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A Beginner’s Guide To Red Diamonds

Diamonds are exceptional as we all know. So, can you even imagine how valuable a red diamond would be? We have all seen and swoon over white diamonds. Even called them a woman’s best friend. Now, what if red-colored diamonds came knocking on the door? Indeed, we all would be fascinated. But, in reality, how much do we exactly know about them? Their authenticity, why are they so rare, what makes them so precious? In this article, such questions will be acknowledged and addressed.

Genuine, top-notch diamonds are probably the most uncommon gemstones available today. The interest in clear, lucid rocks is very high. You must have witnessed this while you visited your local diamond stores. Hence, jewelers need to inspect and mark jewels with special consideration. Inside the stone’s class, some are more uncommon than others. Presently, unique jewels have color tones other than white and clear. The most extraordinary of all to date is red diamonds.

What is Red Diamond?

A red colored diamond is, basically, a jewel with a tint that is indeed red. Sounds clear as crystal. However, we are not alluding to the local diamonds that jewelers have misleadingly shaded various tones. Likewise, some usually “red” precious stones are not simply red in shading. Shades of pink, purple, and orange frequently sparkle inside red. That which, while delivering the diamond very significantly, decreases its status. It looks like an adulterated, local red jewel. 

How Do Red Diamonds Get Their Color?

There is no reason for the red shading in actual red diamonds. Even though professional diamond experts and jewelers have gone through years of testing and exploring. The hunch is that the process of creation is similar to the diamonds of some other shading, color, and substituting factors. The developmental period of a diamond has quite an influence on the color it attains eventually. However, nobody can pinpoint one precise gas or component responsible for the color origin. 

Why are Red Colored Diamonds so Precious?

The most significant contributing variable to the worth of a red diamond is the virtue of its red tone. Obtaining actual red precious diamonds is difficult. Such is the extent of its rarity! Most of the diamonds passed as ‘red diamonds’ ‘have different shadings. Others have such a “watered down” rosy color that they don’t qualify as natural red-colored diamonds.

Size and flawless appearance influence how costly the sticker price that a red diamond wears. When combined with the virtue of the red tone, diamonds become even more precious. The bigger an unadulterated red precious stone is, and the more minor considerations it has, the more significant it will be valued.

Nonetheless, a little red precious stone viewed as faultless is worth more. And it is needless to say that it will be more expensive than local diamonds with defects and broken features.

Where Can Red Diamonds be Found?

There are local diamond mines all through the world, however, red diamonds are found in a chosen handful. Including Australia, Brazil, Russia, and India. Out of the multitude of mines on the planet, the Argyle mine was known for its pink and red diamonds. And these red jewels were regularly highlighted in their yearly Argyle Tender.

Precious red diamonds have likewise become well known in combination with black and white jewels. Initially thought to be a design formation made by the Goth culture, red-and-dark diamonds can be found in practically any gems store. And also, online, on authentic sites and stores.

A significant part of the imperial diamonds is produced using red jewels. Although purple is generally viewed as the shade of eminence. Let’s not forget the extraordinary essence and worth of unadulterated red diamonds. That makes them compelling fortunes for sovereignty all over the planet.

Red Diamonds Engagement Rings

Red precious stones can be utilized as wedding bands as well. Indeed, wedding or engagement rings studded with red diamonds are rapidly turning into a hot pattern. A few examples are Tri-stone princess cut, solitaire round diamond, and square-cut red diamonds. Wedding bands with red diamonds are becoming more predominant in jewelry stores around the country every year. 

VIPs have consistently had the knack for purchasing and brandishing exceptional and uncommon adornments. And the honorary pathway has seen its portion of red diamond engagement/wedding rings as of late.

What is the Approximate Price of Red Diamonds?

Unadulterated and authentic red diamonds can cost a hefty amount of $1 million per carat. This makes red precious stones the costliest colored diamonds in the world. For instance, let us consider a 0.71 Carat Fancy Red Diamond Radiant shape. A rock with SI2 clarity is valued at $603,600! A GIA-certified Fancy Red Diamond with next to no modifiers is valued at more than $850,000 per carat!

A much more outrageous model, this 0.90 Carat Fancy Red Princess shape is estimated at more than $1.5 million. This is only for a red diamond under 1 carat. What makes an “unadulterated ” red diamond so important and exceptionally expensive is its scarcity and extraordinary features. Of the multitude of fancy color diamonds, red is the most remarkable of all. They are far past the domain of VIP life and are rarely found over 1 carat.

However, not all red jewels are astoundingly uncommon. The most purchased diamonds are the ones that are fundamentally red but with auxiliary tones like orange or purple. These might be available at some local diamond stores. But they do not qualify the criteria of proper ‘red’ diamonds. Prevalently red diamonds are scarce. Especially those with a guaranteed unmodified red tone and are above 0.20 carat. 

However, those wanting an excellent red diamond do not seek to pay for a proper one, can consider one with a modifier. Purplish red jewels will more often be one of the most excellent selections. Choosing lab-grown reds is also an option for most people. 

What Are Some Famous Red Diamonds?

Considering the uncommon occurrence of red diamonds, few famous ones. 4 popular ones talk a great deal regarding the high-profile nature of red diamonds. Out of all the precious diamond tones, well-known reds are bound to stand out. They are popular as a result of their humongous price and shading. What makes them even more valuable is their size. The smallest of them can cost you a fortune! Here are 5 famous red diamonds you should know about.

  • The Moussaieff Red Diamond

Initially known as the “Red Shield”, the Moussaieff Red got its name when it was offered to the Moussaieff Company in 2001. At 5.11 carats, this fancy red precious diamond is the biggest known red jewel on the planet. And as of now the costliest red jewel at any point sold. It was found in Brazil during the 1990s by a rancher in the Abaetezinho River.

  • The Rob Red Diamond

It is named after its proprietor Mr. Robert Bogel. The Rob Red is a 0.59-carat Fancy Red pear formed diamond with VS1 clearness. 

  • The Hancock Red Diamond

The Brazilian 0.95 fancy red diamond known as the Hancock Red is a remarkable round splendid jewel. It has an astounding red tone. It was initially purchased in 1956 by a Montana farmer and precious stone gatherer named Warren Hancock. He bought it from a nearby jewelry store for a simple $13,500. Presumably one of the best precious stones ever. The jewel was sold at closeout at Christie’s NY in 1987 for $880,000. At that point, it turned into the costliest treasure to at any point sell at closeout.

  • The De Young Red Diamond

The 5.03 carat fancy brownish-red colored diamond is a round splendid precious stone. It was named after its proprietor Sydney de Young, a goldsmith in Boston. His organization gained the stone as a feature of a home deal and was thought to be a garnet. De Young saw that the stone looked rather perfect and sent it to be tried. Validating his intuitions that it was for sure a jewel. 

In the wake of claiming the stone for a long time, De Young gave the jewel as an endowment to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington D.C.

The Best Place to Buy Red Colored Diamonds

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