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Everything you need to know about diamond buying

Everything you need to know about diamond buying

It’s that time of your life when you are looking for that perfect diamond engagement ring, one that fits your budget, lifestyle, and personality. You could also be someone who is a die-hard enthusiast of jewelry, and for that matter, diamonds in particular. 

This diamond buying guide will help you achieve your final goal of being able to choose your very own personalized diamond. You will be able to appreciate the beauty of a diamond and also make a suitable choice once you’ve gone through this diamond buying guide. 

Yes, diamonds are one of the most enticing and fascinating aspects of modern jewelry, and for that matter any jewelry. A well-cut and polished diamond can make your fiance jump with joy or also raise the magnanimity of your appearance when matched with your clothing. 

That’s when you start researching and crawling through the 101 pages of Google, haplessly looking through all the stylish diamond shapes, cuts, and trends revolving under diamonds. You can stop your search right now. At Jewel Hero, you will know everything you need to know about buying that perfect diamond, whether it be for an engagement ring or for that matter anything. 

When you are talking about buying a diamond, it isn’t something you do every day. For most of us, diamond buying can be quite a headache as it requires a lot of skill and expertise to do so. That’s why you need to know some principles before you know how to shop for diamonds. 

First Things First, decide the budget!

Well, as a newbie into the diamond industry, or if it’s the first time you are buying a diamond, you need to be well aware that diamonds can burn your purse if you allow them to do so. The massive variety  of diamond shapes and different types of diamonds will tempt you into buying diamonds that can go out of your budget and can possibly drain your expectations.

decide the budget

From all our expertise and experience in diamond buying, and from leading many people to buy the perfect, personalized diamond that they were looking for, we know that the first and foremost thing is to fix your budget.

Well, if you don’t think that budget is a problem, then go ahead. But if you have a limited budget and only want to spend your money for the best diamond, then you will have to follow this principle when shopping for diamonds. 

  • Symbol of love and commitment

One of the foremost things you need to remember while setting the budget for your diamond is that your diamond is the symbol of love.  So any diamond that resembles love, commitment, and endurance will make the bill for the perfect diamond. Yes, when you truly understand the fact that the diamond you gift your loved one is not a measure of spending capacity but a measure of the love and commitment you have for her, you will find yourself buying the best diamond at the best diamond price. 

  • Preliminary research about diamond quality

In order to find what is perfect for your fiance, while also holding to your budget, you need to do some preliminary research and find which diamonds will showcase these qualities. When you start educating yourself about diamonds, and the GIA grading system, you begin to realise what you can do to compromise for the best diamond quality.

This will ultimately teach you how to shop for diamonds or how to buy diamonds. According to the diamond shapes and types of diamonds, the diamond price will vary. This is when you start realising that there are four critical aspects to a diamond that will help you decide your budget easily. 

The 4 C’s of diamond, popularly known as carat, cut, color, and clarity, will help you determine which diamond is better than the other in terms of its visual appeal and qualitative characteristics. for a more in-depth look into the four C’s of a diamond, you just have to click the portion on which the four C’s are highlighted. Once you understand each characteristic separately, you will have become an expert diamond buyer and no longer have to refer to any diamond buying guide.

Consider diamond shape and setting type

It is very easy to get lost, given the fact that there are credibly tremendous options when it comes to choosing the ideal diamond quality. But the most enticing and challenging part of choosing a diamond is when you decide which diamond shape to go for. The diamond shape you go for will surely determine the style, pricing and other factors as such.

Consider diamond shape and setting type

It will also dictate which C’s of a diamond you should focus on to get the best quality. There is a section under diamond shapes and diamond color telling you about the different color grading you should be focusing on, depending on the shape of a diamond. 

You should also keep in mind the kind of engagement ring setting you will be using to showcase your diamond to choose the best diamond shape. The engagement ring setting will determine how the diamond looks. So depending on the type of setting,  such as a basal setting aur halo setting, you will have to look out for custom diamonds that feature in this setting. You can also take the help of your local jewelers to get an idea of which settings go with their corresponding diamond shapes. 

Choose the perfect diamond

Now that you’ve done your preliminary research and you have an idea of the four C’s of a diamond and all the other qualitative aspects such as pricing, you will need to make your final decision. This is when you can take your A-game further. For this you will have to look a further beyond the 4 C’s on criteria such as the table percentage, depth,  fluorescence and other factors which determine the quality of a diamond. You can then finalize on your personalized diamond and accomplish your mission. 



  • Embrace the art of diamond buying.
  • Don’t start searching without setting a baseline for your budget
  • Look out for quality recommendations by local Jewelers
  • Educate yourself on the four C’s to compare options and pricing.
  • Note the interests of your fiance or loved one.


  • Set out to buy a diamond without a pre-planned budget.
  • Spend too much time to make a quality decision. 
  • Do it alone without the help / recommendation of your local jeweler.
  • Focus on spending capacity rather than the emotional value.

Timing is very important!

Last but not the least, you should be very aware of the time that you are spending when you are looking to buy the best diamond for your loved one. You don’t have to dedicate a whole decade to buy the perfect diamond. If you are buying a diamond for the purpose of an engagement ring, all you have to do is give yourself about 2 weeks to a month’s time. Just take the time to educate yourself on the 4 C’s of a diamond, the diamond shapes and the type of setting you want. 

Keep it simple. don’t prolong the diamond research for too long until you become a diamond expert and lose the thirst to buy a diamond ring for your loved one. Embrace the whole diamond buying experience so that you enjoy the whole process. Once you buy the perfect diamond and see the wonderful emotion of your loved one upon receiving it, you will then educate others on how to shop for diamonds.