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Expert Buying Guide For 2 Carat Diamond Ring

Do you know what’s better than a 1 carat diamond ring? 

Boom! A 2 carat diamond ring: It’s bigger, better and bolder.  

From movie stars to royalty, sporting a gigantic diamond ring on your fingers really grabs all the attention. So why wouldn’t you want a taste of that extravagance? The bigger the diamond, the better, right?  

Let’s find out.

Why would you want a 2 carat diamond ring? 

The short answer to this question is because they are rare, unique, and amazing. If you can afford a 2 carat diamond ring and are fixated on getting one, then feel free to knock yourself out. 

First things first: Your diamond is measured in terms of its carat weight. 

A carat is a unit of weight and has no correlation to size. However, it is not completely wrong to assume that a 2 carat diamond would be a hefty one. Bigger does not always mean heavier. For example, a man weighing more than another might not be visually bigger than him. 

The same logic applies in this case. To make you breathe easy, if a 2 carat diamond is cut by the book, one can expect a big, classy diamond perfect for a solitaire.  

It is not the size but the rarity that makes 2 carat diamonds such a star! People prefer 1-carat diamonds. In fact the average engagement ring size in the US is between 0.75ct -0.91ct. 

Finding a 2 carat therefore is more to do with wanting quality. It is the inane obsession of people to constantly strive to procure rare commodities. So a bride to be with a 2-carat diamond ring will truly feel special.  

This diamond size carries with it a certain wow factor! It’s definitely not something you can ignore. Right there staring into your face is a huge diamond that’s got a price tag which’ll make you blush. 

How much do you have to pay for a 2.5 carat diamond ring? 

The price of your diamond is affected by a number of factors: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. However, since high-quality diamonds above 1 carat are rare, their price increases exponentially. 

For example, a premium round cut 2.5 carat diamond of D color grade and of SI2 clarity can amount to anywhere between $20,000 to $50,000. But the very same features for a 2 or 1 carat diamond will amount to a lesser price owing to their availability. 

Even a couple of 1-carat diamonds can’t match the price of a 2ct diamond. The price is twenty times higher than a 1 carat diamond. But how can you evaluate this cost?

Embrace Cut Quality 

The cut quality affects the price of a diamond. A diamond’s cut has a major impact on its fluorescence. A well-cut diamond will be able to conceal inclusions better therefore will be priced higher. In comparison, a poor quality diamond won’t match up to the value and quality most people want. 

And while we’re talking about cut quality, the type of cut also matters. 

For a 2 or a 2.5 carat diamond, an oval and a pear cut will cost 10%-15% less than a round cut diamond of the same carat weight. Whereas a cushion cut, emerald cut, and princess cut will cost 30% less than a round cut of similar carat weight.

Don’t Forget about Color & Clarity 

The price range of a GIA-certified 2 carat diamond ranges anywhere between $6000 to $60,000. It is obvious that only cut quality does not account for the jump in the price. 

With 2 carats, inclusions and color both become more apparent. Let’s compare an H color 1.5 carat stone with a 2 carat diamond. The latter, owing to its size, will seem a bit darker. So larger the carat weight, heavier the inclusions. It’s very difficult to procure SI1 and SI2 eye-clean diamonds of this size because of their rarity. 

In most situations, you have to move to a VS category. We can estimate that at the very beginning, a GIA-certified 2 carat round diamond with M color and SI2 clarity will amount between $6000-$8000. But a 2 carat round cut with D color IF clarity will be around $45000 to $50000. 

Phew! Talk about ‘putting a ring’ on it. 

We recommend you consider a cut that’s affordable and free of inclusions. Secondly, choose the setting of your diamond and then the metal. In the case of a yellow or rose gold setting, a G to I color would be perfect. Stick between a VVS2 to SI1 clarity for such settings.  

It is very important that you consider the setting of your 2-carat engagement ring. The best setting for your ring would be one that emphasizes this prized possession. Of course without an expensive design unless you’re crazy about brilliant cuts. 

Going for a halo design is ideal with a white gold ring, in the case of a colorless diamond. Even 3 stone settings or a bezel with 4 prongs can make a 2 carat stone radiate. 

 How can you reduce the overall price of a 2 carat engagement ring? 

  • Quality compromise: Not the best option to start with but compromising on one of the 4Cs might get you a 10% to 15% discount on your diamond. But pay attention to the fluorescence.
  • Reduce the carat weight: You might consider lowering the carat weight to 1.9 ct, which will again affect the cost by at least 10% to 15%.
  • Consider fancy colored diamonds: Selecting brown, grey or even yellow diamonds will bring the price down of a 2 carat engagement ring.
  • Opt for lab grown diamonds: Not for the average puritan, but lab-grown diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds
  •  Two stone diamonds: The added ‘s’ is not a typo, it refers to a ring where the total carat weight of the diamonds will be 2 carats. This means that in a specific setting like melee diamonds the total carat weight will be 2 carat. However, the central diamond won’t be a 2-carat solitaire in such a case.
  • Find the right experts: Make an informed decision before buying a 2 carat engagement ring. And when you have a single platform to connect with jewelers near you, there’s nothing better. 

We at Jewel Hero make sure you interact and connect with authorized jewelers to get the right price for your diamond engagement ring. It’s that simple.

2 carat engagement ring

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