other color are rare. 
  • Canary Yellows are pretty popular and have been flaunted by many celebrities and public figures in modern times like Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, Hilary Clinton, etc.
  • Fancy colored diamonds are graded on account of their color saturation and their price is dependent on their color grade. Faint diamonds are affordable, whereas Fancy Vivids are very expensive diamonds. 
  • The 4Cs affect fancy yellows in the same as colorless diamonds. The only difference is owing to a separate color grading system, premium-grade yellows with excellent cut qualities have a much higher price. 
  • The price of a fancy yellow can be anywhere between $3000 to $ 16000 depending on the saturation of color in the diamond.

The Best Place to buy Fancy Yellow Diamonds

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