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How to Choose the Right Jewelry Store?

The right jeweler can make the entire process of buying jewelry an absolute breeze. You don’t need to worry about getting duped and can always be certain about the quality of your jewelry. 

The entire process of jewelry shopping is turned into an enjoyable experience by your jeweler. Without the right jeweler to guide you, the process of buying jewelry can seem very intimidating. You are always apprehensive and wary about whether or not you are getting ripped off. 

Finding the perfect jeweler may take some time, however, once you find your jeweler, buying jewelry will become an experience you cherish and look forward to. Although there can be no thorough process of finding the right jeweler, here is a guide that will help you vet and select the right jeweler. 

How to Choose the Right Jeweler?

choose the right jeweler

With a little bit of luck and a lot of scouting, you can find the right jeweler. Something to be understood right away is that a great jeweler might not always work for you. What you should ideally be looking for is someone who understands your taste and can help you find the piece of jewelry you are looking for. 

Jewelers have a tendency to force a certain piece of jewelry on you. The best diamond might not always be your preferred diamond, the best necklace might not be the one you are looking for. The budget is definitely something to keep in mind. However, it is not the only factor that should be considered when choosing the right piece of jewelry. The right jeweler will understand this fact and guide you in the right direction. 

Ask For Recommendations

The entire jewelry industry is extremely relationship-oriented. Word of mouth publicity works the best. It is time to use those social skills. Ask your friends, friends of friends, family, in-laws, etc. You never know who can guide you to your preferred jeweler. 

When it comes to jewelry shopping or tracking down the right jeweler, never underestimate the power of social connections. 

Reviews are Important

We are living at a time when reliability and assurance are supplied by online reviews. There is no denying that online reviews in most situations are authentic and help you buy a good product.

The world of jewelry shopping is no different. Always check out the ratings of your jewelry store. In situations where stores don’t have a listing, it is best to avoid them. 

We cannot stress this enough, always buy your jewelry from authentic and certified stores. Even when it comes to your jewelry, make sure its quality is vetted by a recognized organization. For example, we only recommend you to buy GIA or AGS-certified diamonds. When it comes to jewelry stores there are various ways to vet their authenticity. 

Is Your Jewelry Store JA Recognised

Verify the authenticity of your jewelry store by finding out if it is recognized by the JA. Jewelers of America or JA educate jewelers and keep them informed. The J sign on the door is indicative of the store being JA recognized.

Shopping from Jewelers of America recognized stores is safe and recommended. 

Look For Jewelers With Outstanding Credentials

It always helps if your jeweler has outstanding credentials. This drives in a sense of assurance and establishes a feeling of trust in you.

Certain credentials vouch for the seniority and reputation of jewelers. For example, a Graduate Gemologist from the GIA is a credential that is known and respected worldwide. The AJP a.k.a Accredited Jewelry Professional is a similar credential of reputation. 

Needless to say that these gemologists and jewelry professionals have thorough knowledge about precious gemstones and diamonds. Being in a store with qualified jewelers can definitely make you feel safer about buying jewelry. 

Excellent Customer Service

You can expect stellar customer service from JA-recognized jewelry stores. They are obligated to follow a certain standard and code of professional conduct. This ensures the fact that you can shop without the fear of getting ripped off or cheated in any way whatsoever. 

It is necessary to keep a tab on your preferred jewelry stores. Find out whether they provide discounts or do they have offers running. How well do they handle warranties and customer service? A good jewelry store will always ensure a memorable and stressfree jewelry shopping experience

A Good Jeweler Will Educate You

A good jeweler won’t just get you the right piece of jewelry but guide you through the entire process. They will educate you so you have a better understanding of jewelers.

Always ask for your jeweler’s advice and make sure you have a thorough idea about what you are buying. For example, when buying diamonds it is always important to pay attention to the 4Cs ( Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight)

A reliable jeweler will always advise you to concentrate on diamond cut quality and carat weight. With regard to Color and Clarity, it is okay to be choosing eye-clean diamonds, especially if you are on a budget. Also, the GIA does not grade the cut quality of fancy cuts.  In this situation the advice of your jeweler becomes paramount. You have to assess the cut quality by considering the depth %, table %, and the length and width ratio. These important details need to be considered and can only be considered with the help of the right jeweler. 

Simple and effective advice can help save you serious money. A good jeweler can make a considerable difference in the price of your engagement ring without compromising on its quality. 

Don’t Trust Crazy Discounts

Don’t trust places that offer exorbitant discounts on jewelry. These places are mostly running scams and are a literal waste of money. Buying jewelry is different from buying clothes. You have to realize that these precious items come at a certain price and if a store is offering you ridiculous discounts, the product is equally as ridiculous. 

Buy Certified Jewelry

We recommend you only buy certified jewelry. When it comes to diamonds, for instance, organizations like the Gemological Institute of America, the American Gemological Society, The European Gemological Laboratory, etc can be trusted.

Your jeweler’s advice and experience are definitely to be considered, but you should always and only buy certified jewelry. These certifications stand as proof of the legitimacy of your jewelry and are very important when it comes to selling your jewelry. 

Post Sale Services

Any good jewelry store will offer post-sale services, like small repairs and routine cleanings. A good jeweler would always advise you to get a jewelry appraisal. Sharing good advice and making efforts to establish a long-term relationship are signs of a good and reliable jeweler. 

Trust Your Instincts

You got to trust your instincts, when it comes to people, you got to go with your gut. After vetting the authenticity of your jeweler, the important question you have to ask yourself is that whether or not you want to do business with this person. 

If your jeweler hesitates to clear out your doubts, does not like a lot of questions, is impatient, etc, then you definitely have to take your business somewhere else. 

Buying Jewelry Online

buying jewelry online

Online jewelry shopping has been made very simple and safe over the past few years. Some would even say that buying jewelry online is better because you get information on every minute detail about your piece of jewelry. 

The reason behind this is because people were skeptical about buying their jewelry online. Having all the information, certifications, and details about your jewelry is the minimal requirement for an authentic online jewelry store. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when buying jewelry online. 

  • Reviews are very important. Not only do they stand for the validation of your jewelry but also validation for the online store. A busy and authentic website will have a lot of customer reviews. Little or no reviews are definitely a red flag when it comes to online jewelry stores. 
  • Always verify the payment methods. Any authentic website will have all the regular modes of payment. 
  • How well-stocked is the website? Product information and product volume will be high in authentic online stores. They will be full of a wide variety of jewelry. 
  • Always verify an online store’s credentials before buying anything from them. 

Why is it Better to Shop For Your Jewelry Online?

better to shop for your jewelry online

The chances of making a better purchase are always higher when shopping for your jewelry online. There are various reasons behind this. 

  • You have the luxury to crosscheck, compare different pieces of jewelry online. You will feel much more comfortable shopping for jewelry online than in an actual jewelry store. 
  • Even with all the knowledge about jewelry, the smallest slip can cost you a lot. It is always to be considered that in a physical store, you are up against a trained expert who knows more than you. In certain situations, this aspect can work in your favor but situations can get intimidating very quickly. 
  • Buying jewelry online is about 30% to 40% cheaper than buying jewelry from an actual store. There are various things like rent, inventory, and other overhead costs that account for this price difference. 

Finding the Right Jeweler

Jewel Hero ensures the best possible way to shop for jewelry. All you have to do is log in to our website, answer a few questions pertaining to the choices, and that’s it. We will connect you with a host of local jewelry stores you can choose from. 

Choose a jewelry store and consult with their jeweler online. You can go ahead or choose another store. This sets you on the path to finding the right jeweler and that perfect piece of jewelry.