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The complete guide on engagement rings – Everything you need to know!

We know what it feels like for real, the fact that you have to pop out that life-altering question and genuinely win her heart forever. It’s the most serene and beautiful moment of your life. 

Yes, and history and traditions have taught us that it all lies in the emotion you receive when your loved one finally gets hold of that precious engagement ring. 

Would it be the vintage engagement rings or sapphire engagement rings? You’ve probably discussed what type of engagement rings you should buy for your loved one with her friends and maybe even her ex-boyfriends. You’ve sneaked into her Pinterest account, scrolled through those saved images, trying to find out what she likes the best. 

Here you are finally! Yes, and this blog will tell you everything you need to know about engagement rings for women. All the engagement ring styles that are available in the jewelry industry of present times, the trendy and popular ones, and the ones that deserve your attention. Finally, you will be able to choose that perfect engagement ring for your loved one which will settle the question forever. 

Aren’t you excited? Yes, let’s not waste any more time. We better be quick and find that perfect engagement ring you’re looking for. 

Why should it be an engagement ring?

Alright, so now that you’re all so focused on getting that perfect engagement ring for your loved one, have you ever asked yourself why this is even relevant?

Well, you could have possibly thought of that question. Like, why do I have to spend so much of my savings to get a ring that will just sit on her finger for a day? You could have even thought of it this way. “Can’t I show how much I love her via some other means or methodology? Why does it have to be a ring, can’t I just give her a romantic watch or something? That way she’ll always be right on time to serve my dinner. 

Oh yeah, that’s a good idea but… not when you fully understand the relevance of an engagement ring.

For that to happen, we need to take a look at how this concept of engagement rings came into being. We need to travel back to the time when the roots of this amazing concept of engagement rings livened up. 

A little back in time…

Isn’t it interesting? When you’re about to invest a lifetime of your savings on a piece of jewelry, you ought to know why you should be doing it. You must feel the very essence of why engagement rings for women are so powerful and endearing. 

That takes us to the land of Pharaohs. Yes, everything revolving around love and romance finally ends up in this ancient land of mummies and pyramids which ideally create the setting for historic relevance. So, as we were saying,  it was the Egyptian pharaohs who invented this ingenious idea of a ring for the marriage proposal. In their belief, a circular ring symbolizes eternity, since a circle has no beginning or end. That’s how they identified the concept of a circular ring behind the gateway to an everlasting relationship that would last forever and only pass when they finally depart from their earthly being. 

This tradition was then passed on to the Greeks once they conquered Egypt. They started innovating the designs and patterns in which the engagement rings for women could be made. They began depicting Eros or Cupid, the God of love in all their custom engagement rings. These simple engagement rings were made up of iron to signify the strength of the relationship between the two love birds. It was also meant to tell the woman that she was to become the master of the household duties. 

Men adorned the ring on the ring finger of their loved one’s left hand as they believed that the finger contained the ‘vein of love’ that was connected directly to the heart. It was their idea of eternal love. And to this date, this tradition has been followed and people have become accustomed to it. 

Finally, there come the gold rings 

the gold rings

Mankind is always in the passage of evolution. What was unlikely the trend last year, is not the trend this year. That’s how it is. But, there are some trends that never go out of fashion. Yes, and gold engagement rings are one of that sort. We all love the beauty and fragrance of rose gold engagement rings but it’s very unlikely we know when they came into existence. 

That takes us to Rome. It’s the year 4 BC. The epitome of wealth and class, the Romans were also keen to take their show of prowess when it came to flaunting with gold rings. They also engraved precious gemstones such as onyx and amethyst into these custom engagement rings to add a layer of beauty to the gold rings. These engagement rings for women were given to represent their desire for a strong and everlasting relationship. 

Even though some exchanged these rings as a sign of love and relationship, mostly they were exchanged as a sign of ownership. The engagement rings for women were of two types. One ring was made of gold and the other of iron. The gold ring is presented on the engagement day, for the relevance of the marital ceremony. Once they resume normal life, the lady wears the iron ring as a sign of household responsibility. 

Evolution of wedding rings! 

Now, that we understand how these engagement rings for women came into being, it’s time to ask when they evolved. Yes, and that takes us to the Medieval Times. This is when, the modern explorer, the earnest Europeans gave way to the scene of crafting outstanding wedding rings. 

Note: We might use engagement rings here, but in actuality, there were only wedding rings at the time. The concept of an engagement ring came very much later. 

The Europeans started using precious gemstones such as rubies and sapphires to enthrone the center stone of the wedding ring. That’s how we get to see sapphire engagement rings and ruby engagement rings today, with such artistic renditions. These stones had inner meaning too. For instance, a ruby denoted utter passion and zeal for the person to whom it was gifted. Sapphires symbolized the vast and exemplified powers of the heavens.  

Another growing popularity was the fede rings. They came to be adorned by lovers who wore rings that had artistic patterns that denoted their love for each other. Since the English were the pioneers in romantic poetry and all qualitative literature works, they started incorporating poetic verses in the bands of the wedding rings. 

Diamond for an engagement ring!

You’ve probably been waiting for that moment to read about the arrival of diamonds into the engagement ring picture. Yes, and here we are. It was not until the year 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria took some marvelous diamonds and layered them across a ring. He then presented the ring to Duchess Mary of Burgundy. Even though this was a significant hallmark, it never actually materialized when it came to inspiring men to present their loved ones with diamond engagement rings. 

It took 450 years after this incident for the diamond to actually become a part of engagement rings for women. And the story of that enduring tale is really something to ponder. 

It all happened in South Africa in the late 19th century. 

Archaeological excavation in the mines of South Africa led to the massive discovery of diamond mines that were protected from the face of mankind all that period on Earth. So, there was a large influx of diamond merchants and diamond trade at that time, that the value of the diamond was hitting low progressively. But the British were really smart. Before other marketers and diamond merchants would reach the mines and steal their plot, they created an illusion saying that the diamonds in these mines were really scarce. And in 1888, they started a group that is renowned all across the world as De Beers, then known as De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd. This made them the legal owner of the Diamond mines, and the whole monopoly of diamond circulation and control was governed by them. 

De Beers then started expanding their plans. They started revolutionizing the way in which a diamond can be seen. Harry Oppenheimer, the son of De Beers’s founder, quickly started propagating messages such as the size and quality of a diamond being equivalent to the love men had for their loved one. They also put this message across the minds of women, who would be bespoken when they were gifted precious diamond engagement rings. 

At the time it was not such an easy concept since diamonds were viewed to be jewelry that was only owned by the wealthy. The division of wealth between the American societal fractions was drastically huge. So, De Beer’s pioneers intertwined the concept of love and marriage to the diamond ring in such a fashion that they could not be seen apart. 

Yes, and this compelled all men, irrespective of their social and economical class to present their engagement rings with diamonds. 

How De Beers brought the concept of diamond engagement rings into the picture!

De Beers began to run commercials and ads that featured American celebrities and idols who gifted diamond engagement rings to their loved ones for the auspicious occasion. All major proposals and engagements were portrayed to start from the exchange of these diamond engagement rings. Radio shows, newspapers, media wings were all discussing the same thing. The emotional appeal for the diamond knew no bounds when men in America and from all over the world started investing in diamond engagement rings. In just 4 years, De Beers had made an unbelievable mark of a 55% increase in US diamond sales. 

This takes us to the one and only diamond campaign that put the world on fire. The ever famous ‘A Diamond Is Forever’ campaign. This campaign saw the diamond being symbolized as something without which marriages were incomplete. They captured the minds of all the people in America with the mass media portrayals of a diamond symbolizing eternity. They propagated the idea of endless romance and companionship, hence diamond engagement rings became the heartthrob of American society. 

Modern engagement rings…

Soon after the “A Diamond Is Forever’ campaign, the fame of diamond engagement rings and the concept of modern engagement rings for women spread like wildfire. People from all over began acclimatizing to the fact that diamonds were indeed the perfect gift for the engagement ring. But a couple of years later, the jewelry industry began producing all kinds of engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings, rose gold engagement rings, the three stone engagement rings, and other powerful renditions of the engagement ring. Today, we are privileged to be in an era where more modern and customer-centric designs are being made and manufactured on a daily basis. We just have to tell our requirements and the local jewelry stores will be ready with our custom engagement rings. 

Don’t swap a wedding ring for an engagement ring!

We might just add this small section so that you don’t get too creative and just swap off the whole wedding ring idea for the engagement day too. So, just to make it clear, an engagement ring is something that’s presented to your loved one on account of the marriage proposal. That’s the ring that officially sets the statement. A wedding ring is the one that’s exchanged during the wedding ceremony. Your engagement ring must be the masterpiece as it settles the question forever. There are traditional and modern wedding rings that you can choose from the current jewelry market scenario that will do the trick effectively. Your loved one can wear the engagement ring on her right hand when during the course of the marriage ceremony. 

So, what does an engagement ring in our modern society symbolize? 

Now that we know why this tradition of gifting engagement rings is so important, it’s time to delve into the modern picture of it. Yes, since these engagement rings for women have traveled a great distance over time, in terms of their meanings, designs, and other factors, let’s understand what they symbolize in today’s dynamic times. 

To be quite frank, we all know why engagement rings for women are important. It helps the news go out. You’re officially declaring that the one who accepts your ring, is the one who will be your partner for all your life. That’s why celebrities and royalties all over the world portray this engagement ring ‘concept’ in such fashion. Everything, beginning from the acceptance of a relationship, right to those aspects, where you share responsibility and commitment is all signified in this little piece of valuable jewelry that you put across your loved one’s finger. 

That’s why celebrities and royalties play their best bets when choosing custom engagement rings. It adds a romantic touch. It’s a tradition that’s observed all across the world and it’s something that puts the life-altering question forward. 

Life-long commitment and dedication 

Today there are diverse interpretations of why engagement rings are gifted to women. It depends on the society, culture, and nature of the two individuals. But the more common interpretation is that engagement rings are a symbol of commitment and lifelong dedication. When a woman receives an engagement ring, she takes an oath to be the one and only partner of her bridegroom. Similarly, the man puts the ring into her hand keeping in mind that now he is the sole love and provider for her. The style and design of these custom engagement rings only matter for the engagement day. It evokes an emotion and settles the question once and forever. But, since then the ring is a reminder that the two love birds have to stick together at all times and live a fruitful life together. 

Just like the ancient Egyptians chose the circle for the shape of the simple engagement rings to symbolize eternity and oneness, modern engagement rings also work towards the same purpose. There is no beginning and no end. The engagement ring is still worn on the ring finger of the left hand, the tradition that was passed on from the Romans who believed that the finger contained a vein that was directly connected to the heart. 

Modern engagement rings and custom engagement rings have designs that incorporate more of a personal touch, with words and symbols engraved on the shank of the ring. Explicit technologies such as mil-grain detailing have further evolved the innovative architecture of custom engagement rings. Another familiar trend is the birthstone engagement rings that feature prime gemstones such as ruby and sapphire engagement rings according to the month of the birth of the respective person. Designs such as the Infinity ring, trilogy, halo engagement rings are super fascinating to the eye. 

So now that you are deeply integrated with the concept of engagement rings, let’s understand the basics of an engagement ring. 

Engagement ring designs and basics

Great! It’s time to explore all the possibilities before you when you are looking to buy that perfect engagement ring for your loved one. Well, a lot comes into question when you set out to buy engagement rings for women. You will have to find a suitable one that fits your budget and your partner’s lifestyle, also kept in mind that she must be surprised when you present it to her. If you just relatively start looking across all the random engagement rings for women that are available on the market, you will be left stranded after your initial search. You won’t be able to finalize on a particular engagement ring as you find yourself liking many pieces. 

So how do you do it? How do you effectively pick the right engagement ring for your loved one? 

Here’s the point. You will first have to know the different elements that make an engagement ring. Then you will be able to understand the individual aspects that effectively shape the overall design of the ring. This will help you understand how they are priced, and which designs work better and which ones can be neglected when considering the final ring. 

Sounds good?

Yes, that’s what we must work on knowing first. 

There are four major elements in an engagement ring even though you might find additional attachments when you go across one ring type to the other. These four elements are the basic design aspects of an engagement ring. You might find terms such as bridge, shoulder, or gallery used interchangeably when your local jeweler might specifically explain the different details. But they are just additional aspects that matter when you are studying about the anatomy of an engagement ring. We don’t have to go into those details. All we have to know are these 4 basic design aspects of engagement rings for women. They are:

  • Center stone for the engagement ring
  • Setting of an engagement ring
  • Base Metal for the ring’s band
  • Band style

Center stone and accent stones

We don’t have to tell you. The engagement ring’s first and foremost highlight is the center stone. Well, if you want accent stones to encircle the center stone, then let’s say, they are the second most highlighted aspects in a ring. All the gaze, fascination, and everything else begins from the authority that the center stone can draw with its irresistible presence. And you have so many options today. It’s not like those times in the 1950s where lovers only wore diamond engagement rings because of the famous illusion, namely the diamond being the x-factor. Let’s see the options you have today when choosing your center stone and accent stones.

1. Irresistible and timeless – diamond 

You already know the great story of De Beers and diamonds. Well, it still holds true. A diamond is the most favored piece of jewelry when it comes to the center stone of an engagement ring. The elegance and shine of a diamond cannot be matched by any of its contemporaries on the lines of the emotional value attached to it. Have a genuine idea of diamond quality standards before you choose a particular diamond. You need to understand the cut, color clarity, and carat of a diamond, the 4 C’s of a diamond, to make a good decision. 

You can also choose color diamonds that come in a variety of colors, depending on the process in which they were crystallized and came out through the earth’s surface. People today have the opportunity to buy lab-grown diamonds that are available in both colorless and colored forms.

2. Gemstones

Want a variety for your center stone? All you need to look for are gemstones or semi-precious metals that have different colors and qualities to themselves. You don’t need reminders of how trendy and popular Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring was. There are many gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, amethyst, emerald, topaz, and much more. You can also go for a birthstone. For instance, ruby is the birthstone for people who are born in the month of July. Likewise, there are several ways to choose the preferred gemstone.

Accents stones can primarily be anything. It just has to resonate with your center stone and offer the right contrast when paired with it. That being said, you can pair round diamond center stone with small diamonds or sapphires as the accent stones. The choice is yours. 

Setting of an engagement ring

If you are new to this concept of engagement rings, then it’s very unlikely you ought to know what an engagement ring setting is. But this is the foundation of every engagement ring, custom or ready-made. 

An engagement ring setting is the mountings or support system that is used to contain the center stone and other gems in an engagement ring. Now make sure to check the setting in the diamond engagement rings or other unique engagement rings you see. You will see a mounting or a clasp that holds the main diamond and other gemstones in place. 

Even though the primary purpose of the setting is to securely hold the diamond or other center stones in place, they are meant to visually attract the customer via their various design aspects. Understanding the various kinds of engagement ring settings available will help you to choose a ring that suits your bride-to-be’s personality and lifestyle. 

10 prominent engagement ring settings 

1. Prong Setting

If your lady loves that classic eternal nature of the diamond in her ring, this setting is what you should go for. The prong setting is the ideal option for solitaires, since it holds on to the center stone, via the diamond in this case, and clasps it tightly. The four-prong setting is the most classic one and reigns over time to establish its authority over most solitaire engagement ring types. It allows for the right amount of light to enter the diamond and thus create a magnificent sparkle in it. But if you want a more secure holding of your round-cut diamond, then you can for a six-prong setting. This is the classic prong setting of the Tiffany ring and has been on the race since the year 1886. They also enhance the shape of the diamond. 

Your bride-to-be will love an eight-ten prong engagement ring if she is a great fan of unique engagement rings. You will see unique engagement rings of this fashion that have a slight aligning to antique and vintage engagement rings. The V-prong ring is a great setting type for princess cut engagement rings. The double claw prong is ideal for cushion cut engagement rings. The only disadvantage of these setting types is that the prongs have a tendency to get stuck on your clothing or hair. They might also get bent or become fatigued upon banging against hard surfaces. If you are living an active lifestyle, you might like to consider those aspects. 

2. Bezel setting

You’re more likely to have seen dozens of bezel setting engagement rings for women as they are the modern version of the different types of settings. Even though they have been in the race for a very long time, the modern outlook of the bezel setting just exponentiates every year. Yes, and one of the prominent reasons why it does so is because these settings protect the center stone from all sides. Unlike the prong setting, here the center stone is encircled by a thin metal rim. That’s why this setting is very suitable for gemstones as they completely protect it from the external surroundings. So, if you’re living an active lifestyle, you will like to choose the bezel setting as they are durable and don’t come in terms with your clothing or bags. 

Pearl engagement rings, opal engagement rings, and gemstone-centric rings such as sapphire engagement rings are very much used in this kind of setting. Even though they offer sound protection, they do not allow for maximum brilliance of the gemstone or diamond to be exposed. This is because the sides of the stone are not exposed as when compared to the prong setting. You can also look for vintage engagement rings in this setting as they offer a mind-blowing style.  

3. Tension setting

Are you looking for that out-of-space design where the center stone appears to be floating in mid-air, lightly embracing the two metal bands clinging to it? 

Yes, this is what you will get when you go for a tension setting. The vibe is just brilliant in this kind of setting and it offers an appeal that cannot be matched in terms of the engineering that goes behind these rings. You will find the most unique engagement rings in the tension setting. The twist, the swirl, and contemporary tension settings appear glamorous all by itself. The advantage of this setting is that the center stone receives maximum light as the metal bands holding the center stone are just lightly clinging to it. Yes, although the center stone might look like it’s going to drop off, they are tightly secured by the grooves that are lasered into the metal. As you may rightly guess, it’s the tension of the metal bands that holds the ring in this kind of a setting. Although diamond engagement rings are the popular kind in this setting, featured gemstones also give the right texture to these styles. 

  • Tension style settings

You might also find this kind of setting in a semi-bezel, semi- tension setting. The bezel setting is showcased on the base of the center stone where the metal rim holds it securely. It provides the illusion of a tension setting, as well as securely holding the center stone of the engagement ring. Emerald engagement rings and ruby engagement rings work really well in this setting. 

4. Channel setting

Oftentimes, jewelry looks better when it is complemented with other jewelry. With the channel setting, you can find the right combination of a center stone diamond and other smaller diamonds that are lined across the band of the ring. This creates a channel across the band of the ring, with the diamonds aligned perfectly in a row. You can also find the channel setting in wedding rings that are aligned with rubies and sapphires across their band. The quality shimmer of the small diamonds that sit around the ring is what gives an extra dimension of beauty to this ring. The only disadvantage with this kind of engagement setting is that it’s hard to clean the accent diamonds as they are small and have tiny holes between them. Rose gold engagement rings are a supreme fashion that goes with the channel setting. 

5. Cathedral setting

We thought of including this setting for all those people who would love vintage engagement rings and a classic touch in their rings. As the name suggests, in this setting, the center stone is raised to a unique position with the support of high arch mounts that are designed to hold it. These arch mounts resemble the shape of the arches in a cathedral, thus the name cathedral setting. Princess cut engagement rings featuring the cathedral setting is a popular choice for the natural brilliance of the diamond that is displayed in this style. 

If your lady loves a little bit of grace and elegance in her engagement ring, then you can go for rose gold engagement rings that have this setting. You might also see prongs, bezel, and tension settings in the cathedral setting as they are the means to achieve the cathedral-like arches. Another advantage is that the diamond looks larger than it actually is, because of the high position of the arches. So you can save some money when going for the carat of the diamond. 

6. Halo setting

Do you remember that stunning piece of a sapphire engagement ring that was showcased by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton on her engagement day? Well, if you’ve let your eyes marvel on that eye-capturing engagement ring, it’s credit goes to the halo setting that predominates in that ring. Yes, a halo setting consists of accent stones, typically pave diamonds, that encircle the main center stone, This setting enhances the beauty of the ring. It accentuates the overall glamor of the center stone with the color-contrasting accent stones that accompany it. This makes the center stone appear much larger than it actually is, allowing you to compromise on the carat of the diamond or any other gemstone. As said, sapphire engagement rings are a great trend in this setting ever since Kate Middleton wore her majestic ring. Emerald engagement rings and emerald-cut diamonds are a great feature when it comes to the halo setting. The round grand halo rosette ring is a great rendition of the halo setting with a rose gold band. 

7. Pave setting 

As the name suggests, in a pave setting, small diamonds are paved into the engagement ring’s band to create a continuous sparkle along the ring’s breadth. These small diamonds accentuate the center stone which is popularly a diamond. You can also go for a sapphire or ruby as the center stone. Sapphire engagement rings and diamond engagement rings with the pave setting render a great contrast when the small diamonds sit along with it. Since the diamonds are very minutely adjusted in prongs, it seems as though the ring’s band is made up of diamonds. That’s why most people love to go for a white gold base. As they offer the illusion that the engagement ring’s band is set on the diamond. You can find micro pave, french pave, and U-cut pave settings in this type of setting. When going for a pave setting, you have the option to go for a surface prong setting or a bezel setting that will effectively secure your small diamonds into the ring’s shank. 

8. Three stone setting

We talked about the majestic engagement ring of Duchess Kate Middleton which was based on a Halo setting. But Prince Harry had better plans for the new Duchess Megan Markle when he presented her with a stunner three stone engagement ring. Yes, there are three stones in this type of setting. The center stone in Megan Markle’s three-stone engagement ring was a cushion-cut diamond from Botswana. The two accompanying diamonds were the classic round ones. This trilogy engagement ring is very suitable if you’re looking for a ring that has an inner meaning. The three stones symbolize friendship, love, and fidelity, and this concept has been passed on for generations. Even though a round diamond or a princess-cut diamond is the ideal choice you can also add a layer of contrast with sapphire engagement rings and ruby engagement rings in this setting. 

9. Cluster setting

You don’t have to always look for an engagement ring that has a  prominent center stone and accented with other side stones. You can go for these unique engagement rings that feature the cluster setting. In a cluster setting, small diamonds are equally arranged amongst themselves and occupy the portion where a center stone usually sits. These diamonds form suitable shapes thus called the cluster setting. You can look out for cluster shapes such as the flower or starburst. Although these designs are much simplistic and unique they give a remarkable sparkle without a prominent highlight, thus creating the illusion that it’s one big diamond sitting on the center spot of the ring. These are the popular engagement ring settings if you’re looking for pure, vintage engagement rings. 

10. Flush setting

Do you want an engagement ring that features a majestic yellow gold setting that encompasses the finger with its dazzling and simplistic look? If yes, then you can always try the flush setting. Here, a diamond is tapered into a hole that’s created in the metal band. This is moreover like a bezel setting where the diamond is surrounded by the metal in the sides and the top portion is left alone for it to marvel. The only compromise when you’re going for this kind of setting is that it must be done with real professionalism as the tapering requires great expertise. 

Choosing the metal


Have a coffee or drink some juice if you want to, but we’re getting closer here to our discovery of the perfect engagement ring. 

We’ve covered a great deal of information regarding the engagement ring settings. Now you can decide which setting you should go for. Is it the unique engagement rings that feature the timeless essence of tension settings or is it the sapphire engagement rings that feature the halo setting? You have all the time in the world to choose a setting. After you’ve done that, the second factor you must be looking into is the base metal that will be required to frame your engagement ring’s band. 

You can choose from a variety of base metals that are available in the market. They all vary in terms of their elegance, price, and durability. When you’re going for a metal, you will always need to have a pre-hand judgement on what your bride-to-be likes. Ask everything you need to know from her friends and her parents about her favorite precious metals. 

Let’s take a look at all the options you have when considering your base metal for the engagement ring. 

1. Yellow gold

Yellow gold is the most traditional and original form of gold. Alloys such as copper and zinc are mixed with pure gold to derive quality yellow gold. Engagement rings are made up of 14k or 18k yellow gold to maintain the right strength and durability of the ring. You might also consider yellow gold as it’s the most hypoallergenic of all types of gold. The outright yellow color of this type of gold is the ideal base metal if your lady loves classic gold settings. 

2. White gold

You must look to set your ring’s band with white gold if you’re opting for a diamond as the center stone. It’s one of the popular trends in America to make white gold the base metal. It’s basically a mixture of pure gold and other metals such as nickel, silver, and palladium. Rhodium is coated on it to bring that shiny finish that you see in these rings. 

3. Rose gold

If you want to add a romantic touch to your ring’s band, then all you need to look for are rose gold engagement rings. Rose gold is as its name suggests, purely rose in color. It also comes in shades of red and pink. It’s obtained by mixing pure gold with alloys such as copper and silver. These alloys help to strengthen the original form of gold, also bringing this beautiful rose shade. The red color emerges from copper, so the more copper is used, the more the gold turns red. 

4. Platinum

You don’t have to think twice when it comes to choosing platinum as your base metal as it is the ever reigning champion when it comes to durability and strength. Platinum is widely used because it cements the place of the gems permanently onto the prongs or other settings used. You have a multitude of different settings to choose from when it comes to using Platinum as your base metal. 

5. Sterling silver

If you want to design custom engagement rings, then it’s better you go for sterling silver. The reason is that they mold very easily into any shape that you want to design. It’s made up of 92.5% pure silver, the rest being made of other alloys. The bright satin finish of these rings offer explicit elegance. You can design some marvelous and unique engagement rings with this design. 

These are the popular metals used. You might also find metals like Titanium and even two-tone metals where a combination of metals is used. 

Band styles

Now, that we’ve covered the settings and the base metals available, let’s take a look at the different band styles available. The band or the shank of the ring is the part that goes around your finger, and the one that you can physically feel when the ring is around your finger. There are various types of band styles from which you can choose your personal favorite. 

6 Timeless band styles to get you started!

1. Straight shank 

The classic engagement ring band type, the straight shank offers a band that has the same width across its whole length. You can find a comfortable ring size and choose this band style to go for your engagement ring as they provide just the right classicality and elegance. 

2. Split shank

The versatility of this engagement ring band style is seen when one shank splits into two as they corner into the center stone. So, if you want a slightly modern touch to your ring, this shank style is the go-getter piece. You can go for the straightforward split shank style or also try an alternating shapes open split shank style for a more unique setting. 

3. Open split shank

The going gets better as you keep reading. Yes, the open split shank is just a normal split shank but here the gap between the splits is much larger. It gives a unique rendition to the overall appearance of the ring and adds a dynamic touch if you are looking for an all-in-one engagement ring. 

4. Crossover Shank

You could have already guessed how the progression goes on by now. The crossover shank is where the two split bands crossover each other and offer a versatile looking ring that adds depth and uniqueness. You can find a wide variety of styles in this type of setting. 

5. Bypass shank

You know what bypassing is. Yes, in this case, one band bypasses or curls over the other band as it approaches the center stone of the ring. According to the individuality of these designs, you might have variations in the bypass angle. Modern rings, consisting of the white gold setting, offer a majestic look with this band style.  

6. Tapered shank

In this band style, the band becomes thinner as it progresses and reaches the center stone. So you might feel the band having different widths at different points of the band. This makes the feeling that the finger is elongated, offering a grand appearance to the viewer. 

There are various other band styles too. But these will get you a bigger picture of most of the band styles available and thus choose your personalized band style. 

Trendy and popular engagement rings

Oh gosh, we’ve given you the whole breakthrough of the different elements of an engagement ring. Now you just have to quickly decide which settings and base metals you like and then look for a famed engagement ring that fits all these dimensions. So, to give you an outlook into what is popular and trendy now, let’s look at some engagement rings. 

We will be keeping the center stone in mind when we show you the varied engagement rings that come with the acclaimed center stone. This way you will easily be able to relate to the individual elements of the engagement ring and get to a suitable decision. Let’s get started. 

Diamond engagement rings

diamond engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings are the most priceless and exquisite engagement rings for women even to this date. Let’s take a look at some diamond engagement rings to give you a hindsight into what you can finally go for.

1. Double halo diamond ring

If you want your engagement ring to be layered with accent diamonds, featuring a strong and elegant diamond, the double halo is just the thing. They offer the subtle feel of simple engagement rings, as well as keeping up with the trend. The concealed 14k rose gold that is used to frame the arch of the cathedral setting just gives an extra modern edge. The white gold double halo that sets the tone for a beautifully designed engagement ring is just magnified with the presence of the accent diamonds. 

2. Princess cut halo engagement rings

You can pull off quite a stunner with princess cut engagement rings. The elegance of princess cut diamond engagement rings is elevated by the presence of the halos that are engraved with small diamonds themselves. The white gold band used in these settings takes these engagement rings for women to the next dimension, bringing forth all eyes to it. 

3. Infinity diamond engagement rings

If you’re talking about getting an infinity loop diamond ring for your loved one, then it’s gotta be this classic piece. With the infinity split shank rendering an artistic outlook to the ring, this is a great design to showcase unique engagement rings. The 66 pave set round diamonds that embellish the body is complemented with milgrain to make this ring a sensational piece of beauty.

4. Tacori Sculpted Crescent

This cathedral setting ring is an all-time classic with its sleek and fine appearance. Women who would love a minimalistic and classic design will appreciate this ring setting. It showcases a princess cut diamond and looks vividly simple when viewed from the top. The arches that give these simple engagement rings its setting can be viewed from sidewards. The platinum band that covers the whole ring is so intricately designed with Tacori crests to give the ring a massive look.

5. Pear-shape white diamond ring

Looking to settle for emotions? Then it’s about these pear shape diamond engagement rings which are embraced with 8 claws majestically outlining the diamond. This setting has just the amount of glamour added to it with an outright yellow gold band. 

6. Cushion cut diamond engagement rings 

The cushion-cut diamond enables you to go for multiple features when choosing the appropriate engagement rings for women. You can go for filigree detailing that will highlight the ceiling of the band. You can also look out for the classic prong-set cushion cut diamond engagement rings that are set in white gold. The multi row pave engagement ring that features rows of paved diamonds along the ring’s shank is a great option if you’re looking for vintage engagement rings. 

7. Classic solitaire 

Timeless and classic, the elegance of a round diamond never fades when it is set in the classic four prong solitaire setting. You can enhance the quality of the diamond by layering the band with rose gold. Rose gold engagement rings are becoming a popular trend when it comes to diamond engagement rings. The solitaire setting is just the piece that draws enough attention with this trend. 

8. Semi bezel solitaire engagement ring

The half-bezel solitaire ring is surely a crowd puller given the magnificence of this delicate style. Bezel settings normally cut the side view of the center stone staged in it but the semi bezel ensures that the diamond is massively outlined from the two sides left for the eyes to marvel. Moreover, it is a great piece to bring out the beauty of the 14k white gold that is used for the band. 

9. Round diamond engagement ring

The stand apart bezel piece, the Round Engagement Ring enables women to highlight the center stone while featuring bezel set diamonds across the length of the band. The 14k rose gold shank is just the color to go with this heavily designed ring. The center stone features a round diamond with a 14k white gold head to the basket. Be sure to find this piece at Gabriel & Co. 

10. Mini bezel set diamond ring

Another famous rendition of diamond engagement rings is seen in the modern mini-bezel set diamond rings that are set in rose gold. These engagement rings for women aren’t just a fascination but they also label under the category of unique engagement rings, given the variable dynamics that can be rendered to these rings. The band of the ring that comes in textured forms depict a chain-like appearance which is a trendy feature of these rose gold engagement rings.

11. Opera diamond engagement ring

The pear-shaped diamonds that are used as the accent gemstones highly compliment a round diamond center stone in these diamond engagement rings. The center diamond sits in a basket held with 4 prongs giving a glorious look. The band is made up of 14k white gold to enlighten the center stone and accent gemstones. These engagement rings for women also add to the label of unique engagement rings. 

12. Three-stone diamond bezel ring

The bezel ring is such a beauty when complemented with a three-stone design. They are very modern looking and represent style and class. Women who don’t love to make a show of themselves will love these simple engagement rings as it slithers across their fingers in style. The band is made with 14k yellow gold to ripen the contrast of the diamond stones. 

13. Timeless pear-cut engagement ring

This trendy piece of diamond engagement rings has the power to evoke your loved one’s emotions and get her startled. The heavily designed pear cut diamonds which are arranged in such a way to complement each other is a piece to marvel at. The prongs that are used to support the diamonds look great, seemingly enhancing the visual outlook. The 14k rose gold shank is the perfect combination for this art piece. 

14. Channel set marquise diamond ring

The Marquise diamond is great to go with the channel setting ring as it portrays the elegance of the diamond with the gemstones that surround the shank. These custom engagement rings will do the magic if your loved one appreciates the glamorous style of these rings. The 14k white gold shank just adds to the beauty with some naturally blending sapphire that is evenly distributed across it. You can find this piece at Fascinating Diamonds. 

15. Channel set halo round engagement ring

The strong featuring of this halo ring is magnified with the 14k yellow gold coating that goes into its makeup. The channel of the ring’s shank is lined up beautifully with accent diamonds that add to the richness of this piece.

16. Bow tie channel engagement ring

This unique piece of elegance and style is outplayed with the bow tie-like channel that surrounds the shank. The center stone is tightly held with 4 prongs thus giving the perfect blend with the 14k yellow gold shank. 

Black diamond engagement rings

Are you looking to bring that uniqueness with diamond engagement rings? Then, it’s the black diamond you need to set up the brilliance. These black diamond engagement rings that are available today come over in various designs. You can go for the classic prong setting, the halo setting and also set your ring’s band with pave diamonds that shine all the way. Custom crossover shanks that feature both rose gold and white gold across the band are a stunner that you can optimize to make way for unique engagement rings. 

1. Emerald cut black diamond halo ring

What’s better than a black diamond that features the upright clarity of emerald cut engagement rings? Yes, that’s what you get from placing your bets on these black diamond engagement rings, prominently featuring a halo of accented diamonds along the breadth of the ring. These white gold engagement rings featuring the emerald-cut black diamond are the classic piece you should look to go for if you’re interested in unique but custom engagement rings. 

2. Black princess cut diamond ring

Engagement rings for women that feature the princess cut black diamond are popular for the mixed feelings they arouse. These unique engagement rings that are set on black gold and completely render a black vibe is a beauty for those who appreciate pure black colors. These black diamond engagement rings are available in split shanks, engraved with pave diamonds, and suited for the style of custom engagement rings. 

You can also avail the princess cut engagement rings in this style, with the added  advantage of the three stone ring setting where the center stone is a princess cut black diamond. 

3. Round black diamond halo engagement rings

Don’t look further if you want a classic piece of black diamond engagement rings! These round black diamond halo rings are just the thing that give a royalty feel with their glorious looking appearance. The magnanimity of the black diamond is highlighted in these custom engagement rings. It is great to go for white gold engagement rings in this setting as black and white make the right contrast. 

4. Antique cushion cut black diamond rings

Feel the grace and vibe of vintage engagement rings with the cushion cut black diamond taking the lead role. These engagement rings for women ring a bell with the ancient rings that used to be a part of royalty likeness. You can go for a white gold or black gold set shank when choosing these black diamond engagement rings. 

5. Emerald cut black diamond in rose gold

A suitable candidate for rose gold engagement rings can be witnessed in the sheer elegance of the emerald cut black diamond that slides away from the shank in this setting. These emerald cut engagement rings featuring the black diamond as the highlight compounds very well in a rose gold setting. The pure outlook of black diamond engagement rings are showcased in this setting. 

Sapphire engagement rings

sapphire engagement rings

By now, it’s no longer an unpopular statement. Sapphire engagement rings are the elite favorites of royalties and all women in general. They are cherished for their stunning blue shades that radiate the eye at any given setting. Another fact is that jewelers love designing sapphire engagement rings as the sapphire is a hard metal that ranks 9/10 on the Mohs scale. They are enduring and derive great character in their designs. Symbolically a sapphire depicts the vast heavens and they represented wisdom and honesty. Throughout history, they have been exchanged and worn by Kings and Queens as a means of love, romance, fidelity, and friendship. You don’t have to be Princess Diana or Duchess Kate Middleton to wear sapphire engagement rings. Take a look at these fabulous sapphire engagement rings and see if they entice you. 

1. Oval sapphire ring

This ring shines like the very brilliance of the halo sapphire engagement ring that is the remarkable ring of Princess Daina. Although they are quite look-alike, the sapphire in this setting is surrounded by a double halo which comprises small diamonds. The rich enticing sunburst design of this ring elevates the majestic presence of the sapphire, bringing the true brilliance of sapphire engagement rings. The band of the ring is set in white gold to add the right contrast to the center stone and accent stones. 

2. Four prong sapphire ring

The majestic class of sapphire engagement rings can be witnessed in the sheer brilliance of the four prong sapphire ring. Here, you can choose a sapphire of your choice. It can be an emerald cut sapphire or a cushion-cut. The advantage of the four prong setting is that you can create the provision for unique engagement rings with the sapphire shaped according to your preference. A go-to feature of these rings are the micro pave diamonds that can be set along the shank along the ring. 

3. Three stone sapphire ring

You can go for the three stone sapphire engagement rings if you love to feature these styles. The center stone which holds your customized sapphire stone is magnified by the presence of round diamonds on each side. This will render a great overall appearance to your ring. This style works the best if you love to feature the emerald-cut. Emerald cut engagement rings come to life when they have these velvety-blue hued center stones as their main feature. 

4. Blue velvet sapphire ring

You might think that the sapphire is a center stone that commands attention because of its stellar magnifying appearance. But artistic collections such as this blue velvet ring renders a very simplistic feel with its single emerald-cut sapphire being the highlight. Yes, this ring features a sleek and cute emerald-cut sapphire. The ring’s band is made up of 14k yellow gold to add the right contrast to the ring. 

5. Round bezel-set white sapphire ring

You can also enjoy the glory and glamour of sapphire engagement rings with the elegance of a white sapphire. The white sapphire that sits in a bezel setting, enclosed with milgrain detailing is by all sense, an iconic modern engagement ring. This is also a great option if your fiance is a fan of rose gold engagement rings. The brilliance of this bezel-set white sapphire is matured by the pinkish-reddish color of rose gold. 

6. Sapphire pave ring

Unheated Sapphires can be a great selection especially when you’re going for the pave setting. The rose-cut sapphire dazzles and embraces the prongs that hold on to it. The yellow gold band fascinates the cutting edge beauty of these classic sapphire engagement rings. Look at bringing unique engagement rings and simple engagement rings with the pave pattern in your ring. 

7. Estate engagement ring

The halo of Ceylon Sapphires that surround the encircled rim holding the centerpiece diamond is the highlight of these sapphire engagement rings. The excellent featuring of the diamond is rendered with the sleek and simple circled rim of the bezel setting. You can choose custom engagement rings in the estate pattern and personalize your own unique engagement rings. 

Emerald engagement rings  

emerald engagement rings

Emeralds are great choices for an engagement ring as they denote love and new beginnings. Throughout history, emerald engagement rings have been exchanged as they were very well loved for their majestic green hues that aroused a heart whelming response. On the Mohr’s scale, they rank an undue high 7.5 to 8, placing them second in scale to sapphire. Let’s take a look at some of the emerald engagement rings that are popular and trendy at this age. 

1. Emerald maddie ring

You won’t find so many pieces that deliver such boldness and eloquence as the emerald ring. These beautiful engagement rings for women are loved for the explicit boldness that they offer. The green hue of emerald reflects the courage and audacity of the person beholding it. These rings are paved with micro diamonds along the shank of the ring to add the right contrast to it. 

2. Cushion-cut emerald engagement rings

Cushion-cut square emeralds are great choices for the center stone of the engagement ring if you pair them up with two small diamonds, (marquise diamonds are a good choice). These emeralds portray great brilliance owing to the perfection in which they are cut. 

3. Emerald halo rings

You have the option for a vintage setting by going for halo emerald engagement rings that feature these vintage engagement rings. A diamond halo is also a good option to create the ideal vintage vibe and render an artistic portrayal of the ring. You can set the ring’s band in white gold or platinum, according to your preferences. 

4. Emerald baguette diamond rings

Look out for emerald engagement rings that have baguette diamonds that accent the center stone. These engagement rings for women are ideal for the Art deco setting and are traditionally layered in a 18k yellow gold base. You can also find tapered baguette diamonds in this style of emerald engagement rings. There are many local jewelry stores that have great collections of emerald rings that feature baguette diamonds. 

5. Marquise emerald ring

2020 is the time to release those unique engagement rings where one can showcase the brilliant character of these rings. Yes, and emerald engagement rings that feature the custom marquise shape are a popular appeal to do so. These rings which have the rose gold setting are layered with pave diamonds to bring that magical essence of unique engagement rings. This is also a great option when you’re looking for rose gold engagement rings. 

Ruby engagement rings

Ruby Engagement Rings

Who doesn’t love the bright cherry red color of rubies when it comes to choosing engagement rings for women? Yes, it might not just be the popular choice but some women have a great craving for these gemstones. Ruby engagement rings are such a delight to the eye, given the enormous perfection in which different unique engagement rings are made. It also fits your budget and gives you an advantage when it comes to designing the overall ring. A ruby symbolizes die-hard love, passion and courage. In the modern jewelry setting, you will find great contemporary designs that will look gorgeous in your loved one’s finger. 

1. Emerald cut ruby engagement rings

The glorious presence of emerald cut engagement rings is evident in the style and glamour of the emerald cut ruby that sits in the center of this setting. You can find different designs that accompany these ruby engagement rings, the main attraction being the ruby. One of the prominent pieces is the emerald cut ruby accompanied by 2 small round diamonds that accent the center stone. Pave diamonds and accent diamonds engraved along the shank of the ring is also a great design to go in this setting. You can use white gold or rose gold to layer your ring’s band according to your style. That said, rose gold engagement rings give that all-in-one romance feel. 

2. Halo ruby engagement rings

Do you want that modern vintage look in your engagement rings for women? Then look no further. An oval halo ruby sets the tone for oval engagement rings that are surrounded by small diamonds that elevate the presence of the oval ruby. This is a great feature for rose gold engagement rings as they make the mood vintage with the rose-pink color. The band is completely paved with diamonds, hence enhancing the beauty of these ruby engagement rings. Custom engagement rings can be designed in this setting. 

3. Princess cut ruby engagement rings

Well, rose gold engagement rings do not sparkle as much as this sensational piece of jewelry. You can feel the traditional glory of rubies with these princess cut engagement rings. These engagement rings for women are primarily designed to create a heavy shimmer with three layers of diamonds accented along the center princess cut ruby. Set in 14k rose gold, they are just marvelously and heavily designed. Try going for Mozambique rubies that render a dark red shade popularly known as the pigeon blood color. You can search for split shank pieces in this setting, creating the platform for unique engagement rings. 

Pearl engagement rings

Pearl Engagement Rings

For the last section under engagement rings for women, we thought we’d give you an insight into pearl engagement rings. Yes, these unique engagement rings are gaining great popularity in the US, Chicago and all across the world. Pearls resemble purity, grace and luxury. You have probably seen how US Vice President Kamala Harris majestically showcases her pearl necklaces and rings to add that serene touch in all her dealings. Yes, and that’s the picture brought into the trendy and custom engagement rings that you find today for women. You can go for pearl engagement rings that feature the classic Akoya pearls, South Sea pearls or Tahitian pearls that are usually dark black in color. If your partner is an Emma Stone or Kamala Harris fan, then you can definitely try going for pearl engagement rings. 

The teardrop shaped pearl engagement rings play a great role in shaping modern trends when it comes to engagement rings for women. If you are looking for a classic pearl ring then you can go for an Akoya pearl that’s surrounded by a diamond halo. To create a vintage setting, a freshwater pearl is the best. The freshwater pearl is ideally encompassed by two diamond halos that bring the picture of vintage engagement rings. You can also look out for other custom engagement rings that feature pearls.

Mens engagement rings

mens engagement rings

Time and tide has passed since women are only accustomed to wear engagement rings. Now men also wear an engagement ring. Today, it seems as though men want to bear equal commitment and responsibility that is borne by a woman who accepts the engagement ring. The great variety in style and elegance of modern mens engagement rings makes it possible for men to step up to the occasion. Stackable rings, bands and other natural and artistic designs are used to convey the meaning when men proudly wear these rings. They are becoming a part of the legacy, a legacy where men get to show that they are now taking equal oaths, when it comes to entering married life. 

Let’s get started!

Hope this engagement ring guide shed some light on you. The whole purpose was to give you a foundation and to take you through all the modern and vintage options that were available in front of you. There are so many other engagement rings, styles and trends that are available in the market today. But for now, this will get you started. 

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For now, let’s get that engagement ring. 


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